IAEA chief criticizes Israeli threats on Iran
Published: 07.06.08, 22:41
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31. Its all just a game of posturing
Cameron ,   USA   (06.08.08)
Should the Israelis decide to act, all the world will simply lean back in the chair & watch what unfolds. This mullah regime is obsessed with pushing its luck on every level, and we'll see how far this game of brinksmanship goes, yes we will.
32. Israel Continues to Threaten and Attack Others
Johan Odin ,   Oslo, Norway   (06.08.08)
Israel is the biggest threat to peace in the region and has a long history of threatening to nuke other nations and also has a proven history of recklessly attacking neighboring sovereign countries. One of the protections of the NPT is that in return for signatories not developing nuclear weapons, signatories to the treaty are to be defended and protected from attack by the nuclear enabled nations. Thus if a rogue nuclear regime such as Israel were to attack Iran, a sovereign state, NPT members would be bound to retaliate against Israel in kind even if the attack were conventional, as Iran would have given up the opportunity to develop its own nuclear weapons to deter Israeli aggression, and failure to do so would render the NPT null and void.
33. El de Buzzard
mark ,   canada   (06.08.08)
And just what does this joker think it will take to cure Iran of sneaking nuclear thoughts?? The Iranian leadership loafers are composed of diahrea prone brainwaves. Often missing the eye of a needle at 40 paces, always splashing the sides. On the other hand, the Iranian leadership are perhaps avid corksuckers, constantly toying with their bottles in the dark. It just takes a noodler like the IAEA chump to show them where the bear dumps in the buckwheat. What can you do with people who still think that the Ahyatully Khumaniac was the leader of a band of merry musicians about 20 years ago.... why you give them a good dose of laxatives... where the sun don't shine.
34. #5 Did you just wake up from a long long nap?
rachel ,   usa   (06.08.08)
35. Iran Bomb Israel vs. Israel Bomb the Weapon
Observation   (06.08.08)
I think Israel should say Iran will soon be off the map rather then threatening to take out the weapon facility! It seems that wiping someone off the map is NOT as bad as wiping the enemy’s (who threaten you) weapons of mass destruction!
36. #10, Shlomo: RE #5: No, The Fool Voted For The Black Guy
David ,   Marietta USA   (06.08.08)
And it was McCain who was humming "Bomb Bomb Bomb, Bomb Bomb Iran..." to the tune of a Beach Boys Song. Personally, I wish Bardei luck, I would love to see Israel thrown out of the UN, the sooner, the better. The US would probably follow in very short order.
37. #23 Do you suppose he gets stuffed envelopes of money too?!!
Talansky ,   New York   (06.08.08)
38. It's funny...
Micha   (06.08.08)
moslems can only threaten, but they can't bear to be threatened in response. Iran started this mess last year when it's ape in command decided to say that Israel would be wiped off the map...this was followed successively this year, just a week or two ago with threats of erasing Isarel. Iranian civilians: leave now so you are not killed through collateral damage. The warning is put out now. Otherwise, there will be, I repeat, WILL BE, large amounts of dead Iranian civilians in the ensuring attack. It's unfortunate for them, but they must realize how utterly irresponsible their leaders are.
39. To hell with IRAN!
Trumbull ,   USA   (06.08.08)
Its time the world gets their heads out of their asses and does something to IRAN, SYRIA and North Korea! Bomb them off the face of the earth! Enough is enough!
40. Ahmadinejad's threats to destroy America and Israel must be
Rivkah   (06.08.08)
against International Agreements, too. Where are the punishments for Iran from the UN? Whatever is being done has not been helping to reduce his threats.
41. Iran's Nuclear Data holdback is JUSTIFIED by Mofaz's threath
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (06.08.08)
No country will disclose places of nuclear facilities for helping ISRAEL STRIKE IAEA functions as Place Locators for Israeli Air Strike!! Iran's holding back nuclear data is justified by Israeli aggresive paranoia IRAN SHOULD STRIKE ISRAEL PREMPTIVELY IF ANY APPERANT PREPARATION IN ISRAELI SIDE ISRAEL STATE SHOULD PROMISE IT WILL NEVER RESORT TO ANY MILITARY ACTION UNLESS IRAN ATTACK ISRAEL OR ISRAEL SHOULD FACE PREEMPTIVE STRIKE FROM IRAN!!!
42. Who cares what you think, sh**head!
steve ,   london, england   (06.08.08)
UN Charter Article 39 states: " The Security Council shall determine the existence of any threat to THE PEACE, breech of the peace, or act of aggression and shall make recommendations, or decide what measures shall be taken in accordance with Articles 41 and 42, to maintain or restore international peace and security". Article 41 concerns measures not involving armed force the UN can make. Article 42 concerns the UN using land, sea and air forces. Since it became an Islamic republic the Iranian state has practiced a policy of threats and aggression against all non muslim countries. Iran is not the biggest threat to world peace but Iran utters daily threats and provokes disharmony in the world every day. The phrase 'THE PEACE' in Article 39 of the UN Charter corresponds to that peace established under the UN Charter. Peace the Charter calls definable in terms of HUMAN RIGHTS. It's written their as bold as any phrase in the Quran. The world can live in peace without praying to Mecca five times a day. But more than five times a day the Iranian State is acting with terror groups to practice war against the State of Israel. The 5 Permanent Members of the UN Security Council are: France …. Sarkozy the playboy diplomat who will perform for the kudos and any business deal he can get that will keep his people in jobs. Russia ….. Medvedev the KGB muppet who reads his lines from a script prepared for him by Vlad Putin. Britain …… Brown the hopeless incompetent failed international financier and banker who is soon to be swept from the English political scene like an empty potato chip packet from a bar room floor. China ……… gangsters masquerading as communists. Or is it communists masquerading as gangsters. They don't know their Mao from their Marx but have triple –ply toilet paper in their rest rooms. They are not exactly a soft touch where world peace is concerned. USA …….. the only country on the Security Council which understands the Separation of Powers and has the wherewithal to separate the threatened from the threateners. Looks like military action to pre-empt more Iranian threats to world peace is inevitable.
44. Israel in the trap
observer   (06.08.08)
Now, Israel can't claim that it meant wiping the Islamic regime off the political map.
45. syrian nuclear is nothing but S-300
observer   (06.08.08)
The S-300 (SA-10 Grumble) anti-aircraft missile system was designed to protect military and industrial facilities from massive air strikes. A missile launched from the system can travel at a speed of 2,000 meters (6,000 feet) per second, and is capable of hitting a target at a distance of 150 kilometers (93 miles), flying at an altitude of up to 30 kilometers (19 miles) and at a speed of up to 10,000 kilometers per hour (6,215 miles per hour). Iran & Syria have been installing the purchased S-300 to protect chemical & biological military facilities. Iran wants as well to protect its nuclear project. Why the bombed Syrian facility was nothing but S-300 unit? Syria possesses the most crowded antiaircraft system in the world following its continued purchase of Russian weapon systems. According to one estimate, the Syrians hold more than 200 antiaircraft batteries of different types. 1)Israel's raid followed a go-and fro way In the Turkey's air space. The Fuel tanks over the Turkey's land must have been in the go-trip as used to be in air bombing tactics. That was for fear not only of failure of attack, but also to evade any such S-300 long range rockets. 2)A nuclear facility would not have been built on a hill top, that's only true for an Israeli settlers' tactic. Protection and easy access to water are demanded factors here. 3)the published images of the bombed construction showed a roof; why should a roof be put before the facility was in work and finally tested to allow cranes to work at any time. That was not the case, otherwise radiation activity would have been perceived, which Israel itself denied. Israel had to convince the US that the owned S-300 is effective, and Israel can deal with it, in case of future attack on Iranian nukes; it's the only concern of the US.
46. thanks to Mofaz, oil prices sky rocketed
observer   (06.08.08)
Mofaz!, now sit and enjoy the luxury of warning.
47. Iran, the biggest danger to the Middle East and to the world
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (06.08.08)
An irrational nuclear Iran in the region is not conceivable. A stable nuclear balance of power/balance of terror in the Middle East would be out of the question (nuclear proliferation in the M.E. could never create the same sort of stable equilibrium that was once obtained between the USA and USSR). Israel must remain the region’s only nuclear power. Moreover, Iran's program should not become a powerful proliferation driver, building on regional rivalry security concerns and one-upmanship. More at :
48. Double standart
Baaz ,   IS   (06.08.08)
There is at least one thing funny in that article: the iranian delegate at the UN protested against Mofaz reamark, saying it threatened a sovereign country... But it is exactly what does on a quasi daily basis the Mullahs junta from Teheran. Why is nobody showing the idiocy of this statemen ?
49. To# 14 Than you for your comments. The Best one.
Asher ,   NY, USA   (06.08.08)
50. He's full of it.
Red Temple ,   White Mtns.   (06.08.08)
And Imam Ali Base is for family picnics.
51. # 32 Give one Example
Thomas   (06.08.08)
of an Israeli official threatening to use nuclear weapons against another country since you claim it has such a long history of making such threats.
52. 41 ..Tayfun_Turkey , Istanbul
Psalms 83 ,   Selah   (06.08.08)
according to you Israel should just lay down and accept Irans threat to remove it from the mideast as its fate...that israel has no right to be concerned about those kind of threats of intent..... I am sure turkey would take definate measures to protect itself from theats of simular nature. Iran has made it abunantly clear israel will be removed....
petra ,   USA   (06.08.08)
54. Re:8. Isreali threat
Roger ,   Australia   (06.08.08)
you got to be joking!, elect McCain for a safer World??? Patriotism = vision impaired Peace (Google for definition)
55. Re:#17
roger ,   brisbane australia   (06.08.08)
No, just steal their land right?
56. # 55 Stealing Land is What Australia Did
Thomas   (06.08.08)
Yeah but you gave them the Gospel so it's oK, right?
57. The Iranians...
Soeren ,   Cologne/Germany   (06.08.08)
... are psychopaths and they ENJOY playing those games. THEY are the ones who BULLY another nation. THEY are the ones who threaten. They know that. And like that! They have a DEVILISH PLEASURE in playing those games. The world community wants to avoid the insight that Iran is a more disturbed and mentally sick country than any other country (maybe except North Korea). The world loves the illusions: "If we just give them more and more they'll become reasonable" – "If we accuse also the victim the perpetrator will be satisfied and more evil can be avoided." BUT THAT WON'T HAPPEN. It was tried with Nazi Germany – and failed. It was tried with Serbia – and failed. It's a fact that international diplomacy is too often dominated by some liberal illusionists who believe in "Talking Talking Talking" and "Always BOTH are guilty" – because they really don't understand the underlying deeper psychology of perpetrators. Iran knows that so the Per(ver)sians can play games...
58. Who is Mohamed Bardei, really ??
dennis ,   chicago, USA   (06.08.08)
The comments Mohamed Bardei is now making only reinforces how inaffective he & his organization are. While Iran's actions are "of tromendous concern" to him, they are now matter of "life or death to the State of Israel . Is Bardei waiting for an Iranian bomb to explode in Israel to realize the meaning of life or death ? While I admire him for the education and experience, I think his main motives dont include the survival of Israel.
59. #58 Why he's Mrs. ElBardei's son silly.!!!
In the know ,   usa   (06.08.08)
60. #55 Time for you to jump back in that kangaroo pouch you
came from!! ,   Syndey AU   (06.08.08)
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