German report: Assad's brother-in-law attempted coup
Published: 07.06.08, 20:59
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1. If true, his brother in law is dead by now.
Rueben ,   Israel   (06.07.08)
2. Assad's brother-in-?
pakyaw ,   Canada   (06.07.08)
Not true, Reuben. He will be guarded by the West and Israel and groomed for a take-over and be the Shah of Iran, Oops I mean Syria.
3. Interesting-Mugniyah's wife ran back to Iran
Cynthia ,   USA   (06.08.08)
following his assassination blaming Syrian agents for his death. This provides support for her claim as does the fact that Syria dropped the investigation into his death. Just like the Palestinians dropped the investigation into Arafat's death even though they had a 300 page medical file. Ignore the facts, pretend it didn't happen and hope the media forgets about it. And of course, don't forget to blame Israel.
4. How sad it is that the devil is so active in families,
Rivkah   (06.08.08)
governments and religions. Yeshua said a man's enemies are the men of his own house. When he was dying, he gave his mother to a friend to care for her instead of to his half brothers. Saddam Hussein's son-in-law turned on him. It is easiest for a relative to hurt you since your heart and home are more open to them. How do you keep the devil away from your family? That is something to pray about every day. The Bible says there is only one friend and that is God.
5. proof land is better than peace in our time
zionist forever   (06.08.08)
This is an example of why land is better than a peace process. You never know who is coming next and what their policies are going to be. Give Assad the Golan today other than the fact we cant trust a word he says if somebody replaces him who is not interested in keeping this treaty and wants a war they will have the Golan to launch a war deep into northern Israel from. The only way to ensure the Golans saftey is to pass laws which require a significant majority vote in the Knesset ( right now if Olmert got a 51% majority vote he would have the right to give up the Golan ) so we need a significant vote of approxomatly 80% and if they get that then the final decision must be made by the Israeli public through a referendeum. Without laws like that if you start getting Syrians talking about democracy or a more moderate dictaitor takes charge then the first thing the US is going to do is start pushing Israel to give up the Golan to encourage democracy or rhe so called moderate leaders. Thats the situation we have now got into with the palestians the US is saying Abbas is moderate we should give him anything to wants to because we dont want the hardliners taking over. We dont need a peace treaty with Syria its just words on paper just like Neville Chamberlins worthless Munich agreement .. PEACE IN OUR TIME. With the Golan we control the land needed to defend ourselves, we keep the Syrians well away from the kineret, we dont make thousands of jews homless and put the country into a recesion for the next decade.
6. Shawkat looks more qualified...
Ehud ,   TA   (06.08.08)
...he has a much more macho moustache!
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