Russia says preparations for Iran nuclear reactor startup set for autumn
Associated Press
Published: 07.06.08, 22:02
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1. Sanctions are such a waste of time. Bomb the damn thing &
it over with. ,   Rueben, Israel   (06.07.08)
2. watch out russians r not on our side
haim ,   mtl canada   (06.07.08)
rememember 1967 when russia use used to send false INFO THTS CALLED DESINFORMATION ?????better be ware ISRAEL but its time to show iran we r tired of this mouse and cat game
3. after Chernobyl they should mind their own business
rachel ,   usa   (06.08.08)
4. Russia says Iran reactor ready in Fall
Millicent ,   Israel   (06.08.08)
Russia is not a friend of Israel or the USA.! They supply the world's terrorist leaders with Nuclear know how, weapons, even perhaps Biological and Chem weapons! Iran must be stopped before this reactor comes on line, and all other hidden sites must be destroyed as well. Of course a message must be firmly sent to Russia not to give any support to terrorists!
5. We are running out of time.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (06.08.08)
The Iranian regime is motivated by a messianic ideology with a strong apocalyptic component. This renders useless the threat of mutually assured destruction. With Ahmadinejad’s announcement this week that Iran is introducing 3,000 upgraded centrifuges to its Natanz nuclear installation, it is clear that the only option remains a preventive strike against a declared genocidal Iran. It is also clear that if Iran acquires nuclear weapons, it will be impossible to confront Syria or Hamas who will operate under Iran’s nuclear umbrella. Iran today at :
6. I am trying to figure out the sequence of events.
Rivkah   (06.08.08)
Daniel chapter 8 says the notable horn (USA) in its final and complete fulfillment since history repeats will break after suduing Media-Persia (Iraq-Iran). If that happens this year, then Ezekiel chapter 32 which is the destruction of the military and leader of a young lion nation by a sword of the king of Babylon in the land of the Chaldeans would come after the attack on Iran's nuclear facilities sine Ezekiel chapter 32 happens on the Jewish month of Adar-l, perhaps indicating the first day of Adar which is next February. That might be the breaking of the notable horn (USA) instead of an economic collapse. A secret session of the US Congress last March said the US government will run out of money to pay pensions and Medicare and Medicaid and to run the government in February of 2009. Since the shadow government behind the scenes knows that and orchestrates events, the attack on US forces in Iraq may be in February of next year. If the San Madras earthquake fault causes the Great Lakes to tip over like a teacup and massively flood the central part of America down the Mississippi River, Jonathan Hansen, an accurate predictor of events, says that is the year the Russians and Muslims will attack Israel and America in the fall. 2009. Daniel chapter 8 & Ezekiel chapter 32 and 38 will together divide the USA into four parts. Out of one of those four parts will come the LITTLE HORN of Daniel, the last world ruler of the Gentile Era. Hmmm. Things are heating up.
7. #6 Learn to live in the NOW.Don't fret bout this stuff. They
serve@signs that the ,   end is near.REJOICE!   (06.08.08)
8. The Land of Israel
Sally ,   Australia   (06.09.08)
Anybody that lives outside of Israel who believes the land belongs to the Jews, how about I come around to your house and bulldoze it to the ground and return the land to the descendents of the indigenous inhabitants of your part of the world. Let me guess, you would try and stop me wouldn’t you. Well then according to the Jews you would be classified as a terrorist for trying to protect your home.
9. 7: You err, not knowing the with the Lord, there is
no time. Past, present,and future are one. That is how the Prophets could see what was coming and remain in the time they lived when God revealed events to them. God is outside of time, so He sees the repetitions of history on a line of events that humans perceive as time. You are foolish to think Israel does not need to consider what is coming. If the leaders of Israel had no appreciation of coming conflicts escalating to the nuclear level, there would be no hope of survival for Jews. But knowing prophecy, they received Samuel Cohen who invented neutron bombs and invested in his invention after US President Jimmy Carter turned him away, saying America did not need any more new weapons. Israel's leaders and Rabbis were well aware of the prophecies of Ezekiel chapter 38 and an attack on Israel from the north that would be stopped by an earthquake AND A PLAGUE THAT MELTS THE EYES. But you think this is nonsense, to consider the future. You want to live in today, to eat, to drink, and to be merry. That is good, too. But to keep from perishing, you need knowledge of possible future events so you can prepare for that, too. Well, Indi, how many more days? 12!!!
10. #8 Let's ask the aborigines just what peace loving folk the
Aussie have been. ,   Rueben, israel   (06.09.08)
11. #10 Exactly
Sally ,   Oz   (06.11.08)
That's exactly my point. The land hasn't been returned to the aborigines but it should be. But what makes you Jews so special that the land you CLAIM (not proven) be returned when no other culture on the planet is having their ancestral lands returned. Nothing at all. Jews are not special.
12. A Nuclear Iran
Eric ,   USA   (02.19.09)
God hep the world !
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