IDF furious after settlers fabricate kidnapping
Efrat Weiss
Published: 12.06.08, 08:36
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1. Settelers the cancer on Israels body
Simon ,   TA the free city   (06.12.08)
not only do these right wing religious fantatics drain the resources of the IDF by demanding protiection. If they wernt living on the occupied west bank in the forst place on stolen land there would be no need for an army presence. These people need to be dealt with severly for putting at risk these soldiers lives.
2. Arrest them
Chaim   (06.12.08)
3. name them publically, arrest, charge & try them....
an Israeli   (06.12.08)
they should definitely get jail time! They are damaging to the rest of us on the right. If we protect them we loose our moral right to complain!
4. #1Simpe Simon
Jay3 ,   Israel   (06.12.08)
The only cancer is you and your hatred of the religious. . Although the actions of these settlers is wrong and disturbing, what is more disturbing is your reaction to any story about the religious. YOu always complain about peoples intolerance to gays, well you need to look in the mirror at your intolerance to the religious.........not all are extremists.
5. All the settlers life based on fibs...
Person ,   Hebron   (06.12.08)
Including there existence in the occupied West Bank !!!
6. And how many Pal. lost their lives in this search?
lydia ,   Brisbane   (06.12.08)
In the search conducted by the IOF to find the supposed kidnapped settlers I wonder how many innocent Palestinians lost their lives as the IOFs and their jack booted-heavy- handed- looking- for- an excuse- to- murder entered the village..
7. Draft of settler response to be circulated to all editors
Chanalau, Tova ,   London, UK   (06.12.08)
A YESHA spokesman later explained that this was not a schoolboy prank but had been intended as an excercise to keep the defence forces on their toes to ensure that if/when such events did really occur "we would be ready". If a few Arabs got shot or beaten up in the process it was "no great loss" he explained "it was more than justified if it were ultimately to save one Jewish life"
8. # 4 Jay and his rose colored glasses
Simon ,   TA the free city   (06.12.08)
Tell you what ill keep it simple so that you will understand. Well as usual you make no reference to the article in question and just decide to attack me instead, which really goes to show the level of your intelligence. So its ok is it that these settlers play cat and mouse with our soldiers and waste resources as well as endager their lives. and FYI my partner is religious. Now i must get on and prepare for Shabbat !
9. #1 Simple Simon living on STOLEN land in Tel Aviv, Jaffa
klaus ,   Jerusalem   (06.12.08)
and the rest of the country. Why do YOU deserve protection? Why do YOU have the right to drain the country's resources to combat your criminals like the lawyer's car bombing yesterday? for the Drug rehabilitation that you draft dodgers need? While it is TRUE that these 2 people need to be brought up on charges, your premises that Judea & Samaria are any less a part of Israel is FALSE. To paint ALL settlers as you do is as correct as suggesting ALL tel avivans are a drug crazed, criminal, draft dodging element living on stolen arab land. Grow up & be nice to other Israelis who disgree with you but are nice people just as you might be.
10. Are they Tel-Aviv Settlers, Shechem Settlers or Gaza Settlrs
Miriam ,   Israel   (06.12.08)
11. Unforgivable
Arielush ,   Ramat Ha Golan   (06.12.08)
Such behavior is unforgivable. Those settlers should be charged with reckless endangerment, and endangering national security. They also should be fined. Their behavior showed complete disregard for our soldiers welfare and generated needless tension.. It's no wonder reservists do not want to serve on the West Bank.
12. Settlers are Israeli citizens ..............
Wise Saba ,   Western Negev   (06.12.08)
All settlers are Israeli citizens & pay taxes & work like every other Israeli. These idiots who pulled this dumb stunt should be arrested, tried & pay the price for being stupid & breaking the law, they give a bad name to everyone else on the religious right.
13. Morally low. Despicable
Enzo ,   london,uk   (06.12.08)
14. AS SOON AS I SAW "SETTLER"...............
SIMCA GOLD   (06.12.08)
Rebecca Rothchild   (06.12.08)
IF it is true, IF, IF, IF, IT IS true,it besmirches the right wing, BUT, it is so intensely tainted by the corruption of it's author who is so journalisticaly incapacitated as to be of such notorious repute she can be condescended to, by a veteran diplomat in the olmert regeme and it doesn't get any lower than that !
Michael ,   Jerusalem   (06.12.08)
Dear Jew, in 1948, the Tel Aviv Settlers were called the cancer by other please... "These people need to be dealt with severly for putting at risk these soldiers lives". - you are 100% right. but don't call them cancer, they are part of you, you are a part of them. you say them live on stolen land, no more than you ! you live on earlier stolen land , and they live on newer stolen land. If Israel doens't belongs to Jews ( G.d) so were are all illegals, INCLUDING YOU. you have no more reason to be here. The source of why jews should live in israel is found in the Tanah, so don't blame religious for being the cancer or else ....
17. Honestly, My Dog ate my Homework
Chocko ,   NY, USA   (06.12.08)
There seems to be more to this story than meets the eye... I'll bet they actually were abducted by Palestinian aliens who beamed them aboard their mother ship the 'GAZANIAN' where they were subjected to horrendous tortures. Then they were released and their memories were only partially erased. and when they came to they realised what had happened... Or maybe they are just dangerous crazy fools like SO many others
18. settlers
sas ,   israel   (06.12.08)
they should all be put behind bars. they have ruined the country completely. Rabin made a big mistake after Goldtein murdered arabs in Hebron. At that moment he should have removed EVERY settler from there and the West Bank. These people are the cancer of the society. Unfortunately their cells increase.....
19. to Simon from Sheikh Mounis
yoni ,   jerusalem   (06.12.08)
The real solution to your hatred and anger against the jewish people is for you to start lobbying to give back Sheikh Mounis and Jamousin otherwise known as modern day tel aviv the occupied city!
20. How much trouble are they allowed to cause?
Thomas   (06.12.08)
I used to support the settlers when I thought they were just religious people whom the Arabs didn't like because they were Jewish. Now I can't see how anyone could like them.
petra ,   USA   (06.12.08)
22. Simon , stolen land ?
bar ,   Israel   (06.12.08)
You use the same vocabulary as the extreme Israel haters , look at this chanalau , no difference . Be happy to live in a free country where you can express such anti sentiments . If i agree with some of your posts [ freedom of gays to parade ] i can agree on you always bashing the religious . Not all of them have the hatefull faces we have seen . There are great people amongst them , and i wish you not to need their help [ Yad Sara , Ezer Mitzion are two examples of Charidi foundeds NGO's ]]
23. The only illegal settlers are the arabs!
jason white ,   afula,israel   (06.12.08)
They are occupying Jewish land. As for the false kidnapping report,they should jail the two idiots and make them pay for all the costs of the search. Even if they have to sell their houses and have their families left to live off the streets.
24. These people are holy just because they are Jews-by-blood?
John ,   Europe   (06.12.08)
There is CONFESSION that these 2 idiots did the wrong thing. So it is clear: THEY ADMITED they did wrong. But NO, here is everything crawling with "It is not true", "This people are saints!", "They are good people!" Cannot believe how many racist I see here! And somebody is surprised that everybody think Israel is racist country? YOU, IDIOTS, REPRESENT IT WITH YOUR COMMENTS!
25. now where are all those ppl who...
Hizbullahi ,   S.LEBANON/LEBANON   (06.12.08)
... talk about "pallywood"?
26. Response to simon (post 1)
Ari ,   Jerusalem   (06.12.08)
I agree with you 101.9%
27. And how many Aussies lost their brains reading this article?
JPS ,   Efrat   (06.12.08)
In the search for intelligent life in Brisbane, I wonder how many Sheilas and Bruces lost their minds as the politically incorrect nincompoop squad from Brisbane headed by Commander Lydia looked for an excuse to butcher logic and common sense and entered their verbal diarrhea into Talkbackland...
28. # 25 This Isn't the Same Thing
The settlers didn't set anything up for international propaghanda. They only lied to their own country. Also, the Arabs don't have a YNET to refute Pallywood.
29. John , Europe
bar ,   Israel   (06.12.08)
Again reading your antisemite litterature ? Who is the racist here ? i'll tell you : it's this john in Europe .
30. JPS , Efrat . You are wrong !!!
bar ,   Israel   (06.12.08)
How can you loose something you have'nt ? This lydia had her [ small ] brains replaced by a short wave receiver , only receiving terrorists news .
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