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Passage from Iraq
Itamar Eichner
Published: 12.06.08, 13:25
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1. Wow
Rickie ,   Porto Alegre - Brazi   (06.12.08)
We can see how roots are so important!
2. Bittersweet end for a life under Arab oppression
Millie ,   Israel   (06.12.08)
The poor woman. It sounds like a Holocaust survivor reunion story. And in some way it is. So much for the "Religion of Peace (TM)" and the myth of the "peaceful" treatment of Jews under Arab rule.
3. The Arab who had abducted her should be referred to
Nahum ,   Los Angeles, CA   (06.12.08)
as her slave-master, not her "husband."
petra ,   USA   (06.12.08)
5. Wow, what a story. I feel both happy and sad for this lady
that she lost so many years with this arab neighbour and his children. What happened to her Jewish husband? Enjoy the rest of your days Hannah with your true family.
6. Thanks to Bush
Susan ,   Kfar Saba   (06.12.08)
For every Jew who hates George Bush, you can now thank him for making this possible. If he hadn't gotten rid of Saddam for us, this woman would still be a prisoner in Iraq. Who knows how many other Jews there might come out of the closet.
7. Dignity
David ,   Jerusalem   (06.12.08)
This, in short, is why Jewish sovereignty and Jewish defence of our rights in our Land are so necessary - so that nothing like this can ever happen again. So that Jewish people can live in dignity and in accordance with their wishes, and not with the vile and despicable desires of those who would outrage them. Thanks to America for liberating Iraq and making this dear woman's escape possible. Welcome home, dear sister. You are safe now. Here in the Jewish sovereignty, our Arab neighbors find that when they come to try and commit outrages of this kind, its their mothers that cry - not ours.
8. She was forced to convert? But..but...
I thought it was unlawful in Islam to force someone to convert. Am I becoming "Islamaphobic" or are they just full of __it?
9. amazing story
jorge ,   mexico   (06.12.08)
Please keep us informed. A muslim kidnapping a woman...sounds familiar...
10. Modern-day Janissary
Jake   (06.12.08)
Kidnapping children of other religions to raise them as loyal Moslems has its precedents in history. For Arabs, the Jews of Middle Eastern origin are like a bone in the throat. Their presence in Israel, where they are the salt of the earth, gives the lie to the Arab claims that the Jews all descended upon their peaceful idyllic life from the the ends of the Earth.
11. It made me cry - truly moving
gabriela ben ari ,   Jerusalem   (06.12.08)
12. #5 sold her to a neighbor to finance his trip
13. #6 she was not married to Saddam
14. #12 She was kidnapped, not sold
Jake   (06.13.08)
Can't you read?
15. Modern times
Shira ,   Jerusalem   (06.13.08)
Let's see. It's now 2008, and this criminal act took place 55 years ago, so that would make it around 1953. Modern times. Yet it was still possible for that Iraqi man to kidnap a Jewish woman and keep her prisoner. Who knows how many other women, Jewish or not, have suffered the same fate in recent times? Let's hear it for these peaceful, tolerant cultures, where people can just take what they want, destroying families and causing heartbreak, while others look on and do nothing. Where are the condemnations of the NGOs and the UN?
16. to 6
hanna ,   a.......   (06.13.08)
do not thank this person even if you are from china .he did the worst to evryone in this world
17. #12 - SHAME
What? ,   America   (06.13.08)
18. abductions/forced conversions-marriages
Marilyn ,   USA   (06.13.08)
I've heard about it before, so while it may be somewhat rare, it does happen. It makes it especially sad in that she was trying to leave. Of course some kind of action should be taken to prevent it from happening to other women. Maybe some really strong women's rights groups need to get involved.
19. No. 15 Shira
NYC Girl   (06.14.08)
Your point is well-taken, and we now know that many women became the victims of Saddam's cretinous son, Uday, who was known to grab young attractive women off the streets and rape them. Even those who were accompanied by their husbands or boyfriends weren't safe from that monster.
20. Kidnapping and raping women, and protected by the imams
Arie ,   BaGolan   (06.15.08)
Just more adherence to the preachings of the quran
21. God Bless her & the consular official who believed her story
a proud Israeli   (06.20.08)
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