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JNF to construct Israel's biggest indoor playground in Sderot
Published: 12.06.08, 19:31
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1. The thought is too stupid for words.
aL   (06.12.08)
They bomb the living hell out of you and you plan about an ass kicking. Geez are you people stupid...You are killing me with your stupid stupid ideas.
2. Great Idea
JB ,   New York, US   (06.12.08)
I disagree. For the children and parents of Sderot, who are not leaving and have no where else to go, its not stupid at all; it's much- needed respite.
3. Fund a boomerang device for quassams.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica,CA USA   (06.13.08)
4. Let the children be children...
Katja ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (06.15.08)
it is a great idea to give the children of Sderot an opportunity to grow up like "normal children". Some families do not have the financial means to move elsewhere. It is easy for us who dont live under daily rocket attacks to judge people for what they do or dont do. But keep in mind that you would also want your children to enjoy life rather than only having to think about rocket attacks!
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