Hamas: Explosion in Beit Lahiya preparation for ‘quality’ attack
Ali Waked
Published: 13.06.08, 12:26
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1. We were probably ready to apologize!
ecr   (06.13.08)
2. Oh, yes, please, Hamas, make more of these "quality attacks"
John ,   Europe   (06.13.08)
But with similar results. If you need ammo or explosives, e-mail the IDF (with guarantees that new quality attacks will be like this one), and I am certain that they will send it to you, even shipment fee-free.
3. Oh, this is the best part...
John ,   Europe   (06.13.08)
"We will continue following in the path of those killed.” And end up like them, proud that you followed their path. Way to go, boys!
4. Where was Mofaz till now?
LEE ,   NY, USA   (06.13.08)
How come we only hear him chirping before upcoming primaries?
5. israelis need to gear up for a special mission too.
6. You don't need to "change policies".
Miriam ,   Israel   (06.13.08)
You need to change leadership. AND IMMEDIATELY!
7. quality attack averted by G-D
raffi ,   bnei bak   (06.13.08)
should have been the head line of the article
8. they hate israel more than they love their own children
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (06.13.08)
and we are having peace talks with these people. shame.
9. "Quality" Attack
Jonny Gee ,   Brookline, MA USA   (06.13.08)
Bomb those bastards back to the stone age already. What the hell is the matter with you?
10. Hamas said that in a statement
Shaked ,   Israe   (06.13.08)
That its people will continue in the path of those killed? O' please, don't let me stop you, let's cut the middle man, just go ahead and kill yourselves.
11. So the Arabs lied again
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (06.13.08)
Yesterday it was the Israeli air force, today they admit the truth. Every single claim they have ever made is a lie, yet time and again the media accepts their lies, why?
12. Happy end !!!
PM ,   DAr ul HArb   (06.13.08)
I like Special missions with happy ends.. Martyr, who love death more then life reached Happy end, and are united with those hevenly 72 virgins and pearly boys..... and those who want to live and wanna enjoy life on earth, and share love with fellow human beings on earth are happy with there presence on earth.... so everyone is happy... May 'Allah' give all Sucide bombers a Happy end in some 'Work Accident'.... Amen, Oops... I mean inshahallah .... Subahnallah... what so ever ....
13. offer by barak and olmert
Arie ,   BaGolan   (06.13.08)
The headlines you will read by tomorrow will read "PMO offers training to Hamas to ensure no repetition of work accident"
14. The G-d of Israel neither sleeps nor slumbers...
Avraham ,   NYC   (06.13.08)
15. The Gaza Barbarians
Not Jewish ,   USA   (06.13.08)
Please Israel, send them to hell as fast as you can
16. Can you believe Olmert, Livni,& Barak signed a truce w/these
blood thirsty idiots ,   Rueben, Israel   (06.13.08)
17. i would like
to finally see a gaza palestinian uprising against this evil body they elected which only brought misery and death to their civilians and children but i do have a hunch and KNOW! that hamas is terrorising them too into submission by fear and opression and by using the population for demonstration and a fake seige propaganda. the hamas leadership has no clue how to build a state, how to build security, how to take care of the necessities for statehood. how can one expect uneducated gangs, murderers and hatemongers to take care of these things? no, the palestinians are not ready for their own state. yes, they know how to murder and terrorize, but they have no clue how to build and command.
18. so?
i am wating for the celebraton tomorow to giv candi and swets. hamas is preson us and we wan out. the onli hop we hav in gaza is i israil come and safe us m. ashraf gaza, filastin
19. Didn't They Say It was An Airstrike?
They lied...again. If it was an airstrike the usual characters would be here saying how racist and murderous Israel is but since it was an work accident they just went back to sleep.
20. Now You Know Why They are Pining for a One-State Solution
Bill ,   US   (06.13.08)
In spite of the false claim of thousands of years of independent sovereignty, these folks simply cannot govern themselves. They never wanted their own state, they simply wanted to destroy yours.
21. Bomb making instructions in Farsi?
Cynthia ,   USA   (06.13.08)
Might have confused Hamas martyrs rushing to meet virgins.
22. Make Hanieh ready for a "special Mission" as well...........
Asher ,   NY,USA   (06.13.08)
23. Like the way you 'prepare' for 'quality' attacks, Hamas!
Cameron ,   USA   (06.13.08)
24. "quality attack"
israeli ,   israel   (06.13.08)
you seem to have succeeded. I with you many many more with even better results.
25. Hamas is obtaining weapons directly from Iran.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (06.14.08)
Ever since the Philadelphi Route between Gaza and Egypt was breached, Hamas has been bringing high-quality weaponry into the Strip, which has made it possible to fire beyond Ashkelon, as far as Kiryat Gat and Ashdod. Hamas in Gaza currently has firepower that must be dealt with immediately. If you don't take care of this problem now, then it will become more severe. The more time passes, the operation that will eventually be carried out will cost more casualties and more dead soldiers. An analyse of the present situation at :
26. Haniyeh is a liar
Desmond Tutu ,   J'burg,Nazi SA   (06.13.08)
It was a Mossad attack. EVERYONE can see that. The Jews must have paid off Haniyeh to say these lies. It is typical of them to use their vast wealth to corrupt even the most honourable.
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