Rabbis against Pride Parade: God is testing us
Ronen Medzini
Published: 17.06.08, 00:28
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1. You failed the test.
2. A Purposeful Provocation Where Everything Goes
Adina Kutnicki   (06.17.08)
The gay community can do whatever it wants in the privacy of their homes. Their insistence on shoving their lifestyle down the throats of people in the holiest Jewish city is what constitutes an unforgivable chutzpah. What's next - parading down the street 'celebrating' man/boy love for all the world to see?
3. 500 000 gay men were also murdered in the hollocaust
gay guy ,   TA Israel   (06.17.08)
And we sure arnt going to let it happen again. 500,000 gay men were executed by the Nazis along with 6 000,000 jews for the same reason "they were different" have we learnt anything ? apparently not! When the charideem get a job , pay taxes and serve in the army like the rest of us then lets come and talk democracy and not untill. There can not be a situation where one minority denies a another minority their democratic rights based on a religous belief. Do they invest the same hatred on people who drive on Shabbat or women who dont cover their hair? This isnt just about gay rights its also about anyone who truly cares about democracy.
4. # 2 Adina i think you have it completly wrong
Citizen X ,   TA Israel   (06.17.08)
Ummm not sure why you think that gay people marching in jeans and t shirts for their democratic rights which are still denied them in the year 2008 is shoving their life style down your throat? How about the Charadeem shoving their life style down other peoples throats which by the way includes: living of gay secular tax money, protection from gay seculars defending their country in the IDF, Not working, not paying taxes, telling us what we can and can not eat, telling us when we can drive our cars, forcing women to the back of buses, causing riots on elal flights, abusing children and throwing acid in a young girls face for the hideous crime of wearing a pair of jeans. So if we are going to talk life styles try thinking abit first my dear.
5. Civil Rights
Ron ,   Golan, Israel   (06.17.08)
The same civil rights that protect all of us in the majority must be extended to he minority of us as well. It would do us well to remember that in the ovens of Europe, the Nazis did not differentiate between Jews, Gypsies or Homosexuals. Gays are our brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, daughters and sons, even in Jerusalem. Let the fundamentalists, Jew, Christian and Muslim focus their energies on the positive commandments and leave the judgment of other fellow human beings to G-D.
6. #2 - Another stupid comment from Adina...
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (06.17.08)
The windbag from NY pipes up again with her irrelevant drivel.
7. Adina, stop with your hate
INCognito ,   Brooklyn, USA   (06.17.08)
Stop with your parades of horribles. What you're calling man/boy love is illegal in Israel. So, that parade won't be going down the street. Homosexual acts are not prohibited in Israel. It is every citizen's right in a democracy (which Israel still claims to be) to express themselves politically and demonstrate. And you know perfectly well, that in Jerusalem, there are no young guys in underwear jumping to music on a moving platform, so stop your hate.
8. I love a Parade !
Sean ,   Montreal, Quebec   (06.17.08)
Rabbi Batzri called on participants to, "hate those who fail...", while Rabbi Sternbuch appropriates and distorts shoah for his own vile purposes. Neither of them obviously studied the book of Jonah to its conclusion. Their mutual denial that nature brings into this world people pre-ordained to homosexuality is based solely on their arrogant belief that they are the arbiters of G-d's wishes. They leave no doubt as to what roles they would play in the book of Job. Their incitement to hate and indoctrination of children are suprisingly legal acts in the state of Israel.In North America it is no different. The purveyors of hate almost universally use religion as their lance. To quote one of them... "They are evil criminals that have no place...with Israel"
9. Pheh, garbage!
Wise Saba ,   Western Negev   (06.17.08)
Stop this queer garbage now! This is an insult to Yerushaliem Ir H'Kodesh!
10. Fact.
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (06.17.08)
The fact is that the Torah calls homosexuality an abomination. What can we do? This is the way it is. If so, those who believe in the full veracity of the Torah, as the word of the Almighty, have no choice but to protest against the public flaunting of this abomination. Besides, any society which embraces homosexuality as legitimate will become increasingly immoral and ultimately collapse. We must not allow our society implode because of our liberalism with some very odd people.
11. perversion at its greatest! sick world we live in
ari   (06.17.08)
where morals have been turned around and wrong is right.
12. as a lifelong resident of jerusalem..
i can tell you that its barely the ultra orthodox community that are against the parade taki8ng place in Jerusalem. include in these group the national religious, the traditionalists and many many seculars.
13. Righteous gays were also murdered you Moron
14. Rabbi claims Jew diedin Holocaust because they didn't protes
Roxy ,   Israel   (06.17.08)
To Quote Forrest Gump"Stupid is as Stupid does"! This seems to fit this so called Rabbi's statement perfectly! The only criminals here are those Rabbis that agree with this Rabbi's statement ! Time to flush these"Rabbis" outof power and return it to the Cohenium, because the Rabbis(which means teacher)" are not doing a good job are they? The Holocaust happened because Hilter needed a scape goat for Germany's problems and he picked the minorities that were living there at the time, the Jews,Gypsies etc.
15. Mr. Ger
shadoil ,   Jerusalem   (06.17.08)
You profess that gays make up 10% of the population of tis city. What ,for sakes,are you smoking? Even if there are alot of closeted people in Jerusalem they do no make up that percentage because they dont idnetify wit the cause. If they did hey wouldnt be closeted. GET REAL MR. GER.
16. #10 Exscuse me Reuben but
Citizen X ,   TA Israel   (06.17.08)
Did i say i live my life according to the Torah? No i didnt, FYI Israel is a democratic country and not a state run according to halacha. So dont even think you can start quoting bible verses at others who do not live by those rules. Yours not mine. I live according to the law and not a primative religious superstiion. DO you show the same hatred towards people who drive through Rannana on saturday and women who do not cover their hair, who knows maybe there are people having affairs in your appartment building. One wonders what your real motive for hating gay people really comes from hary Reuben?
17. Should they ban Jewish and Israeli support parades in Europe
Simon ,   TA the free city   (06.17.08)
I mean we dont want to offend the locals do we now?
18. Homosexual rights are human rights and the repression of hom
Louis ,   Jerusalem   (06.17.08)
Gay rights are human rights Homosexual rights are human rights and the repression of homosexual rights is the repression of human rights. Let us take Israel and the United States as examples. Important legal judgments in both countries have been handed down that lend support to rights associated with homosexual marriage and partnership.,7340,L-3325464,00.html
19. " ....because they didn't protest"
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (06.17.08)
What an insult to those that were murdered in the Holocaust. It's hard to believe any sane person could make such statements. You want to protest something? Then protest against the Olmert/Livni/Barak gov't., protest against corruption & self-serving politicians that are ruining this country. Protest against the abandonment of Gaza-area residents by the state. Protest against Shas supporting a gov't. that plans on dividing Jerusalem. But no, pick a non-issue of no importance, of no consequence, & make a big fuss to show how righteous you are. Parade your ignorance & backwards ideas for all to see. You talk about perversion - but what could be more perverted than your interpretations of religion? I can't believe that we have to listen to this meshugas every year. This is a cynical manipulation by religious cranks to fire up the "true believers" - it's absolutely shameful.
20. Shas can prevent it, but they wont
disappointed ,   Jerusalem   (06.17.08)
Shas can prevent the parade by threatening to quit the govt. Do you think they will? Shas is a participant to every anti-Jewish action this and previous governments have taken, including previous gay parades, & Ehud Barak's offer to give up the Kotel 7 years ago. The only value Shas holds dear is money. If you care about Judaism, persuade everyone you know to NOT vote Shas.
21. A "modest" immoral parade. What a paradox!
Miriam ,   Israel   (06.17.08)
Just like what the mishna says eating kosher pig.
22. Who cares....Just bashing the religious again!
Jay ,   Israel   (06.17.08)
23. Rabbi Moshe Sternbuch is obscene
Sidney ,   USA   (06.17.08)
For a Jew to justify the Holocaust is vile.
24. #3 While you care about something there isn't in Israel
Miriam ,   Israel   (06.17.08)
namely, "democracy"; Orthodox Jews care about something every Jew should care about - and that's the Torah. There's a big difference between the desecration of Shabbat and gays. While the desecration of Shabbat is a violation of the Torah and at the time of the Sanhedrin was punishable by stoning. Gays, the Torah says, are an "abomination to G-d" and at the time of the Sanhedrin were executed in the center of the city. Leviticus states, "You shall not lie down with a male, as with a woman: this is an abomination. For the nations, whom I am sending away from before you, have defiled themselves with all these things. And the land became defiled, and I visited its sin upon it, and the land vomited out its inhabitants. … For the people of the land who preceded you, did all of these abominations, and the land became defiled. And let the land not vomit you out for having defiled it, as it vomited out the nation that preceded you.'" BTW, the Nazis did not kill gay men because they "were different" but because they were a shame to humanity and they still are. How would you like to see a parade of men and women urinating in public and boasting about it? While the latter is revolting, the first is not only revolting but a great sin against man and G-d. Because of 10% of immoral people, the rest of us have to suffer? Yes, we suffer. Start learning the Gemara and some other holy sefarim like the Kav Hayashar, etc. and you’ll see what damage – yes, damage - these people cause.
25. These children r beautiful & we love them!
hetero grandma ,   Jerusalem   (06.17.08)
Let them go and dance in the streets and have a good time! God bless them
26. eating pork is an abomination 2! so why r we so judgmental
happy heterosexual   (06.17.08)
against gays! They are our children, siblings, and fellow human beings...we need to be more loving and accepting towards them and learn more about tolerance and banish baseless hatred from our hearts!
27. #26 The difference is in Leviticus 18:22-18:25
Miriam ,   Israel   (06.17.08)
28. Good post, Miriam.
Kev ,   London   (06.17.08)
You are perfectly and succinctly correct.
29. The Real Hillul
Avram ,   Jerusalem   (06.17.08)
The real desecration of God's name is the hatred promoted by the Haredi community and the failure of the rabbis to speak out against the violence.
30. Rabbis are right. Silence is not an option.
Steve ,   Fla.   (06.17.08)
There are many things to speak out against including these parades in Jerusalem. Why do people need to parade their sexual orientation in public? Some have pointed out here, according to Torah, homosexual practice is a captital offense, yet no homosexuals are put to death in Israel today. Why then do homosexuals need to parade their lifestyle in public? There are other evils that need to be protested and condemened. There is the evil of this government giving our precious land to our enemies. This is a great evil. There is the evil of forcibly uprooting Jews from their homes as was done in Gush Katif. This is indeed a great evil. Why do these rabbis not call for protesting this great evil on the part of the Olmert government? Why are they silent? Isn't this evil? Doens't this call for the Almighty to judge Israel as well as these rabbis who are silent in the face of this great evil?
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