60% hike in tourism since beginning of year
Danny Sadeh
Published: 18.06.08, 13:19
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1. Israel can actually be Safary paradise!!
John ,   Europe   (06.18.08)
"Ladies und Gentleman, to your left you can see authentic 20th-century Palestinian terrorists preparing to attack your bus. On your right you can see an authentic, well preserved settler beating the crap out of 18-century Arab. If you look farther on your right, you will see genuine IDF tanks, right on the verge of horizon. These types usually go out in sunset, and move in clusters. A female-guided tank is always a bit pinkish then male-guided tank, who has a bigger gun, ladies and gentleman. Also, a female-guided tank usually goes behind the male-guided. Did we mention that out tour operator does not cover the costs of removing shrapnels?"
2. There is Thomsonfly and Jetairfly
Cheap flights   (06.18.08)
making cheap flights to Israel possible, e.g.. I'm sure this will incread the amount of tourists coming to Israel as well.
3. #1
aren't you so jealous we have beautiful country and many tourists???? hail hail israel. you are the best world citizen and non jewish
4. vacation
Christian ,   Norway   (06.19.08)
Beautiful country, beautiful girls, fantastic food, and marvelouse nature and what a nightlife!! :-) 2 1/2 week to arrival in Israel! :-))
5. To # 1
bar ,   Israel   (06.19.08)
How many visitors come to your friends ? Don't come with your usual lies . It's not because of Israel , it's because sane people don't risk their lives . [ Safari is written with 2 I's ]
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