Top Defense Ministry official: If Shalit is not released, Rafah stays closed
Roni Sofer
Published: 19.06.08, 00:41
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1. Ok, who can tell me what leader to believe is telling the
truth now? ,   Rueben, Israel   (06.19.08)
2. Israel in control of the Egypt-Gaza border crossing.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (06.19.08)
Israel should make no concessions to Hamas. The Egypt-Gaza border crossing should be exclusively under the control of Israel. The only second possibility should be the free choice of the inhabitant of Gaza to emigrat to other Arab countries (most of these countries are not very populated and can easily integrate them). The time has come for these people to stop with politics and terrorism and search for a solution for their families based on well-being and peace. That is the real solution as explained at :
3. IS IT or ISN'T IT???
EGW ,   vancouver canada   (06.19.08)
OPENIG UP the Rafah crossing is "a condition of Shalit's release", or it won't be opened unless "progress is made" on the release of Shalit. ...WHICH THE HELL IS IT???Is this MORE political DOUBLESPEAK???
4. full of BS
5. The olmert government
Arie ,   BaGolan   (06.19.08)
plethora of pathological liars. We can rest assured that Shalit was NOT part of any lull agreement! The ONLY thing this government is interested in is filling their numbered swiss coffers
David P. ,   Santa Cruz, USA   (06.19.08)
Olmert should take advantage of the phantom lull and dissolve his government as a gift to the Israeli people for all his failures. Further Olmert can deliver his resignation speech at the doorstep of the Shalit family home, begging forgiveness for his inability to secure & govern his nation.
7. The whole World must speak with one voice:
Enzo ,   london,uk   (06.19.08)
"If Shalit is not released, Rafah stays closed"!
8. All politicians lie
G ,   Israel   (06.19.08)
"and we were adamant in demanding that his release be part of the agreement" Read what he said carefully. No where does anyone talk or mention about the actual agreement just what we wanted in the agreement. He is just as bad as Olmert, lies, lies, lies
9. That was salut to truce and trust from both sides!
Daniel ,   Israel   (06.19.08)
That is a natural monitor of how much we understand and trust each other!!!! Wish, we both leant to keep promises.
Norway   (06.19.08)
"We told them that if they stopped the attacks - - we would ease restrictions on the villages," (IDF Lt.-Col. Samir Amar) IDF TO REMOVE KALKILYA ROADBLOCKS AS "REWARD"
11. So, you believe that Shalit's hideout is in Sinai
12. Actions not words is what we want
Simon ,   TA the free city   (06.19.08)
Freeing Gilad must be the number one concern, cease fires my a**
13. He must be lying, his lips were moving. Never believe him.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica,CA USA   (06.19.08)
14. To #6 David P: People in glass houses ......
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (06.19.08)
President Bush's blind trust in Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Al-MALIKI is about at stupid as Olmert's decision about the truce but I don't see you calling Bush a coward and calling for him to resign. The USA has NEVER been attacked by Iraq but since 2003 you have lost 4,101 military personnel in a war that you cannot, under any circumstances, win. You have been fighting the "Militants" in Iraq and Afghanistan since 9/11 and YOU still don't understand the mentality of the Islamists! At least here in Israel we know who we can trust and who we can't. The fact is that the only ones that we can trust are ourselves. Yes, Olmert is wrong and he has misled the people of Israel just as President Bush did over the Weapons of Mass Deception but that is your problem and Olmert is our's so you clean up your house and let us clean up ours! I would remind you and th other good folks of the USA that Israel is NOT the 51st State of the USA but you may rest assured that Israel is right behind you at ALL times which, unfortunately, is not the case with the USA especially when it comes to OIL! UN Security Council 1701 proves my point.
15. To #7 Enzo: Good point but sell that to your Lib Dems
Dudu ,   The Galilee, Israel   (06.19.08)
During PMQ's the question was raised about the plight of the Palestinians in Gaza. In his reply PM Brown answered that he would do all to ensure that Israel would do its part in the truce. No mention was made by ANY member of the Commons about the barbarity of Hamas in holding our Gilad for two years and while he did mention the firing on our towns and settlements he did not point out to the Honorable Members that his so called "disaster" in Gaza was home grown and serves the interests of Hamas! We in Israel have learned the hard way that we cannot reply on anyone but ourselves and the question of UK being a friend of Israel is a very good one! May I remind you that the UK has never voted against any resolution in the Security Council condemning Israel although it has voted fore such resolutions and has abstained an number of times. So please remember that our Gilad is a just Jewish kid and so who the hell cares about him except us? Certainly not the good people of the United Islamic Kingdom of Britanistan!
16. #14While a lot of what you say is true, we still HAVE NOT
been attacked since ,   9/11. Stan, USA   (06.19.08)
David P. ,   Santa Cruz, USA   (06.19.08)
It has nothing to do with the way in which the Olmert gov. has behaved over the past several years. I worry about Israel's leadership just as much as the next Jew, diaspora does not disqualify me from expressing my opinion, concern and criticism. It's the problem you have in Israel, assuming you know it all & devaluing the suggestions of ex-patriots because of our physical presence.
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