Gaza ceasefire takes effect
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 19.06.08, 07:23
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1. A ceasefire ?
Hamas chief Khaled Mashaal said that the Islamist group’s request for a ceasefire with Israel was “a tactic in conducting the struggle.” In an interview with Al-Jazeera, Mashaal explained that “it is normal for any resistance…to sometimes escalate, other times retreat a bit.” Hamas has implemented ceasefires in the past and has later resumed attacks, he pointed out, citing 2003 as a specific example. Nothing would prevent Hamas from continuing to import and manufacture weapons and train terrorists. What Hamas wants at :
2. What will really happen
Gil ,   Tel Aviv   (06.19.08)
A rocket will get fired at Sderot before end of play friday but Hamas will deny responsibility. The Sufa and Rafa crossings will open up anyway and tons of goods (and weopons) will be brought in. Hamas will refuse to release Shalit anyway. Olmert and co will continue their weak and pathetic attempts to control Hamas who will basically get whatever they want ie: release of 450 blood thirsty prisoners in exchange for "a promise" to discuss Shalit....
3. Israel to carpet-bomb Gaza at the first qassam fired
Miriam ,   Israel   (06.19.08)
into Israel. Oh, I forgot. Olmert and Barak are too cowardly for that. They'd rather give them more weapons for appeasement.
4. This isn't going to work, but...
nachum ,   golan   (06.19.08)
The first rocket that hits our soil must result in the annihilation of Gaza, and if by some extremely slim chance, no rockets are fired within the next week, we annihilate Gaza anyway because they are only rearming. This truce is more Olmert stupidity, which is going to cost many more Israeli lives in the long run. Get it over with now, ELIMINATE GAZA.
5. I agree with #'s 1,2,3,4
Doubtful ,   Dispairing   (06.19.08)
This will end even as they all said. This is an old pattern. They will get more ans we will give and more more and get less and less. I also agree: time to carpet bomb. Have done with it. As to that poor young soldier? They will NEVER let him go. He's way to valuable to the achievment of their evil ends. Without him they have no power over Israel.
6. Now they smuggle in anti-aircraft rockets and more Jews die.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica,CA USA   (06.19.08)
7. Israel should uproot Hamas once and for all.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (06.19.08)
Under the circumstances, what is needed is not negotiations with Hamas, but strong military action against it. Israel should not undertake a brief incursion, but a major invasion of Gaza to uproot Hamas once and for all. If the Israeli leadership doesn’t take such action, it risks Hamas growing into an even greater menace to the State of Israel than it is today as described at :
8. All this will do is allow Hamas to...
R.Alkalai ,   USA   (06.19.08)
quickly move massive amounts of weapons into the area. Then Hamas will break the truce, blame it on Israel ( more Palywood) so they get to keep Shalit. And Olmert will have, once again, endangered Israel by allowing a sworn enemy gain more strength.
9. I give it a day at the most 2
Eyal ,   Boca Raton, Fl   (06.19.08)
This is just another tactic from Hamas, who wants Israel to attack anyways, so the world will feel sorry for them. Remember, a day or 2 at the most... Strange, but a typical terroristic tactic.
10. Hamas will keep truce until it stuffs itself w/ weapons
Millie ,   Israel   (06.19.08)
It's an all-u-can-eat buffet. Brought to Hamas courtesy of the Weak-and-therefore-Dangerous Israeli Appeasership
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