Barak: Israel may consider ceding Golan
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Published: 19.06.08, 18:08
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1. What do countries do to their traitors?
Rose   (06.19.08)
2. More cowardice from Barak - Lebanon, now the Golan.
Bob ,   Tampa   (06.19.08)
3. Is Barak a SECRET CONVERT to Islam?
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (06.19.08)
4. Israel ,Ruled by Treacherous Idiots
Marcel ,   Florida   (06.19.08)
Even a ham sandwich knows cedeing the Golan is a death sentence for Israel and no real peace will ever come of it. More weak and defeatist Kadima/Labor appeasment invites israel's extermination. This Brak and Olmert hide their horns but many can see their evil. Allowing the tyranny of the left to continue for so long after decades of their failed and foolish plans only gets worse and worse. May Olmert and Barak follow Ariel Sharon soon to end their evil plans..
5. With this statement, his political career is over!
Jay3 ,   Israel   (06.19.08)
The Golan is not only biblical jewish homeland, but has strategic importance to Israel defensive capabilities. It also produces a large amount of the produce that we eat and is a major supply of water for Israel. Barak is a complete moron and his ideas are totally suicidal. He has destroyed any slim chance he had of continuing his political career!
6. Is Uganda an option?
David ,   Brazil   (06.19.08)
Good JEWISH people of Israel: Rumor has it, that Mr. Ehud 2's rationale is always kms ahead of everybody else. Hence, this 'Golan-give-away trial balloon', may set the pace to a "Eretz Uganda". How far is doom? Close enough for confort.
7. NO to Barak's fantasy
Brod ,   USA   (06.19.08)
Barak should stop playing god of Israel. The Leftist appeasers seem only interested in giving away Israel's liberated biblical and historic homeland instead of defending Israel from its enemies. It is time for change. It is time Israel has a government of the people, for the people, from the people and to the people that will defend the its national security interests. Those who are crusading the causes of Israel's enemies of facilitating the usurpation of Israel's liberated biblical and historic homeland by the Islamist-Jihadists should be charged with TREASON!
Ben Avraham ,   Tel Aviv   (06.19.08)
9. Barak hasn't changed
eddie ,   london   (06.19.08)
He is still the suicidal traitor of 2001, who is selling out his own country. Only ego is his motivation, and has waited all these years to do the same destruction which he caused when he was PM.
10. please explain to me
fish ,   t-a   (06.19.08)
- which country are we leaving in, so that barely elected or non-elected clerks sell or give away chunks of this tiny country for their own political and financial means? What is it? Are we what - democracy or dictatorship or a laughing stock of the Middle East? Quo usque tandem abutere Catilina patienta nostra?
11. Mr. Barak, during your childhood....
FO ,   Belgium   (06.19.08)
Dear Mr. Barak, I suppose that during your childhood you were fed with Marxism, class-struggle and eventually civil war... So reading what you said gives me a strong feeling that your historical knowlegde of your own people and country reaches a low level. So read the following text; it is mastered for you: Left Zionism (if such a thing exists at all) betrayed the Herzl's vision that had as goal the founding of a Jewish State, and to put an end to the Jewish problem in the world. "Left Zionism" had no understanding neither for a State nor massive Jewish immigration to Palestine, which would have meant accepting middle-class immigrants. As Shimon Peres told a short time ago: "my dream was, Palestine becoming one big kibbuts". Nahum Sokolov, President of the "World Zionist Organization" wrote in his two-volume "History of Zionism" in 1918, the following:" It has been said, and is being obstinately repeated by anti-Zionists again, that Zionism aims at the creation of an independent "Jewish State". But this is wholly fallacious. The "Jewish State" was never a part of the Zionist programme. The "Jewish State" was the title of Herzl's pamphlet which had the supreme merit of forcing people to think". When in July 1922 the LEAGUE OF NATIONS voted unanimously by its 51 members the resolutions about the Mandate of Palestine, recognizing "the historical connection of the Jewish people with Palestine and the grounds for REconstituting their national home in that country" (in fact a State), "leftist Zionism" had no interest at all in such decisions. They accepted without real opposition the first two White Papers issued by the British, the Mandatarian of Palestine, limitating Jewish immigration, but run into panic with the third White Paper, intending to close the borders of Palestine definitelly and FOREVER after 5 years. We are in 1939. Hitler is in power since 6 years. European Jewry is in mortal danger, there is no Jewish State, and the borders of Palestine, in total breach with the decisions of the League of Nations are going to be closed "till the end of the world". . The League of Nations had given the Jewish people the irrevocable right to settle and to create their National Home, between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan river, including the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, the whole of Jerusalem, and in addition, the GOLAN HEIGHTS. "Leftist Zionism" not only betrayed Herzl's vison but also the League's resolutions. Therefore these resolutions had to desappear from all history books, and remain totally unknow to the majority of the public (and to you too, I suppose Mr. Barak) Due to article 80 of the UN, the League's resolutions about Palestine, remain valid till this day! The British, during their Mandate of Palestine, in a scandalous and treacherous way breached article n° 5 of the League, and ceded the Golan Heights to France, the Mandatory of Syria, in order to secure Mossul's oil fields to Irak. Israel's decision to impose its laws on the Golan Heights on December 14,1981, RIGHTED the WRONG commited by the British in March 1923.The Golan never was part of Syrian Real Estate, and they cannot make any valuable claim in an international court of law. Olmert and C°, rather than to prove Israel's juridical right on the Golan based on the League's resolutions, prefer to cede them to Syria, rather than to provide the necessary document, that they swept under the carpet long ago, to hide their total failure in front of the Jewish people during the Shoah. So Mr. Barak, beware, you and your "comrades" of putting another six million Jews in danger, making concesions in a ununderstandable complex of repentence.
12. Rarak: Israel May Provide Syria A Launching Pad
NT Atilla ,   Tel Aviv   (06.19.08)
Don't believe? Goto
13. Barak Wants a Nobel Peace Prize @ the expense of Israel Secu
NT Atilla ,   Tel Aviv   (06.19.08)
14. Give the Golan to the Druze as a
Joe ,   Ohio, USA   (06.19.08)
semi-autonomous homeland in a alliance with Israel, that will guarantee Jewish concerns and a limited Jewish military presence. Everybody wins and only Syria loses.
15. "occupation of Golan"?
Arie ,   BaGolan   (06.19.08)
I realize that olmert and barak abandoned the the concept of the rule of law a long time ago, but he better try and remember that, unlike gaza and the West Bank, the Golan is legally a part of the State of Israel, and only by overturning that LAW and the last drop of his, olmert's and syrian blood will we even consider moving!
16. This is Areil Sharon's legacy....
Steve ,   Fla.   (06.19.08)
It's a shame. Ariel Sharon was a mighty war hero, turned traitor. When Sharon bowed to this traitorous George W. Bush's immoral pressure to dismember tiny Israel -- to ethnically cleanse Jews from the Holy Land -- in order to establish a Palestinian-Muslim terror state, Sharon became a traitor extraordinaire. He quickly surrounded himself with yes-men, boot-lickers, sycophants and lackeys like Ehud Olmert. These two Ehuds (Barak and Olmert) would sell their own mothers for political power.
17. The Israeli *people* clearly oppose ceding the Golan
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (06.19.08)
Who is this "Israel" Barak claims is ready to end its control over the Heights? Poll after poll shows overwhelming opposition to such a ridiculous move. Every strategist without ties to the coalition opposes ceding the Heights. Clearly, a failed Prime Minister, now a failing Defense Minister thinks a deal - any deal - will spare him the need to act in his country's defense. It's SO much easier just to surrender! Better for the country if he just resigns and we never hear from him again.
18. JUST YESTERDAY, the government approved on a REFERENDUM
Miriam ,   Israel   (06.19.08)
on any territorial concessions, including the Golan, and now you say that "Israel is ready to consider putting an end to its occupation of the territory". BALONEY! YOU ARE READY BECAUSE YOU ARE A COWARD. Just like you ran from Lebanon and over 150 Israelis were killed, you ran from Gaza and thousands of rockets were fired into Israel killing and injuring, and now you want to run from the Golan? OUT WITH YOU, BARAK and OLMERT! Because you don’t have the qualification of Defense Minister and Prime Minister, there's no reason we must give OUR land away.
19. only a matter of time
Arie ,   BaGolan   (06.19.08)
before he offers up Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa. The TA leftists, vilnai meretz and the arab 5th column have found their "g-d" in the olmert gang
20. beyong ridiculous
Tamir ,   Los Angeles   (06.19.08)
"returning" the golan heights would be like the U.S "returning" Texas to Mexico and Florida to Spain. I would love to see the U.S give up two of its states for the purpose of a "peace" with one of its worst enemies. Seriously with morons like Barak and Olmert in power I feel ashamed to call myself Israeli. When my parents lived in Israel 20+ years ago they used to be able to travel to the Sinai and visit the "red rock" and vacation. We gave that up for a "peace" with egypt that is as worthless as the paper its written on. I fear that next time I want to see Israel there will be much less to see.I am starting to lose faith....
21. Barak wants Labour to loose the election
zionist forever   (06.19.08)
The majority of the public is against handing over the Golan. Olmert is doing deals with the Golan for his poilitical ego ,, he wants his nobel prize before he is locked up. There are talks going on with Olmert & Assad but as the Americans are not putting on the preasure talks are going at a slower pace and the Americans are nor rushing to get invoved. Barak now is basicly saying brining in America get them to put all the preasure on us to give the Golan to the terrorist Assad. America doesnt have the ability to put the preasure on Syria the way it does Israel so if America is going to put the preasure on either side to reacha quick deal it will be israel. If we are lucky and we get an early election then Natanyahu can tear Barak apart saying that he is just as desperate as Olmert to sell the Golan which wont do him any favours and if we do get an election and Labour loose badly then Barak will not win the Labour primaries next time round.
22. Barak
D ,   USA   (06.19.08)
It is time to cede Barak and this shameful "government" to syria or hamastan. A corrupt, cowardly and shameless little man. Is this is the best that Israel can come up with? It is the worst-this gang works for themselves and for the enemy-not for us, the Jews!
23. Barack
Doron   (06.19.08)
Learned nothing after his negotiations with Arafat. The Arabs need to accept and respect the right of the Jewish people to their own country before any other statement is made. This is not negotiable and those who are not interested in this (ie Iran, Hamas, Syria and Hezbollah) should be fought with gloves OFF and that includes returning the concept that they can and will be totally annihilated if needed, and that their people's suffering is their fault as long as they seek to destroy Israel. Its time for Israel to become a spitting cobra and put the fear of what it is capable of doing to its enemies back on the scene. That will start with ridding itself of these incompetent and gutless fools like Barak and Olmert.
24. Marcel
David ,   USA   (06.19.08)
Barak and Olmert may be hiding their horns but you Marcel show yours quite plainly when you pray for debilitating, killing strokes to happen to them as happened to Sharon. And once more, my name is DAVID.
25. Golan = go but leave the lan
26. Golan resident's, are you listening?
LEE ,   NY, USA   (06.19.08)
Act now before it will be too late.... Gush Katif didn't believe it would happen to them either...
28. barak,your days in the knesset are numbered
jason white ,   afula,israel   (06.19.08)
Your cowardly mouth has buried the labor party.
29. It's the heights, stupid!
Jake   (06.20.08)
30. more of the same
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (06.20.08)
Barak is so predictable He murdered Madhat Yussuf He betrayed the heros of the SLA Now he will ethnically cleanse the Golan from Jews
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