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Sarkozy: France will confront those calling for Israel's destruction
Shimon Shiffer
Published: 20.06.08, 10:43
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1. Iran is present at our borders.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (06.20.08)
Hamas continue to insist they are never going to recognize Israel and never going to make peace. So what is there to talk about with them? It is evident that negotiating with Hamas and Iran cannot lead anywhere. Hizbullah's strengthening in Lebanon means that Israel's mortal enemy, Iran, has a stronger presence on Israel's northern border. Israeli Ambassador to the UN Danny Gillerman explained, "Weapons are flowing to Hizbullah, Lebanon is being torn apart and is bleeding... Iran is on our northern border, and, to some extent, on our southern border as well."
2. France can't even defend France.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (06.20.08)
A cynic might question the motives behind such exhuberent rhetoric. It seems to me that the more politicians talk about "protecting" us, the more they support policies that increase threats to our survival. They justify these policies by telling us "it's in our best interests" - especially when even a mediocum of common sense tells you this is patently untrue. Now, I am not saying that Mr Sarkozy & others are just lying - to a certain extent, they might actually believe some of the nonsense they spout. But, they have other motivations that weigh much more than an atruistic defense of Israel. Mr Sarkozy is involved with our rather insane peace talks with Syria. He is also involved in trying to get us to cede the Shebaa Farms area to "bolster" Mr Siniora's failed gov't. against Hezbollah, such "bolstering" being a bit late. So, while Mr Sarkozy's friendship is welcome, the true test of a friend is to stay out of our business.
3. He's just trying to impress Carla
NT Atilla ,   Tel Aviv   (06.20.08)
4. Mr. Sarkozy looks like Napoleon.I wonder if they are related
Rivkah   (06.20.08)
Napoleon Bonaparte would advise Mr. Sarkozy not to get involved in the Middle East, in my opinion. Napoleon found that Muslim nations are very easy to conquer but very difficult to hold onto, as the Israelis have learned; but the Israelis have a right to the land west of the Jordan River including the Golan Heights and Gaza under the Balfour Declaration that was approved by the League of Nations before the United Nations was even imagined. Radical Muslims must be deported out of Israel and Lebanon since by international agreement, those two nations are Jewish and Christian respectively. When Napoleon went to the Middle East he stopped by the Great Pyramid of Egypt where he was shown a vision from the Lord of his eventual defeats and fate. Perhaps Mr. and Mrs. Sarkozy should stop by Egypt, too, and see what the Lord impresses upon them inside the Great Pyramid. Mr. Sarkozy, being French, is likely from the lost Israelite tribe of Reuben. As such, he should be more supportive of his brother nation Israel which is actually Judah, Benjamin, Levi and give them the land west of the Jordan and deport the Palestinians to the 22 Muslim nations if it is in his power to accomplish that. I think the Lord would bless France for taking that position. God is more powerful than Arab oil interests. There are converters for cars to run on water, so who needs oil from OPEC? Put the Arabs in their place and see if they can drink oil. Americans are driving billions of miles less rather than to pay high prices. I stopped taking trips to visit or tour places and we save quite a lot by keeping the vehicles in the garage except to go to work and to market.
5. Settlements are an obstruction to peace!
redmiike ,   Tel Aviv, London, LA   (06.20.08)
It's is nice to have friends like the US, France and Italy and #3 doesn't seem to know that Sarkozy is very pro Jewish because of his roots. Mike
6. Gee, I feel safe now.
Liron ,   Israel   (06.20.08)
7. Carla Sarkozy lets her husband shine in such a
Rivkah   (06.20.08)
caring and lovely way by dressing in subdued colors, showing the seriousness of her purpose without detracting from her husband's greater historical role. That was something Princess Diana and the British Royals could not grasp: that the male among lions is supposed to be the beautiful one, not the female.
8. The quote: "Proportional force"
val ,   germany   (06.20.08)
For my understanding would be the carpet bombing of Gaza.
9. sarkozy
mary ,   france   (06.20.08)
Not in my name!
10. Tehran's main target right now is the French Govt.
Red Temple ,   White Mtns.   (06.20.08)
It is exerting enormous pressure on it in order to prevent the implementation of rule-of-law in the EU. It's intention is to force EU member states to violate as well by using economic levers, hollow promises, and terrorist threats. Just recently Sarkozy announced (much to the chagrin of the council) ***I would find it very strange for a Europe of 27 (countries) that has trouble agreeing on workable institutions to agree on adding a 28th, a 29th, a 30th, a 31st, which would definitely make things worse." July 1st is just around the corner...
Norway   (06.20.08)
OF AHMADINEJAD IN THE INTERNATIONAL COURT OF JUSTICE AND THE INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT for direct and public incitement to commit genocide and crimes against humanity. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad - has made numerous statements calling for the physical destruction of Israel and the Jewish people. "When the slogan "Israel must be wiped off the map" appeared "draped over missiles in military parades, - that meaning was pretty clear." (Michael Axworthy, served as the Head of the Iran Section of Britain's Foreign and Commonwealth Office) WHAT IRANIAN LEADERS REALLY SAY ABOUT DOING AWAY WITH ISRAEL A refutation of the campaign to excuse Ahmadinejad's INCITEMENT TO GENOCIDE by Joshua Teitelbaum (Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs)
13. You don't have to be mad to support Israel ...
Chanalau, Tova ,   London, UK   (06.20.08)
but it helps: Sarkozy, Blair, Bush, Berlusconi, Cheney ... and that's just the goyim.
14. #13 Classic, Chanalau, Tova.
Chocko ,   NY, USA   (06.20.08)
Thanks for making me laugh.
15. the problem is that we create a palestinian state
ben   (06.20.08)
that doesnt have any history beside its obsession about jews and israel this is only a pralour for destruction.
16. prosecute ahmadinejad
loveoffreedom   (06.20.08)
I agree with Joshua Teitelbaum Ahmadinejad has proven his evil intent and does not attempt to hide it. He openly threatens not only Israel, but also the US and other friends of Israel. Spain is no longer a free country because of terrorist activity, and I have news for Mr Sarosky, France is in the cross-hairs too. 20% muslim now. England is swarming with radical Islam. Apathy will lead to destruction. Wake up all you people! Ahmadinajad is the one who needs to be eliminated by whatever means nessessary.
17. If we had used prop. force, Sarkozy'd be speaking German!
panderer ,   USA   (06.20.08)
18. Rivkah , #4, Sarkozy is not descended from a "lost tribe
Jake   (06.20.08)
His grandfather, Aaron Mallah, was a Jew from Greece.
19. 18 Jake: Aaron is a Jewish name, the name of Moses' brother
Rivkah   (06.20.08)
and Mallah is an Irish surname. There were many Jews who migrated to Greece. Many Jews and Israelites migrated to Northern Europe and Ireland and Britain, too, long ago. Who do you think the fierce warriors were the Romans lost to, the Goths of Northern Europe and the Blue faced of Scotland? the tribe of Reuben settled mostly in France long ago. From the name of Mr. Sarkozy's grandfather, it is more likely he is from the tribe of Judah. There are some books you should read. "Judah's Scepter and Joseph's Birthright", "The Lost Tribes of Israel", etc. Most White people are descended from Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob which is why there are so few of them compared to Blacks, Browns, Yellows, and Reds. What is the geneology of Mr. Sarkozy's mother and father since the grandfather is only one part of the line?
20. Yikes, a written interview!
C McCoy ,   Canada   (06.20.08)
Does that thought seem scary to you? So, who is really talking, Himself or his spin doctors?
21. Sarkozy: France will confront those calling for Israel's des
Ed ,   Harrisburg, USA   (06.20.08)
Talk is cheap! I had great hopes for Nicolas Sarkozy turning France around. But he is a politician after all. And Pols look after "Number 1" primarily. If the countries of the world would only do what is morally right Israel wouldn't be placed in the predicament she is today with the Terrorists. Or one could look to the Holy Scriptures for guidance and come to the same conclusion. Excellent article. Keep up the good work! Ed
22. #19, Rivkah,
Jake   (06.20.08)
The name Mallah in a Jewish context is actually the Hebrew "Malach" (with a hard H), meaning Angel. My point was that Sarkozy's grandfather was an actual Jew and not a "lost tribe of Israel".
23. Rivkah #4
Andreia ,   Broklyn, USA   (06.20.08)
"Perhaps Mr. and Mrs. Sarkozy should stop by Egypt, too, and see what the Lord impresses upon them inside the Great Pyramid." The Great Lord will scream at Sarkozy to RUN AWAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN from Giza!! But knowing the deaf ears of most European men, Sarkozy will not hear it! Ditto for the entire world! Leave Israel alone with her lands Sovereignly-given by Yahweh, The Creator ... Our Lord! Israel, prepare evac measures and be sure to give it your best fighting skills when it comes down to the showdown, as G-d will ultimately rescue you. But first, you must imitate King David. He fought those battles with the Giants (Nephals). You must do the same.
TheWatchman777 ,   Third Heaven   (06.20.08)
Does that mean that Israel must start setting off firecrackers in Gaza so that the rest of the world will not think that they are overwhelming the poor PA'S. Give me a break! If you were in your home and owned a gun and someone broke into your house trying to kill you, but only had a knife, does that mean you have to drop your gun and go get a knife to keep everything on an EVEN playing field? NOT! Here AGAIN Israel is EXPECTED to make concessions to apease not only the THUGS that continue to attack her, but also other countries on this planet! Forget that! Israel, do WHATEVER it takes to secure your homeland and FORGET about World opinion, you've seen where the world stands in relation to you. They are NOT your friends! Kick the crap out of ANYONE who attempts to attack you. You also need to take out the trash and elect a NEW Government, kick the current one to the curb! Start with the Arab's BEST friend, Olmert!
25. 22 Jake: How do you know he was ONLY of Jewish descent?
Rivkah   (06.20.08)
He may also be of the tribe of Reuben or Joseph or Manasseh or Ephraim, depending on who his ancestors were. He became a French citizen which grafted him onto the tribe of Reuben as a nationality if not a genetic Reuben. Ruth and Rahab and Aseneth were not genetic descendants of Jacob, but were grafted into the faith and culture by marriage to those genetically under the covenant with Abraham. The Hebrew name Mallah or Malach is called of Irish derivation because that is where Jeremiah the Prophet and his scribe Barak took Princess Tia Tephe of ancient Judah, daughter of the King of Judah who married the heir of the Irish throne. That was the marriage of the two lines of the sons of Judah and Tamar. The prophecy the scepter would not depart from Judah until Shiloh comes took the throne to Ireland then Scotland then London. The Stone of Scone which is Jacob's pillar stone that is under the throne of British monarchs when they are crowned will come back to Jerusalem when the Messiah come to take the Throne of David forever.
26. 23 Andreia: Jerusalem is a burdensome stone the Bible says.
Rivkah   (06.20.08)
The nations of the world should let Israel solve their own problems since all who bother with Jerusalem except for the Jews will be ground to dust eventually. Napoleon was too hard hearted to stop his wars when he saw the defeat coming in Russia and at Waterloo and his slow poisoning death by arsenic on a prison island. He came out of the Great Pyramid white as a sheet, totally shaken. But you are right: he did not heed the warning. Matthias Stormberger's prophecies which were so disturbing that Adolf Hitler had his books burned so many details are lost, said Napoleon was the first of three anti-christs. Hitler was the second. A third is yet to come. He said WWIII will cause many nations to cease to exist and as many people that have died in all previous wars will die in ONE DAY in WWIII. He said it will start by 2010. All nations must get away from Jerusalem except the Jews. The militant Palestinians must be deported to the 22 Muslim nations out of Israel and Lebanon. That MIGHT delay WWIII even though it cannot be prevented.
27. If Sarkozy is true to his word..........
David Powell ,   Everett, Wa. USA   (06.20.08)
I might concider eating french fries again.
28. confront & criticize those calling for Israel's destruction
observer   (06.20.08)
but invading only after the French fries return to the US
AVRUM ,   CANADA   (06.21.08)
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