Israeli source: IAF drill a 'dress rehearsal' for attack on Iran
Published: 21.06.08, 10:23
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1. GOOD!
Stewart ,   USA   (06.21.08)
2. Israeli media irresponsible
Aharon   (06.21.08)
Every time you report something like this, Iran's intelligence agencies begin working overtime and they bolster their defense capabilities. If only the media could use some common sense and exercise some discretion when it comes to the survival of our state...
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (06.21.08)
These reports are well behind the present set up of Iranian Intelligence.Are you under the impression that the Iranian Intelligence REACTS to these types of reports?Oh no,Aharon,they are well organised units spreaded all over the place and any suspicious movements are picked up much before they appear in the press.So,rest assured that the articles which we read has nothing new for them.These articles are for home consumption and to lift the morale of the population,Aharon.
4. decapitate IRAN
Charles   (06.21.08)
destroy the leadership
5. Shut Up, Damn It!
There was a time when Israelis knew how to keep a secret. In fact, years ago, nobody used to know who the head of the Mossad was, except for those people whose business it was to know. But now it seems Israelis are shooting their mouths off at the drop of a hat.
6. need for a preemptive attack on Israel NOW!!!!!!!!
7. why
alan ,   capedisappointment   (06.21.08)
why now? how many years has been wasted in diplomacy which has not slowed the pace of Iranian nuke weapons development? how many Iranian advanced rockets have been produced in this time? How much longer is Israel going to sit like a duck in the water and not fly off? The answer my friends is now before us. Not much longer. And the fact there were no protest quacks from the EU or the Arab nations either for that matter says an awful lot about where they stand which seems to be for further Israel preparation for a strike at a time of their own choosing and using a method that need not be disclosed until after the fact. Diplomacy has failed. The consequences are clear to all
8. If I where you Mahmood...
Alexander ,   Herzliya, Israel   (06.21.08)
...I would be more concerned for the survival for Iran as Israel can easily penetrate its defenses and Israel after all possesses nuclear weapons. However, Israel has not yet used them against anyone nor threatened to annihilate anyone, so this proves Israel's peaceful intentions. To lift up Israel's morale? You think that the miserable Israeli left wing liberal mass media's intention is to boost morale? Israeli media is heavily critized every day by ordinary Israelis. And since most Israelis can live ordinary lives in a western style democracy whereas most Arabs and Iranians are oppressed daily by their regimes (probably why you reside in London) in backward theocratical societies, I guess it is the Arab world and Iran that need to boost their morale. For decades have you tried to annihilate our tiny state, and yet you always fail. And believe me you will continue to fail, because the Israeli people is determined to live. So, if Iran wants to commit suicide, I'm afraid that the ancient Persian civilization will come to an end. By the way, do you really think that the Israeli top officials are that stupid that they would put essential military secrets into media? Maybe it is a trick - maybe it is psychological warfare. Maybe Israel will attack - maybe not. Maybe Iran will survive - maybe not. Don't worry Mahmood, everything will be allright - for us that is....
9. Iran, the biggest danger to the Middle East and to the world
Robert Bernier ,   tEL aVIV   (06.21.08)
An irrational nuclear Iran in the region is not conceivable. A stable nuclear balance of power/balance of terror in the Middle East would be out of the question (nuclear proliferation in the M.E. could never create the same sort of stable equilibrium that was once obtained between the USA and USSR). Israel must remain the region’s only nuclear power. Moreover, Iran's program should not become a powerful proliferation driver, building on regional rivalry security concerns and one-upmanship. More at :
10. israel Forgot
Abdulaahi ,   US   (06.21.08)
what I think that israelians are forgeting is the dangerousness of an attach to iran. while you cant resist the small qassam rockets from gaza ho could you resist the hundreds of Arsenals-missiles and millitary capabilities from Iran. i thin Israel is playing with FIRE..
11. to the Iranian Sposkesman Ghoram Hossein Elham
sam sweiry ,   UK   (06.21.08)
the impossible can be and will be made possible by those brave enough to take the right decision in the right time, at the right moment. don't speculate on the outcome. you will be the last to laugh.
12. Deluded Mahmooded
Mike Rice ,   USA   (06.21.08)
Do you read a lot of comic books or something?
13. Do not help Israel
Nikos ,   Athens, Greece   (06.21.08)
The drill was codenamed "Glorious Spartan". It included long- range flights and bombing in the "Kranea" range. The iranian military attache in Athens knew about it. In any case there were fierce reactions in Greece. Officials from the ministry of Defence were trying hard to prove the drill had nothing to do with Iran. This is a shame. Do not give any assistance to the jewish regime.
14. Destrying Israel
Nikos ,   Athens, Greece   (06.21.08)
There are indeed many scenarios about a possible preemptive attack on Israel to destroy Jericho II missile bases and Arrow anti-missile system's radars. And it is said Iran is not going to use Shehab 3 missiles only. It will also send its Su-30 fighters. Iran is said to be looking for air tankers to carry out this operation. Yet they may the Su-30 fighters may then land in Damascus air fields for refueling.
15. to nicos
fish ,   t-a   (06.21.08)
once your ancestors were glorious warriors and wise rulers. now you side with criminal regimes of arab countries and iran. because you hate Jews , always did, always will. Nobody needs your advice on international affairs, you couldn't even protect your country during the wars - either Russians helped or British. You lost half Cyprus to Turks, because they have a modern military machine while Greece can only produce Black Colonels. You capital - Athens - looks as dirty and polluted as Istanbul, and here you are talking international politics. Go eat some mezze, paysanne. Or better go to Iranian forums and join discussions there.
16. Israel has no choice
Brian ,   USA   (06.21.08)
I personally don't believe that Israel has a choice in this situation but to attack. Iran has a very extreme regime that wants to destroy Israel. I think Iran may have bitten off more than they can chew.
17. Friendly Advice from Iran
sam ,   tehran,iran   (06.21.08)
I am fighting against torturer regime like Iranian regime but I believe that War is not solution to solve any problem we should not be silly every body knows if war happen then politician will never get hurt because at last they will going to shelter or hiding their self in secure place so Just both people from both sides (nation) will become victim and it is disasters I suggest to world to arrest Ahamdnejad instead of making disasters for Israelis and Iranian Any how may be politician suggested war as final solution but civil people need peace and security so there is no any different between Israelis and Iranian they want peace instead of N-bomb because Peace is their right I am very sorry about some politician in Middle East if they think war is art of politician, actually peace is art of civil people I hope both people (Israelis-Iranian) don't become victim because of some money ...!!!
18. "impossible"is not in the israeli vocabulary."bomb iran"is.
debra ,   usa   (06.21.08)
19. Greeks love ME terrorists
AlbertoGa ,   St. George UT. USA   (06.21.08)
And in Particular all Pals and Gang. The only trouble with this is that when terrorism hit home as in Athens the Antisemitic Greeks ( Leftist Utopians) cry Wolf. When those guys are going to learn ?
20. Arabs and Persians please keep cursing ISRAEL!
Tony ,   LA, USA   (06.21.08)
It is exactly like gravity, an immutable law of the universe. When you curse Israel and the Jewish people you inherit destruction. Egypt found out in 1967 and in the Yom Kippur war. So I love it when the little rooster of Iran spouts his poison rhetoric, he dooms his own backwards country to destruction! The now residents of Gaza are living on borrowed time. Syria and the muslims in Lebanon are as good as dead. If you want to live a long healthy life I suggest you bless Israel every single day. The Eternal watches over Israel, they don't need planes, tanks or nuclear weapons. The arabs and persians are committing suicide daily in their diatribes, hide and watch.
21. You forgot about Russia
Marcel ,   Florida   (06.21.08)
The narrow focus on Iran alone is deceptive. Everyone just thinks it will be a simple attack on Iranian nuclear targets by air and back to base ? How naive you are. Some here must be aware that China and Russia and their many other allies like venezuela are preparing because Russia will not sit out this war like they did with Afghanistan and Iraq. There is much at stake with Presian Gulf oil as this will quickly expolde into WWIII.
22. shoot already, stop the yapping!
oded   (06.21.08)
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (06.21.08)
By sheer coincidence,I do enjoy reading comic books and what makes you think it affects my talk-back?follow the events together with me al the time and let us see what happens..........ok?Would that be suitable for you?
24. Sam - #17 - ;-)
tsedek ,   israel   (06.21.08)
I wish that could be done. Arresting Ahmedinejad....
25. to the little jew who hates me so much
Nikos ,   Athens,Greece   (06.21.08)
You hate me. No problem about that. Yet do not insult Greeks as a whole. The British forces could have dismantled the jewish militias before leaving Palestine. Yet, they left and let the jews declare the creation of this regime.
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (06.21.08)
I don't tend to suggest anything extra ordinary to you.Your feelings are appreciated.However,your rage in the talk-back does not help you at all.I responded to the articles content and that is all I did.When you start departing from the subject it tends to distract your own attention,doesn't it? Not once did I suggest the Intelligence of Israel or the military officers.The article appeared in the press...........................and dont tell me,for God sake,that you also believe that the Iranians knew nothing about the excercise............agreed?
27. first bomb them..
Edithann ,   USA   (06.21.08)
Israel bombed Syria as a practice run..wasn't that threatening peace..or do I have it wrong...they also bombed Lebanon for peace too..I guess Iran would also be in that catagory..Bomb first..then beg for peace...
28. Mahmood, you have entirely misunderstood me...
Alexander ,   Herzliya, Israel   (06.21.08)
What I tried to say, whether you understood it or not, is not that the Iranians and the Arabs did not know about the IAF exercise - naturally the Iranians and the Arabs knew about it. They knew about it - that is the point. The point is that the reason why Iranians and Arabs knew about the IAF exercise is because the IAF made the deliberate choice of initiating a large scale exercise so that it would get known, and the reason why Israel wanted it to get known is to send a warning to Teheran. Get it? If IAF would like to keep something secret, they would hardly initiate this kind of operation. Do you understand what I am saying? It is a message to Teheran. Of course Teheran would learn about it because that was the point. So I am sorry to say this, but the misunderstanding is your own making. One tip of advice to you: when you engage in verbal fencing, try to hold the sword in the right direction.
29. To Edithann: Get Real, Wake-Up
Dave Levy ,   Burbank. CAUSA   (06.21.08)
First of all Hez captured 2 Israelis, then, after Israel hit back, it sent 4,200 Katys into Northern Israel. Talk about collective punishment, which the Pals are always decrying. Israel took out Syria's nuke plant, patterned after No. Korean design. Syria has been stonewalling about the murder of Hariri in arming Hez with Iranian arms..and is impeding the coalition in Iraq (killing US boys and girls). Iran has violated 3 UNSC resolutions to stop the enrichment, it claims is for electricity only (Iran has the 3rd largest oil reserves @ 130.00 barrel. So let's get off this Israel is the aggressor. No, and I repeat, no country would allow itself to be attacked as has Israel, with almost impunity...kowtowing to the IAEA, UN, and Arab League's biases. Syria wasn't threatens every day with it's 600,000 man army, Russian missiles (Scuds-over 700), and military exercises. Let's get real Edithann...wake up and use your head for once in your life.
30. Damn straight we rehearsed it,& we want the whole world to
know it too! ,   Rueben, Israel   (06.21.08)
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