Sarkozy: Construction in settlements detrimental to Israel
Ronen Medzini
Published: 22.06.08, 22:34
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31. We will build in our capital.
rafael ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (06.23.08)
Paris was just a swamp when Jerusalem was already the capital of the Jewish people. So who are you, Sarkozy, to tell us what is right or wrong when it comes to Jerusalem and the rights of the Jewish people there?
32. #30For someone who PRIDES himself on having different views,
you refuse to let ,   Miriam have hers.!!   (06.23.08)
33. It's Terrible When You Don't Hear What You Want To Hear
World Citizen ,   the world   (06.24.08)
Israelis need to understand that the world is getting rather impatient with the intransigence of the Israeli right wing. Either there will be a single state with a constitution that guarantees the rights of all Muslim, Christian, and Jewish citizens or there will be a viable, contiguous Palestinian state with access to water and a capital in East Jerusalem. Those are the two choices. If Israelis think they can ignore the world they are wrong. The United Nations mandated a Jewish homeland in Palestine as long as the rights of the original inhabitants were not infringed upon. That is clearly not what happened in 1948. Sixty years later and things have not changed. The civilized wold sees this injustice. It's time for a change..
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