Bolton: Israel will strike Iran if Obama is elected
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 24.06.08, 08:12
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1. Well soon and very soon WE will put an end to a-jads big
mouth!! Let's roll!! ,   Reuben, Israel   (06.24.08)
2. will the US allow Israel to strike if Obama elected
observer   (06.24.08)
don't bet on the Arab stance!
3. bolton on iran
elliot ,   point roberts,usa   (06.24.08)
i hope bolton knows the where as well as the when and why! liberal democrats-except for lieberman- would not even schedule a vote on reconfirmation of this stalwart friend of israel-shameful!
4. Bolton belongs in the Knesset.
He puts our own politicians to shame.
5. #4
Jane   (06.24.08)
You can have him. He belobgs to the past, the failed and utterly discredited past of Bush, Chaney, Wolfowitz, Runsfeld; men whose ignorance and hubris was so elevated they could not see beyond their own greed and love of violence (though not involving them directly or their children - but other people's children) that they could not see the scorn and contempt they brought upon their own country. They are a cabal of tough talking draft dodgers. None of whom have actually fought and would quiver and tremble and cry for their mommies if ever they ever had to do what they ask of others. Please, take him.
6. I wish you would take him too
Chocko ,   NY, USA   (06.24.08)
He is a crook, a liar, a bully and a bully. He should fit in perfect with your mob. Please take him now......
7. FOX News & Bolton hmmmmmmmmm !!!!
losers .
8. #5Well they are in good company.Neither did Clinton,Carter,
NOBAMA.So that just ,   ended your rant!!!!   (06.24.08)
9. #5Aren't you the one who shot her mouth off saying Billary
would be the next ,   prez?   (06.24.08)
10. #5 - FDR also never served in the military
david ,   new york   (06.24.08)
99% of americans are not in the military so you can't use military service as a marker for bravery since i am quite certain that the remaining 99% of americans are not all cowards. now, of course a man like mccain, who was a POW for 5 years being tortured and refused to let his captors release him until all his buddies were also freed, that IS a hero.
11. #5
Jane   (06.24.08)
Most Americans don't go round demanding war and invasion and the killing of foreigners. Only the ignorant and the weak (and the draft dodgers) demand war, war. Could you imagine Bush or Bolton in the Army? They would have been yellow bellies. McCain was a war hero and so was John Kerry. A decorated hero.
12. to #10 - under the leadership of FDR
bush ,   usa   (06.24.08)
germany, italy & japan was defeated & WW2 won. unlike some so called 'decider' who calls himself commander in thief blames everybody for the decision he makes. it has been 5 years & in 1 country, the war is still going on, then proclaims 'mission accomplish.
13. So the terrorist are weak,& ignorant.Should we just let them
kill us?Ur thinking ,   is so flawed.   (06.24.08)
14. #11Kerry got out in less than 75 days on 3 scrapes.Yep
that's a coward in ,   my book too!!   (06.24.08)
15. Bolton:Israel will strike Iran if Obama is elected
Roger ,   Rabbit   (06.26.08)
How dare he? How dare the Israelies? Personally I'd support Mr Obama if he'd turn a blind eye to the plight of the jewish peoples. For nearly 5000 yrs, this argument has ensued. The world needs to say : ENOUGH! Enough of the petty bickering, enough of squabbaling as for who threw the first stone. And the only way to say this is by giving Israel the ultimatum. Maybe if theres consequences for their actions, (like the threat of Jerusalem burning to the ground), maybe then they can have a real peace
16. #15
WaitingforJesus ,   USA   (06.26.08)
Respectfully, I think anyone who supports Obama is blind . He is a smooth talker, and he will ruin this country if he has the chance. He'll have a good speech to back up why he is taking away one freedom at a time and the blind will cheer because he just said it so inspiring. By the comment you made it is obvious that you do not know God. It would be wise to read up on the coming events. The headlines of the day seem to be taken right out of Revelation. God will protect His land and people forever. His remenant will never be destroyed. All who are for those who'd like to destroy it and the Israelis will be the ones destroyed in the end. It is not Israel's fault there is no peace because no one finds peace with thugs who think they can push around God's people. This is a spiritual war and that is why it presses on. I pray that they turn from this wickedness and are saved.
17. Ezekiel 38 & 39
E. D. Broke ,   Cornville, AZ, U.S.A   (06.26.08)
Everyone read it!
18. This is a lie.
desperate lies   (10.11.08)
This is a lie and a scary opinion (if even true) by a Bush appointee who was/is severely biased. Scare you into voting for McCain Shameful. I will vote for Obama in protest of these tactics. Republican party. Heal thyselves.
19. WW III
END ALL WARS NOW! ,   New Smyrna Beach, Fl   (10.20.08)
If Israel Strikes Iran, China and Russia will probably strike the US. On Youtube search Billy Meier
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