Soldier dies in Sarkozy farewell ceremony
Roni Sofer
Published: 25.06.08, 00:14
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1. another two-states assassination attempt
observer   (06.24.08)
Rabin first, Sarkozy & Olmert second. Who is next?
2. reminds me of when they went to sedorot and heard of qassams
socalmaverick ,   sunny so-cal   (06.24.08)
they ran like chickens with their heads cutoff
3. Sounds like he tried to assassinate Olmert
Avi   (06.24.08)
a soldier shooting himself with his own rifle on duty while proving security, this really doesn't pass the smell test
4. soldier dies......
aline ,   tel aviv   (06.24.08)
What a tragedy! unbelievable!...Why should a soldier commit suicide during such an event? a protest of some kind? or maybe not a suicide at all????
5. Boy, Barry Chamish is going to have a field day w/ this one!
shneerhere ,   Chicago   (06.24.08)
6. Not palastenian
ramallah ,   ramallah   (06.24.08)
they will try to implicate palastenians with the incident , too bad was one of the elite force ,. i bet he was trying to kill the important people at the airport , but was killed by his friends when he made the move. yes smell rotten all over it.
7. there is more to the story that they ( the officials )
dont want us to hear and know about !!!!!!!! either sarkozi or olmert were about to be assassinated.....
8. No. 2
I'll bet you don't get too many qassams in sunny southern California, so it's easy for you to talk about chickens with their heads cut off. There's nothing stopping you from going to Sderot to show how courageous you are. Let's see how long it takes before you crap in your pants at the sound of the first siren.
9. #1, Go to hell.
Jake   (06.24.08)
Making light out of a suicide. You should be ashamed of your pathetic self.
10. # 6
Paulpalupalu   (06.24.08)
Nobody blamed you and the first thing u do is jump up and yell "not me not me" smell guilty anyways,and besides,we do not need this incident to implicate you,we have a long list of crap to implicate you long as the kuran and hadith combined.
11. This is a sociologically interesting article...
John ,   Europe   (06.24.08)
A man shoots himself during an event in which 2 statesmen are participating (in this case, departure of one)... And newspapers DO NOT FOCUS the death and the tragedy itself in the story - BUT THE FUZZ of the 2 statesmen! So, the whole article deals with the sweat of the bodyguards, nervousness of Olmert and Sarky, but apart from that - we do not have nothing! We do not know neither who is the poor guy, why did he do it, why did he choose the place he did etc. But, ynet, do not take this as a some offense - I read few minutes ago some Serbian e-papers, and some American, and it is all the same: sweat of the statesmen beats life of unknown man in headlines.
12. Interesting....
galut ,   Selah   (06.24.08)
....How everyone rushes to thier favorite speculation....which is probably full of holes....
13. Nobody ever heard of protest by suicide?
Jake   (06.25.08),7340,L-3129013,00.html On more than one occasion during the disengagement from Gaza, there was a suicide or attempted suicide in protest. If this security guard had at one time been associated with the Orange youth or Gush Katif, a suicide at a high profile event like this would be the ultimate protest against the policies of Israel's leadership. Specifically targetting Olmert makes no sense, as Olmert's political career is over and Olmert lacks the political support to carry out his plans anyway.
14. Assumptions, assumptions
Natan   (06.25.08)
Let's wait until the investigation is over and then we can make intelligent comments. Without this every thing on this talk back is speculations at best..
15. Guard's supposed suicide
Carl ,   new jersey usa   (06.25.08)
Do they honestly believe that there is anyone in Israel naive enough or dumb enough to believe this crock of horse manure. What also surprises me is that the western media has bought this story hook line and sinker. Wouldn't a government telling it's citizens the truth be a refreshing change?
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