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The hope-despair continuum
Anat Meidan
Published: 27.06.08, 14:30
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1. I need a reminder
Dr D ,   jerusalem   (06.27.08)
could anyone remind me the circumstances that ended with the kidnap of Gilad. What was he doing in the moments before that happened?
2. This deal makes more sense
J K ,   NYC, USA   (06.27.08)
At least we have some confirmation, though not visual, that Shalit is at least alive. I could see trading prisoners with blood on their hands to at least get back a living breathing human being. I don't know about 450 people, but its interesting the Fakestinians see themselves as worth 1/450th of the hated Jews. Bring Gilad home...he still has life ahead of him.
3. family Shalit
sas ,   israel   (06.27.08)
I admire your courage, your behaviour and I feel with you. Unfortunately we have a government that is good for nothing and until something drastic will happen in the knesset - there seems no end to your story nor to the other soldiers. Ohlmert is unable to do anything. He ruined Jerusalem as a mayor and Israel as a country. He is a crook/ a liar. dishonet and should not be PM. I know this does not help you but most of the israelis are fed up wih him.
4. The Red Cross
Doron   (06.27.08)
The Red Cross should be allowed to visit this prisoner. This is the height of human rights violation to not allow an international organization to visit a captured prisoner. This was done in WW2 to the Jews in concentration camps, and the red cross has to realize that this should be a priority and a red line. isn't israel a member of this organization now? doing this would also increase pressure on hamas to realize him internationally. these organzations thrive on the confusion they get by the 'is he or isn't he alive' question. for there to be no MASSIVE israeli pressure on the red cross/amnesty to do this is a failure on the part of the olmert government.
5. Israelis expose to the enemy every weakness they have.
AK   (06.27.08)
It is a prescription for disaster and it is sad. Ever since 67 war, Israelis went from over-confidence to the total mental collapse and defeatism. I'm sure that there is of plenty of guilt to go around, but Israeli elites, both political and intellectual bear the the most of it. Since Oslo, Israel went from 'we don't do deals with terrorists' to 'give us a list want you want, and it's yours'
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