Mortar shells land near southern kibbutz
Shmulik Hadad
Published: 27.06.08, 10:30
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YITZAK BEN SHLOMO ,   Singapore   (06.27.08)
2. Mortar shells hit the south
Jack ,   Tel-Aviv   (06.27.08)
The political leaders of Israel are too bussy worrying (getting richer and richer) to themselves, to worry about its own people
3. What UN inspector tells the other
Dude   (06.27.08)
*Kassam crashes down" UN Inspector 1: Did you hear anything? UN Inspector 2: Nah, didn't see anything as well... *Israeli security forces rush to the scene* UN Inspector 1: Did you see that guy. He looked at me and Gaza... in a bad way! UN Inspector 2: Well thats another Israeli violation of the truce! UN Inspector 1: Definitely! Those damn Jews! Uh... I mean Zionists pigs! UN Inspector 2: Lets go for coffee and pick up our Saudi pay checks UN Inspector 1: You got it! *10 minutes later on Ynet* News Headlines: "UN: Israel violated truce 20 times in one week" and "Shrapnel from Kassam Injures Gazan Plant, IDF to blame" Talk backs on these stories: Observer, Chanula, Richard, Peter, Ahmed, Mohammed, Muhammed, Mohemmet, Saleh, and every other one of them "ISREALLIES BREAKING TURCE!!!!!" THOSE EVIL J..ZIONISTS THEY CAUSED THIS AND ARE BREAKING THE TRUCE. THEY COMPALIN THAT UM ONLY REPORTING TERE CRIMES! WELL ONLY ISREALLIES COMMIT CRIMES! THESE WEAPUNS OF TEH RESISTANCE ARE ACCEPTABLE. WE ONLY PRAY NEXT TIME IT HITS ZIONISTS RECRUITMENT CENTER KNOWN AS A KINDERGARTEN!!!!! All other posters: Drink the koolaid already!
4. Mortars and rockets
jeremy ,   hula valley kibbutz   (06.27.08)
Did anyone really believe that Hamas and the other terror groups would keep the ceasefire. Why bother to start them they never last more than a few days. We need to keep hitting these organizations and hitting them till they are bleed white. Once that happens then maybe there will be real quiet
5. Mortar shells in the south? No problem
Joakim ,   Denmark   (06.27.08)
just move the elitists to the south, including the Knesset, the Supreme Court and the mainstream media and there will be quiet one way or the other.
6. Mortars hit Israel
Ger ,   Raanana, Israel`   (06.27.08)
Only a few hundred more Kassams or mortars and we'll protest to the UN. But we'll keep the crossings open so that we don't break the truce.
7. Thank you sir, may I have another..
LEE ,   NY, USA   (06.27.08)
8. Don't worry - Livni will make a tough statement.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (06.27.08)
Hamas is shaking with fear - they're laughing so hard they're afraid to bust a gut. And the ultimate Israeli weapon - Barak - will kill them from laughter. One more threat from Barak & Hamas leaders will be unfit for action, rolling on the ground in fits of uncontrolable laughter.
9. Olmert was a coward BEFORE the truce, and he's a coward
AFTER the truce. ,   Rueben, Isreal   (06.27.08)
10. The Palastinians can't be trusted.
Dov Jacobs ,   Hasmonaim/Israel   (06.27.08)
The Palastinians want us out of Israel or dead. They won't stop firing at us until all of Israel belongs to them. How can we trust are enemies with a peace treaty. All of Sderot is in danger and every once in while Ashkelon gets hit with a deadly rocket but that never happend before the expulsion. We need to get rid of the Arab daner. They are like cancer if we don't get rid of them they will spred and become more and more dangerous. With love of Israel Dov Jacobs
11. Oldmerde = mortal danger
Mike Cato ,   USA   (06.27.08)
Oldmerde is endangering the lives of countless israelis. It is for this reason that he must be eliminated--politically, if possible, or physically, if the former method is not feasible, and it seems that it is not.
12. I thought Olmert said no cease fire without Shalit return?
Jeffrey ,   Boston   (06.27.08)
13. You do not talk to terrorists, you fight and defeat them.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (06.27.08)
Since Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005 Iranian-backed Hamas, which is pledged to wipe out Israel and every Jew, has built a well-trained standing army of at least 20,000 men and a huge arsenal of weapons smuggled in from Egypt, and relentlessly attacks Israel with rockets and bombs. Israel should finally mount a major incursion into Gaza to deal with Hamas. If it does, Western opinion, which largely ignores Israeli maximizetion, can be guaranteed to cry ‘atrocity’ once again. And just as before, Hamas will deliberately place women and children in the line of fire to maximize civilian casualties in order further to inflame that opinion. That is their way of “fighting” as explained at :
14. Mortar shells land near southern kibbutz
Yhonatan ,   Jerusalem   (06.27.08)
Prime Minister Olmert responded to the barrage angrily, . Livni. said There must be an immediate military response to every violation, And now, wait wait for it folks Barak is about to announce the Ultimatum.
15. I agree with # 6
Sal ,   US   (06.27.08)
UN the most idiotic, communist, animals on earth. anti-israel. what else can we say need a men of God to run your country.
16. #9 can you forward this to UN
Sal ,   US   (06.27.08)
UN is not aware of this criminal atrocity of using women and children as shields. what a chicken shit.
17. The Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades
Natan   (06.27.08)
If i am not mistaken, this is the military wing of Fatah. Fatah, if i am not mistaken, is part of Mahmood Abbas party. Abbas, if i am not mistaken, is the "moderate" whose butt("tuchas") Olmert is kissing twice a week. Do you see any hope here???
18. Hamas' proxies
Leah ,   USA   (06.27.08)
I'm wondering if Islamic Jihad and al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades and all the other coward terrorist groups are acting as Hamas' proxies so Hamas can technically maintain the truce and still continue their terrorist activity toward Israel. We know the factions talk to each other, when they're not fighting each other.
19. defenition of a truce by the PM and DM
zionist forever   (06.27.08)
TUESDAY - mortars fired WEDNESDAY - rockets fired THURSDAY - rockets fired FRIDAY - mortars fired Olmert & Barak still say the truce is holding and the only actions they are taking is increasing fuel supplies to Gaza and preparing to release prisoners with blood on their hands.
moshe ,   tarzana,CA   (06.27.08)
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