3 female paramedics save lives in Gaza
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 27.06.08, 16:09
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1. 3 female paramedics save lives in Gaza
Yhonatan ,   Jerusalem   (06.27.08)
Well done ladies you lift the hearts of us all, take care of yourselves, by the way are you religious?
2. Female Paramedics
NYC Girl   (06.27.08)
These paramedics are absolutely the best possible role models for young women because in addition to being tough and resolute, they care so much about serving others. Maybe the politicians could take a lesson from them.
3. These women will make wonderful wives and mothers.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (06.27.08)
4. God's Work
Jerry ,   Eilat   (06.27.08)
If we ever wonder what God truly expects us to do on earth it is saving lives and even more so, recognizing that an enem's life, after he can no longer fight, needs to be saved as well. That three young woman have volunteered to do this shows how great our country is.
5. This is true National Service!
Chaya ,   Bat Yam, Israel   (06.27.08)
And the rabbis say that there isn't anything positive young women can do in the army!! What shtuyot!! These young women are wonderful role models!! And they are serving their country in ways that I know that G-d is smiling down on them!
6. Proud of them
Shimshon ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (06.27.08)
We truly can be proud of our troops women and men!
7. sarcastic
zorro ,   far away   (06.27.08)
something the palestinians would do right?
8. Heroic- Kol hakavod! She'Hashem yivarech otchen!
Korem ,   New York, USA   (06.27.08)
9. they save palestinian lives it is sooo politically correct..
10. Salt of the Earth
val ,   germany   (06.27.08)
11. Only a few know? Now Hamas knows, as well.
AK   (06.27.08)
just think what great hostages any one of them would make to blackmail the whole of Israel. if Shalit is worth that much in demands and israeli govt's paralysis, just think what would happen if any of those young women were to be caught.
12. would Arabs save Jewish lives???
andy ,   orlando,u.s   (06.28.08)
13. soldiers
colin   (06.28.08)
What idiocy.This reporter and the editer of ynet must be charged by the security for spying This information is supposed to be secret.These girls are no better than any other female soldiers.Are male paramedics less qualified?Equality has always been the code in the IDF.The arab terrorists do not need a information gathering apperatus ,the Israeli press as was proved in lebenon gives them all the knowledge.The autorities must close these press companies.Spying for the enemy is normally condemned to be shot by firing squad..All soldiers are special.
14. Impressive and inspiring but....
Yael, MD ,   Jerusalem   (06.28.08)
it is very impressive and inspiring indeed, but for the life of me I do not understand how can they do their job while being squeezed in the armored vehicle or in a tank without venturing outside.......Could someone explain that ?
15. To no. 11
female paramedic ,   your thoughts   (06.28.08)
Written like a true Israeli know-it-all. Criticizing, stating the obvious worst case scenario, telling us all to "just think" as if we haven't. I'd say you are ready to make Aliyah. PS: ask yourself what it is that you are missing... it's right there, "just think".
16. We are the beacons of the world...
Jew   (06.28.08)
we set the examples for the rest of the world to follow. Others bitch and moan...we just do... the only time me bitch is when others try to hurt us...then bitching is appropriate...but bitching because things "don't go right", "are too hard", "make my back hurt", and "are at a disadvantage" is pointless. Just do, don't say. Do! Like Nike says, Just do it. That's why threatening is gonna destroy Tehran, then do it. You want to destroy the Zionist entity, go try it. But be warned, if you say it, we just might do it in response.
17. These three soldiers are worth more than all the
jason white ,   afula,israel   (06.28.08)
draft dodgers and national service army dodgers put together. And you can throw all those phony "rabbis" who do not want women to serve.
18. These women are prettier than the slut Bar Refaeli.
Barsucks   (06.28.08)
Besides being beautiful and smart they love their homeland and their heritage. They should get all the attention and not the stupid, draft-dodging self-hating, anti-Israel, Gentile wannabe Bar Refaeli. It's pathetic that at this moment the tramp is getting attention in Israel because of some stupid Fox photo shoot while these women are risking their lives for Israel. Everyone in Israel and around the world should boycott Fox and run the anti-semitic bimbo out of the country. Bar never apologized about dissing Israel and avoiding military service. NEVER FORGET ABOUT THE TRAITORIOUS WORDS AND ACTIONS OF THE TRAMP BAR REFAELI!
19. what a loss!, they don't joint combat action
observer   (06.28.08)
20. #19 Video of weapons factory not orphanage
Cynthia ,   USA   (06.28.08)
If you insist it's an orphanage, what is the name of this orphanage?
21. # 3 Bunnie Boy in command HQ in LA
Simon ,   TA the free city   (06.28.08)
Hay bunnie boy how is the view from command HQ in LA USA? Will you be sending your daughters to serve in the IDF or is that what we are here for?
22. #20 it's there; Hebron Orphanage
observer   (06.28.08)
23. #22 Islamic Charitable Society
Cynthia ,   USA   (06.28.08)
And how do you know this orphanage and the Islamic Charitable Society was not a front and a funding source for terror activities against Israel? Perhaps part of the facility was used to store weapons since the Palestinians are known to use hospitals and schools for this purpose.
24. #23
observer   (06.28.08)
Since the case is terror-related in the eyes of the IDF, the army lawyers aren't required to let the defence see their classified "evidence". Thus there is no way for the ICS legal team to defend themselves against the charges.
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