Palestinians fire mortars at Karni crossing
Shmulik Hadad
Published: 28.06.08, 23:42
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1. Why handle terror with gloves?
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (06.28.08)
Why open the crossings on Sunday? Kick terrorists @$$ relentlessly and without mercy or remorse. The more we appease the more violent and bloodthirsty they become! We have nothing to lose! What's the point in offering them the other cheek?
2. Truce in Gaza and killing in west bank?
Mamoud ,   Lebanon   (06.29.08)
Since Israel knows that hamas has many enemies between the palestinian organisations because of it's popularity between the majority of the palestinian ppl. and Israel knows that many of these guys want to keep hamas under pressure and Israeli fire. Why israel kill these guys in west bank where they cant fight back, the logical reponse (as they believe) is to fight back where they can. it's sound like making a turce in tel aviv but not in haifa.. same. if Israel really want a truce they should give hamas a real chance by not giving it's enemies a chance to violate it. I think hamas needs the truce more than any one else.
3. I thought Olmert promised: No Shalit No Truce
Jeffrey ,   Boston   (06.29.08)
4. And olmert barak and vilnai will provide apropos punishment
Arie ,   BaGolan   (06.29.08)
They will reopen all the crossings!
5. you want to get serious.
marcel   (06.29.08)
First, anaylse the defect in jewish thinking.Forget about holier than thou, light unto nations-that is bunk.World war II taught us that every jew should be brought up with martial arts and guns. If so, the nazis would have not been able to kill off 6 million. Second, take all the religious jews and those who don't serve, enter the idf right away.Finally, you want to live, defend yourself. Rockets come in from gaza, blitz them soviet style, rockets, artillery, bombs, mortars, drones, navy guns-non stop. Set fire to north gaza, torch every gas station, rocket all the mosques. Then they will get the message. Finally,arabs have leaders like nasrollah, muqta el sadr and bin laden and we have olmert and barak. how is that they have good leaders however evil, and we have drek, garbage cowards?
6. and as if nothing happened
Yoel ,   Raanana   (06.29.08)
tomorrow our legitimate government will decide to open the borders and let trucks crossing them. Rewarding terrorism, what a great way to fight against it? Every day you become uglier, hope this nightmare will end-up verz soon with new elections...
7. Whats all this talk of a ceasefire?
NC   (06.29.08)
Every time I check the news there is another report of a rocket launched at Israel. When exactly did the fire cease? The stupidity of the whole thing is unbelievably frustrating. It's time to drop bombs until Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and the rest of the groups of assholes cry for Israel to stop.
8. As truce has not been respected, Israel should uproot Hamas.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (06.29.08)
Israel should uproot Hamas once and for all. Under the circumstances, what is needed is not negotiations with Hamas, but strong military action against it. Israel should not undertake a brief incursion, but a major invasion of Gaza to uproot Hamas once and for all. If the Israeli leadership doesn’t take such action, it risks Hamas growing into an even greater menace to the State of Israel than it is today as described at :
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