Kuntar mustn't be freed, says Danny Haran's brother
Roi Mandel
Published: 29.06.08, 15:20
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1. so, now Israel rewards murderers
Charles   (06.29.08)
with amnesty
2. So 150 dead Israeli's in the war, what was that about?
CLL ,   Tampa USA   (06.29.08)
It is good I don't live in Israel for I simply could not tolerate your current government! Ms Haran has a far superior attitude than I and I respect her for it. However, allowing terrorists to go free is self defeating and I hope Israel has a special squad that hunts down these pigs that do not deserve life or any consideration. Why the devil don't you have capital punishment, then these situations would not constantly come up.
3. What do you expect with such a cabinet
Walid ,   Riyadh, KSA   (06.29.08)
It's not the first time that Israel bows down to blackmail. A few years ago it freed Hizbo terrorists agaisnt a drug dealer aka retired Col. Tennenbaum and a few bodies and remains of fallen soldiers. Now, it's a replay and I am not amazed especially with such a cabinet made up of people like Mr. Barak who simply walked away from Lebanon with nothing in return and emboldened Hizbo., and the embattled PM Olmert, etc....
4. smadar haran is magnificent
Robins ,   Jerusalem   (06.29.08)
Smadar Haran's behaviour throughout this story, as exemplified by her comments above, is extraordinarily brave and dignified. Her pain and moral authority is no less than the Goldwasser-Regev families. Yet she has recognized who should make these decisions and how they should be made, rather than the screaming media manipulation adopted by others. Sadly the Cabinet seems to respond to those who scream loudest.
5. Smadar Haran - the only person with integrity here
robins ,   Jerusalem   (06.29.08)
Quotes from the letter written to the cabinet by Smadar Haran, Danny's widow. Sadly, no-one else compares with her. "The despicable, vile murderer Samir Kuntar isn’t, nor has he ever been, my private prisoner. Kuntar is a prisoner of the State, which sentenced him to five terms if life imprisonment for his vicious crimes" "His fate must be decided now, according to Israel's best defensive needs and moral interests, which should serve the people of Israel, now and in the future. "I ask that my own personal pain not be taken into account when you deliberate, despite its significance and implications. I cannot overlook the pain and suffering of the Goldwasser and Regev families, or the moral debt I have to all those who have worked for my safety. "I have given this matter a great deal of thought, and as hard as it may be, I will not oppose any decision made (by the government). No matter how hard it may be, my mind is at peace"
6. So sorry
J K ,   NYC, USA   (06.29.08)
I feel sorry for the Haran family who must watch the murderer of so many close to them go free. Smadar is a better woman than most people. I personally wouldnt have wanted him to go free, but who knows, maybe she has dealt as best she can with her pain and wanted the Regev's and Goldswassers to be able to do the same.
7. big mistakes over and over again
Kuntar should have been executed 29 years ago. Israel should never free terrorists in return for DEAD POW's. That's just insane. That gives the enemy the green light to kill our soldiers because they know we will pay the same price for their return dead or alive.
oi god...   (06.29.08)
Why do we reward criminals? Has this method ever brought peace or brought back our kidnapped?
rich ,   raanana   (06.29.08)
.....Is to track down and locate samir kuntar (after he is freed) somewhere in lebanon - and bash his skull in with a rock and then thats the REAL end of this whole affair..... ....Then show pictures of his skull to his family and plaster these pictures all over Al Jazeera. ...Justice will finally then be done.
10. Mrs. Haran I am standing w/you!
Sally Forth ,   Jerusalem of course!   (06.29.08)
Mrs. Haran, over the years I have watched your courageous silence and your measured reactions. You are one of the heroes of this country. Thank you, today you have showed the enemy exactly why it is that we are stronger! May you know no more sorrow and may the peace you have found flow over all of our nation! G-d Bless you
11. Perspective
YMBMY ,   Modiin, Israel   (06.29.08)
With all due respect to the Regev and Goldwasser families who have suffered an inordinate share of pain and humiliation by these vicious thugs (who control a country that belongs to the UN), I fail to see how trading a murderer for 2 corpses serves Israel's best interests. Let's be honest - it serves Olmert's best interests as he awaits the official word from Meni Mazuz that he must step down.
12. we can only hope...
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (06.29.08)
that the death penalty will mysteriously catch up him once he is out of israel.
13. Noble Woman
M   (06.29.08)
14. An invitation for more ..
Lulu Hadad ,   Tel Aviv   (06.29.08)
its not a question of will it happen again ..for sure the Palestinians will try to snatch other soliders especailly that israel has more than 10,000 prisoners .
15. Are you all so naive?
Alex ,   Jerusalem   (06.29.08)
She was given a letter written by Olmert's gov't and told to sign it. That's all. People in US don't understand Israel and Olmert's gov't.
16. אני מסכים--I agree.
Michael Berg ,   Petach Tikva, Israel   (06.30.08)
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