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Ethiopian Sigd made official State holiday
Published: 02.07.08, 23:46
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1. What about Kwanzaa?
Randy   (07.02.08)
I'm sure Olmerde is frothing at the mouth to get Kwanzaa made official as well, in between releasing terrorists from prison.
2. Great idea
Roman ,   Lod, Israel   (07.03.08)
The Ethiopian Jewish community's Sigd holiday is very important to them, and more people should at the very least learn about it. Much like the Mimouna, it should become a more familiar part of Israel, and a fine note of respect for the Ethiopian Jews.
3. It's not even a Holiday!
qp ,   USA   (07.03.08)
Kwanzaa was created in the US in the 1960s by African Americans who wanted their own "significant" holiday during the late December season. Most celebrate xmas, not Kwanzaa, anyway.
4. Sigd isn't a made up holiday like Kwanzaa
Thomas   (07.03.08)
It's several centuries old and revolves around the persecution of the Ethiopian Jewish community by Ethiopian Christians and how they maintained their faith during that period. It's like all other holidays, "they tried to kill us, they failed, let's eat."
5. Let us do it for every group here
jason white ,   afula,israel   (07.03.08)
Then everyday will be a holiday. Why are they more important than any other group in Israel? What did they contribute to Israel? I came from the U.S. and not a fifth world country. I do not celebrate the Fourth of July. We Americans contributed more to Israel than ethiopians.
6. Jason, stop being a child
Israeli   (07.03.08)
You don't get awarded a holiday for the contribution you think your group made (money, English, McDonalds). Holidays speak to a society's culture. Our culture includes Ethiopians. I have no issue celebrating all cultures of this country- Jewish, Muslim, Christian, etc.
7. Geez, Israel is becoming more and more multicultural every
day. Is that wonderful?
8. Hard working people of Israel
Drouch   (07.04.08)
... another reason not to work ! After we finish with all holidays of Jewish ethnic groups, arabs, christians, muslims, and others. We can start celebrate national holidays of the temporary workers !
9. to #7
Susan ,   Kfar Saba   (07.04.08)
Yes, this country is getting more multi-cultural and that's a good thing. In Poland they got rid of all the Jews. Almost all the people look similiar, speak the same language, have the same religion and so forth. How boring. Here almost everyone celebrates Mimuna after Passover. It's not an official holiday,(I had never heard of it in the US) but so what. We all have a good time and are enriched by it.
10. #6. Good point. One thing bothers me thought.
Stewart ,   USA   (07.04.08)
This rebuilding of the temple with central aircondition and all the accomodations. Where do you put it and why do we need it? Herods temple turned into a sick gay joke. Animal sacrifices are not really a devine requirement, but rather a concession made to Noah based on man's emotional needs thousands of years ago. So what do we sacrifice today? ... An IPod, a Hagendaz, a Lexus? Who's going to be the chief high priest? Don't tell me. The same guys that fight over fur hats will take a break and ellect someone like the Catholics ellect a pope? The Ethiopians do deserve a beautiful holiday, but maybe someone needs to tell them that their efforts and prayers can be better directed elsewhere than rebuilding THE temple.
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