3 killed as Palestinian bulldozer driver goes on killing spree in Jerusalem
Efrat Weiss
Published: 02.07.08, 14:44
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1. Olmert, is ur patience limit over or not yet!!??
Yoval   (07.02.08)
2. Revenge and deterrence
AJ ,   Tel Aviv   (07.02.08)
If Israel had any balls, we would take that very same bulldozer, and this afternoon go into the terrorist's village and knock down everything, with people inside. Hamas wants 500 for one of ours - that means our two dead are worth at least 1000 casualties on their side. Take that bulldozer in and start already! No warning, no time to take your things out, just carve a swathe of destruction so that these savages will think twice before trying that trick again.
3.  Tractor tramples pedestrians in Jerusalem; 30 injured,
Yonatan ,   Jerusalem   (07.02.08)
Mark this day as the beginning of no live terrorist prisoners.
5. brave shaheed
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (07.02.08)
these guys are too much of cowards to attack anyone other than innocent, unsuspecting civilians. it is proof that their cause is rubbish and they are unworthy of receiving anything other than the misery they deserve.
6. Israel Is Stronger
Eric Kayombayire ,   Rwanda   (07.02.08)
Israel is a strong country and doesn't have to be intimidated by those coward terrorist [I'm not sure now if they're them as I'm reading this piece of news while you're also not sure]. But if it turns out to be that, stand stronger because the world is behind you. I love Israel with all my heart and I want her to have immense peace. May G-d bless Israel, the country of the patriarchs who announced the good news of one true G-d, G-d of Israel. Please stand stronger, oh the Holy City!
7. "yelling for people to shoot him" ?
IERGLIB DRAWDE   (07.02.08)
8. Jerusalem incident! What does Olmert and his
Vicky ,   Ashkelon Israel   (07.02.08)
Arab loving daughter say about that???? Where is the truce in this? If they say it is one sick individual, just think what they would have to say if the boot was on the other foot.
9. Victims should sue whoever hired the terrorist.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (07.02.08)
No one should be hiring any E. Jerusalem residents for anything. It should be obvious to anyone with half a brain that they are a security risk. Of course, we don't have half a brain in Israel.
10. ad matai!!!
david ,   france   (07.02.08)
im just sick of allowing this type of "beings" attacking our nation its enough
11. It's sure an attack or did the driver of
S   (07.02.08)
the tractor got a heart attack or so?
12. Kol hakavod to the man who shot him
Adam ,   Israel   (07.02.08)
He saved several more lives.
13. sick
14. Yesterday I called the police on arab workers
Daniel   (07.02.08)
They were doing construction by my house and working in my driveway. When I went to park in my driveway they threatened me and my wife. They said that they would harm my car and they they were terrorists from Hamas. i called the police who took 20 min to show up. Al the arab workers lied and said I threatened them! The police trusted them and ignored my claim and left. When the hell are we going to realize we are at war with these animals?
15. bus number?
juda ,   toronto   (07.02.08)
does anyone know what bus number is was?
16. to no 2
D ,   tel aviv   (07.02.08)
The guy was from Jerusalem, wasn't he? An Israeli ID holder, not a PA resident. So are you suggesting to knock down Jerusalem?
17. OMG!!!!!!!!!! Tractor driver
gabriela ben ari ,   Jerusalem   (07.02.08)
At Jaffa st there are tractors operating to prepare the terrain for the light train project. INTERESTING to whom the municipality/contractors are giving out jobs! Horrible day
18. TODAY IS THE 2nd Anniv of Gilad's kidnapping - Hebrew date
gabriela ben ari ,   Jerusalem   (07.02.08)
Habad launched a world wide simultaneous prayer at 18:00 sharp Israeli Time. Roughly 11am Eastern Time ect The prayer is psalm # 121. Please join
19. @7 so he would not kill more - just a guess
S   (07.02.08)
20. It's quite obvious..
Max ,   Oslo, Norway   (07.02.08)
It's quite obvious that these people don't want peace. Whenever they have a chance they brutally attack innocents. If I could I would join the IDF to fight these kind of terrorists.
21. to #7 Edward
Nick ,   Sweden   (07.02.08)
..because he didn't have a gun of his own I presume. Jpost reported that police were actually attempting to arrest the guy before shooting him. Or were they supposed to negotiate with him to stop running down civilians with a catterpillar?
22. let's wait and see
fish ,   t-v   (07.02.08)
if his relatives will erect the mourning tent with Hamas and Hizbullah fklags and our security service will have to ask for the permit of High Court to dismantle this tent. Just wait and see. I have to say that - Arab MKs must be held accountable for their relentless propaganda - their words are translated into actions. Relatives of a terrorist must be punished for his actions, at least they must be stopped form celebrating a new sh'hida. The state must act, and act with energy.
23. #4, the only tragedy we suffer as a result is your comment
Jay   (07.02.08)
If it wasn't for the Gay Pride Parade, you'd have to channel your stupidity elsewhere. Now that, sir, is indisputable cause and effect.
24. Bulldozer Terrorist Attack
Brod ,   USA   (07.02.08)
The Islamist-Jihadist Bulldozer deadly plow should not even have been made. The terrorist should have been shot on the spot by undercover agents.
25. Daniel #14 - Call Avi Dichter's Office!!!!!
Chaya ,   Bat Yam, Israel   (07.02.08)
Don't let this go!!! Complain loudly!!! Go to the newspapers with this!!! How in the world could the police believe the Arabs and not even bring them in for questioning???? What the hell is happening here???
26. busy building the 5th column
israeli arabs   (07.02.08)
27. Am Israel Chai
damn 5th column ,   Germany   (07.02.08)
go back to your desert
28. Why not assuming he had some psychiatric issues
Observer   (07.02.08)
29. Hamas is wrong by coming out and treating this act
Palestinian   (07.02.08)
as if it is some heroic act of some sort. No one knows what is the reason this guy is acting this way. Has no affiliation to anyone, and he might be suffering from some disease, or something.. Finally, Jerusalem is a mixed city and he could have hurt Arab as well as Jews, so this whole story appears pointless.
30. Terrorist was working on light rail project?
yerushalmi ,   jerusalem   (07.02.08)
It sure seems so...
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