Olmert: We can't fence-off east Jerusalem Arabs
Roni Sofer
Published: 03.07.08, 01:47
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1. Olmert is a dilly-dallying dolt
Jake   (07.03.08)
He says he is going to consult the Attorney General to check into the legality of demolishing the terrorist's house. I wonder why he didn't do this after the last major terrorist attack in Jerusalem, at the Merkaz haRav. A terror attack has a limited shelf life in terms of the time limit to mount an effective response. Olmert must strike while the iron is hot, otherwise the point is lost. Tomorrow, the terrorist's relatives will be all over Israeli TV, crying their heart out about how they "didn't see this coming". Then the Attorney General will tell Olmert, "Don't be cruel", and it will be back to business as usual. In another week, everyone will have forgotten, except the terrorists. Olmert will put division of Jerusalem on the negociations table, and Hamas will say they won, and Israel surrendered to their 'martyrdom operations'. And who will disagree?
2. Extracts from Olmert's speech
Shannon   (07.03.08)
" I resolve nothing be done as the situation is perfectly fine in my opinion. I am in charge here and will continue to release terrorists into the population as I see fit. There is nothing I can do but I promise I will continue to move my mouth wag my tongue and say meaningless things, this seems to always have worked for me and got me to where I am today."
3. Link National Benefits to IDF service
Great White North ,   Canada   (07.03.08)
No more welfare for terrorists. National benefits should be linked to IDF service. If you don't serve the county then no welfare for you!
4. "Can't" is Israel's new national motto
MK ,   Atlanta, USA   (07.03.08)
5. demolishing a home....
truth ,   new york   (07.03.08)
PM Olmert is truly a pathetic man. The US dropped an atomic bomb on japan and, even though it was a brutal act, it saved hundreds of thousands of lives in the long run. It is not one home that needs to be demolished. It is every home in the killers neighborhood that needs to come down. Hundreds (if not thousands) of people need to pay for these acts. It must be made ABSOLUTELY clear to the muslim terrorists that these acts will cost them, their familiesm, and their neighbors DEARLY. Only then will there be a deterrence. Demolishing the killer's home is a sign of weakness and it will not deter the next islamic whacko. I doubt Olmert has the intestinal fortitude to deal with islamic terrorism.... he will continue to be weak and ineffective. I hope he knows that history will judge him the worst prime minister in israel's history.
6. "that which will not defend itself.....
truth ,   new york   (07.03.08)
Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote that in nature "that which will not defend itself, will not be defended". And so it is in life..... if israel refuses to defend its citizens and its way of life and its JEWISH values against muslim ideology (murder, terrorism, and love of death) then israeli society will ultimately be destroyed. The left wing activists whose hearts bleed for the palestinians will suffer the most, for it is their liberal ideology that is the least tolerated by islamic fundamentalism. Israel need to get rid of Olmert, elect someone with courage, get rid of the arab MK's (whose main role is to destroy the country), and begin the process of making life difficult for the arabs inside its borders. If jewish values (democracy, morality, respect for life, love of learning, etc) are to survive, "israeli" arabs need to be moved out to egypt, lebanon, jordan, and syria.
7. This guy Was NO terrorist.
GZLives   (07.03.08)
The guy lost it for some reason. He cracked and went off on a rampage. Other newspapers like JPost are reporting the facts that back that up.
8. extirpate family
In addition to leveling the home of the terrorist's family, Israel should "relocate" the entire family, to include any and all relatives, to the nearest border with no chance of ever returning to Israel.
9. 'transfer' is the right solution
10. why can't we...
uri ,   il   (07.03.08)
fence them in or get them out! this government is going to burn- slowly!
11. Deuteronomy
Terry Feld ,   Houston, Texas   (07.03.08)
They will always be a thorn in your side. You know what you have to do.
12. simple solutions
Mike ,   Jerusalem   (07.03.08)
#1 stop hiring arabs hire Jews instead and teach Jews that there is no shame in doing manual labor #2 dismantle the kfar, strip them of their citizenship and benefits and ship them off to Gaza This terrorist had a police record as a rapist does that turn on a red light? Haven't we learned that sending arabs to prison is against our interests, either they get an education there to become worse or they become an incentive for their buddies to kidnap Jews
13. olmert has jut admited why we cant divide Jerusalem
zionist forever   (07.03.08)
The man is desperate to divide Jerusalem but at the same time he is saying we cant fence off East Jerusalem. If we diivde the city giving terrorists the freedom of the east to run around with their bombs and illigaly coming into Israel to steal bulldozers. Jerusalem will become a regular terrorist hang out. At least an undivided city it will be easier to keep terrorists out of Israel.
14. The Israeli Arabs are “Palestinians”.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (07.03.08)
The Arab minority in Israel, which amount to over one million souls ( 20% of the total population) has been undergoing a process of islamization and “Palestinization” in the past few years which has brought it much closer to Fatah and Hamas positions in their conflict with Israel. Lately, the leadership of the arabs in Israel has submitted a list of demands that if adopted, would put an end to the Jewish nature of the state. More about the enemy within at :
15. Time for a New plan. WAKE UP
C-Low ,   US   (07.03.08)
This terrorist entire family should be deported to Gaza. But it is time for Israel to get rid of Olmert the Pansy and get a new peace plan. My suggestion is reverse the Land for Peace into a Peace or Land initiative. Very simply "Peace or Land" would mean that after every terrorist attack rocket, bomber, kidnapping, etc. will be answered by the annexation a certain amount of square miles (kilometers) of Paleo land. Push all inhabitants of X annexed box further out and continue the process. Choose the land on strategic terms with the goal of solidifying your borders into a solid non-jagged border. Then Pac man across towards the Jordan and from the Jordan, then end heading south into Gaza. This will achieve "peace in our time" by either A) the Paleo's waking up to the fact that something is better than nothing or B) the Paleo's will be pushed into a single continuous small box or even out of Israel totally. A caveat for the process should be in the very beginning make clear any annexed territory will be non-negotiable in future final borders talks. The current system is going to slowly atrit your nation and people into death.
16. Olmert: We can't fence-off east Jerusalem Arabs
Yhonatan ,   Jerusalem   (07.03.08)
Olmert the leader of spineless no doers, nobody is interested in what you can't do, people look up to leaders for what they can and will do, grate slogans of our grate leaders is all we get, we can't stop the kasams get use to them, another one from Peres after # 18 bus blown up it's not Fatah it's Hamas, not to forget "victims of peace" speech, and Kasav also raped a Jewish girl, the will of the people is being destroyed not by the terrorist but by our own governments,
17. # 12 Mike please explain
Simon ,   TA Israel   (07.03.08)
I agree with your statement there is no shame in doing manual labor, a job is a job and if you do it to the best of your abuility then you should be proud. So perhaps someone could convince the ultra orthodox population to get a job and stop living off our tax money?
18. why show the face of a rasha?
ecr   (07.03.08)
19. #7: Your ignorance and stupidity are disgusting
Adam Eliyahu Berkowi   (07.03.08)
This guy didn't lose his mind and attack people in his village or his family. Look at the list of victims. And what about the shooting at Mercaz haRav? You are denying the absolutely obvious. #13 was right. The left wing has a mental dysfuction that makes them stupid. We can't put a fence in the middle of Jerusalem....until we give half t the Palestinians. The Arabs kill us because we don't move towards peace. Racially mixed Yesha is apartheid so the moral solution is to create a Palestinian state dedicated to violence where only Arab Moslems are permitted to live. We can't possibly knock down an Arab house to punish a terrorist's family so the solution is to destroy all of the Jewish communities in Yesha. I don't hate arabs. Left wing liberalism is a disease that must be stopped.
20. fencing off E. Jerusalem
Michael ,   Haifa   (07.03.08)
Of course, we can fence off East Jerusalem, but the trouble is that we are greedy...we want to eat the cake and have it at the same time
21. Don't fence it off - EVACUATE THEM ALL!
Miriam ,   Israel   (07.03.08)
22. #13: Give Olmert a few days; he will come around
Steve ,   Fla.   (07.03.08)
Keep in mind, this Ehud Olmert is an incredibly resourceful and imaginative politician. He will find a way to divide Jerusalem come hell or high water. Then again, didn't the Jews in Israel vote for Kadima in large numbers? We read polls that indicate Olmert's popularity is in single digets. On the other hand, there was a poll conducted by B'nai Brith in the news the day before yesterday. Jews in Israel agree with Mr. Olmert. Diaspora Jews should mind their own business when it comes to security matters; that is when it comes to modifying Israel's borders. Should Israel's Jews decide to give the Golan to Syria and divide Jerusalem, Diaspora should keep quiet. According to this poll some 80% of Israelis agree with Olmert on this.
23. Transfer the Palestinians to the Jordanian State of Palestin
Leah ,   Israel   (07.03.08)
24. Such a waste
Stephanie ,   Israel   (07.03.08)
of beautiful lives who are now angels in heaven while the Arab is rotting in hell..
25. The only answer is to transfer
Stephanie ,   Israel   (07.03.08)
all the Arabs to Jordan which is the only Palestinian country in the Middle East. Jordans population is 75 % Paletsinian. Jordan IS Palestine
26. Olmert: We can't fence-off east Jerusalem Arabs
gabriela ben ari ,   Jerusalem   (07.03.08)
BUT We CAN send them packing to where they belong, if we just WANTED to.
27. Futility
Elianah ,   London, UK   (07.03.08)
Even if Olmert/Barak/Livini succeed in making an actual decision for once in their lives and choose to demolish this terrorist's home and strip his family of their Bituach Leumi, the family will get oodles and oodles of cash from the Arab world and will probably have their house rebuilt for them by some left-wing organization. Something else for deterrance, maybe?
28. Miriam #21, Stephanie #25: You are in the minority
Steve ,   Fla.   (07.03.08)
Read Michael #20. He speaks for the majority of Jews in Israel. "We (Jews) are greedy.... we want the cake and have it at the same time."
Debra Grossman   (07.03.08)
30. Oslo – The price of errors.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (07.03.08)
The Israeli left perpetrated the disastrous Oslo accords on the people, demonstrating that the left is far from rational or scientific.It made these accords paying no heed to Clausewitz’ teachings about war and diplomacy, while it refused and refuses to realize that Israel’s Arab-Muslim adversaries have their own unique culture and character which must be understood. Likewise the West – which often reproaches Israel for alleged moral breaches, while overlooking Arab and Muslim crimes – must be understood as
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