US envoy says no decision made on Iran attack
Sharon Roffe-Ofir
Published: 03.07.08, 13:56
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1. Yeah right
David ,   Haifa   (07.03.08)
As if anybody would tell him first, or as if he would tell us if he really knew anything. The less blabbering the better, on this subject and on others.
2. OPEN SECRET,DAVID.........#1
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (07.03.08)
Whate Jones was trying to say is that several plans were made in the past but were not implemented because no one could predict the rate of success and also the consequence of such implementation.The present plan is also ready but the cost has gone tremendously high.Now,I believe that we are waiting for some new kinds of aircrafts from USA and at the same time expecting the Iranians to be dumb enough not to install and operate the S-200 missiles. In short,David, as months go past the human cost will be tremendously high unless,of course,the pilots are prepared to go one-way to Nantz and other facilities in Iran.
3. An Arab deputy foreign minister? I weep for you Israel!
Jack ,   San Diego, USA   (07.03.08)
4. Nice that he's "outgoing"
Millie ,   Israel   (07.03.08)
5. For Iran,"negotiation"...
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (07.03.08)
and "compromise" are euphemisms for shame and surrender. In the new Cold War shaping up between Islamism and the democratic West, Israel holds the front line. Once again, the values of the opposing sides are irreconcilable. In the Arab and Muslim order, power is absolute and has to be victorious, so "negotiation" and "compromise" are euphemisms for shame and surrender. Islamist Iran has made itself the driving force. The terrorist movements Hizbullah and Hamas are both Iranian satellites, and their presence on Israel's borders ensures that Iran can already engage in terrorism on its own terms and at times of its own choosing. As to the danger of nuke Iran :
6. The Next "October Surprise"
emanon ,   USA   (07.03.08)
Sometime before the November elections in the US, the cowboy in the White House will order his posse to saddle up and attack those baddies in Iran. Think of it as his going away surprise. He's been trying to emulate his daddy since he took office. His daddy's October Surprise at least resulted in lives being saved. All W is going to do is get more Americans needlessly killed because he wants to play army one last time before he looses the ability to move troops around. That and throw us into another active conflict to set up a hawk and keep his party in power.
7. #2, these would be the same missiles
Danny   (07.03.08)
That were so effective in Syria last September....
8. #6 Gee,with all of your bravado as pompoustance, perhaps we
should elect you as ,   WORLD LEADER.NOT!!   (07.04.08)
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