Betancourt rescue in Colombia: Israeli connection
Published: 04.07.08, 09:08
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DOOMHAM ,   PARASITE-UK   (07.04.08)
Only Iran has such capabilities. You all know that .
2. Not only Israeli advisers
bar ,   Israel   (07.04.08)
are used by the Colombian army . Also Israeli planes and weapons . This Israeli involvement was nicely covered in the French "Le Figaro" daily .
Marcel ,   Florida   (07.04.08)
Israel is not the same people or country. The failed rule of the leftist has brought Israel down,down,down. The new Israel lead by defeatist capitulation brd losers only knows how to surrender and run as we saw with Barak in South Lebanon,Sharon in Gaza and Olmert with Hezbollah
4. Sure! Goverment totally fails to protect
Israeli citizens in Israel, let's go look for some faint sign of our former glory in the jungles of South America. Laughable quote and speculation. And even if it were true, SO WHAT????? Israeli citizens live unprotected on the Gaza border, our citizens in the North have still not recovered from the disaster of the 2nd Lebanon War; our sons are still held captive, Gilad a mere 2 kilometers from his own country . . . . so, please: let's not fool ourselves. Israel has never been so weak; the people are strong and brave, as was amply proven by a brave young Israeli in Jerusalem this week. BUT: we are weakened by our government who at every opportunity acts like a 5th Column within our borders.
5. #1 LOL - That's a good one!
D ,   Israel   (07.04.08)
6. Israel, we thank you and are forever grateful to you for ALL
of your help in this ,   Jan, USA   (07.04.08)
7. oh wow
M├írcia ,   Brazil   (07.04.08)
- Israeli weapons, planes, drones, intelligence systems etc sold to Colombia: some million dollars - Global CST contract to assist the Colombian military: US$ 10,000 mi - Beating Ahmadinejad's Latin American friends really hard: priceless
8. if the olmert team wasn't so corrupt
Arie ,   BaGolan   (07.04.08)
he would let the Sayeret team work here and train our new recruits!
9. Maybe the Sayeret team can resue us from olmert
Arie ,   BaGolan   (07.04.08)
10. You Mean Helped FARC
Eric ,   USA   (07.05.08)
Funny how the Israelis are looking, sub rosa, for any credit for the hostage rescue in Colombia. What we do know, in the public domain is that IDF officers (ret.) did train the FARC and it was a black eye for Israel. One other thing, after billions of dollars and years of cooperation and tutelage from US Special Forces, there is nothing the Israelis could add of any measure, if even they were allowed to venture past a conference room.
11. Eric
Marie ,   USA   (07.21.08)
I wish I could see a picture of your red and puffy angry face as you wrote that preposterous rant!! You are living in the wrong country,
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