Larijani: Israel based on supremacy of Jewish race
Dudi Cohen
Published: 04.07.08, 12:35
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1.  Palestinians are and always been a spearhead ...
Psalms 83 ,   Selah   (07.04.08)
the facilitate the Islamic rule of recovering land that was formerly under muslim control ..... those radical islamic groupes will not stop at a 2 state solution ...thier goal is complete removal of Israel by any means.
2. mr Larijani lacks political maturity and intelligence !
Hiram ,   Spiez   (07.04.08)
Dear Mr Larijani, Although I understand you do whatever you are told to do , and say whatever you are told to say, please do understand that YOU are talking about Jewish supremacy exactly like if it was a "recognized fact ". Are Jews supremacists ? and if so , on what could we base that analysis ? Is it because Jewish entrepreneurs are successful when Iranian business men are held back by Islamic rulings and laws ? Is it because Jews have managed to build up a country whereas Iran has managed to build up a dictatorship ? Is it because we try to build social progress while your country is engrossed in mass destruction of all previous progresses ? Or is it more simply said because some of your arab friends have de-facto admitted that the life of an Israeli soldier, abducted by a terror organisation paid by Iran , is worth several hundred Palestinian prisonners ? Did WE says so .......or did THEY decide about that supremacy fallacious argument ? Mr Larijani , you will never cease to amaze me with your absurds and provocative statements ! However, you do not realize how damaging this is to your own - already discredited-country ! Instead of disseminating nazilike propaganda, you should better try to put some order into Iranian Internal affairs....unless, like I believe , you totally lack both political maturity and intelligence and can only be used ( like now ) as a paw on a checkerboard. Kind regards
3. I didn't know that we built Israel on the racist basis?
John ,   Europe   (07.04.08)
I know that we have abundance of idiots (what can be easily prooved with many comentaries here) and we have now a problem of calling ourselves "chosen people" because of that (if G-d's chosen people have abundance of morons, how are then not-chosen?) but I didn't know that we built Israel on that, racist basis? I always thought we built it to protect ourselves and never face Treblinka and Auschwitz again? Mr. J. would have to sit and read history again. Sorry to say: there is NO valid history in Kur'an. :) You can't learn history from there.
4. Larijani is right.
Miriam ,   Israel   (07.04.08)
Israel should not negotiate with any Arab groups; Hamas, Fatash, Shmatah, etc. They're all the same terrorists.
5. These guys are beginning to sound scared and . . .
Stewart ,   USA   (07.04.08)
very unoriginal. The sad truth is that there are actually people, a good amount, out side of the Muslim world that actually believe this dreck.
6. No Solution
Rivkah ,   Israel   (07.04.08)
There will not be a peaceful solution because the ARABS, yes ARABS they are not Palestinians , do not want one. It is specifically written in their Koran that there can never been true peace between a Jew and an Arab Muslum.
7. There is only one race
Dee ,   Tel Aviv   (07.04.08)
It is the HUMAN race. The Jews are a NATION in the human race. They are entitled to the Land that יהוה gave them. It is impossible to negotiate with anyone who doesn't believe what is stated in the תנ''ך!
8. The Pals can't get along w/ one another
petra ,   usa   (07.04.08)
much less their superior neighbors, Israel. Let them murder each other for the good of mankind. They are pure, unadulterated trash, better off dead or moved far from Israel. Then, Israel should concentrate on finding better politicians that aren't found guilty of accepting bags of cash or, trying to rape his female employees.
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (07.04.08)
For all this hatred towards Israel is to blame on the Israeli media, that constantly publish self hate articles and other negative crap on the internet. And with a leadership that is more moronic every , is tiered of winning and therefore looses in everything it does.
10. Islamic states based on Islamic supremacy...
Nannette ,   London   (07.04.08)
non-Muslims live as dhimmis.
11. pathetic statements from Larijani
Iran funnels money to Hizballah, hamas any deviant group known to humankind. Than the Iranians try to smear a good and decent people based on crotesqe lies. If Larijani wasn't in a position of power it would be comical. The Iranian regime needs to get over its obsession with the jews. Despite having enormous wealth. Even their greed and power can't quench their hatred for the Jew. Iran too, will join the dustbin of history. Hopefully sooner rather than later.
12. #7 Dee, You proved Mr Larijani's point!
Said ,   London, UK   (07.04.08)
You say there is only one human race, but everybody must believe the Torah (I assume the two Hebrew words in your post mean Hashem and Torah respectively). So if you DON''T believe in the Torah, you can't be negotiated with, thus not human. Thank you for proving what people like you truly believe.
13. The "Jewish Race"
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (07.04.08)
I cannot help but notice as I sit & have my coffee every evening on the Taielet (Beachfront) here in sunny Eilat, that my co-citizens, of the Jewish race, do not resemble one another ..... We are evidently the strangest "race" I have ever seen. Some of us are blond, some olive complected, some even darker. Many look distincly African while others have a definite North African appearance. As a recent immigrant, the first impression I had of Israel was it's diversity. It should be noted that Israelis come from over 100 countries. The fact that this Iranian lunatic could speak of a "Jewish race" is something out of "Mein Kampf" - a work I'm sure he is familiar with, it being similar to an unnamed work of fiction that he holds dear.
14. Iranian tales
Sandra ,   NYC   (07.04.08)
Are Isralies racist when they share with the whole world technologies? Are Isrealies racist when Israeli muslims receive monthly an amount of money to support their families? What have Iranians give to the world, besides an example of systematic violation of human rights?
15. Iranian hypocrisy
Mike ,   London   (07.04.08)
What do Persians care about Arabs? As far as Iran is concerned, Arabs are just cannon fodder in its proxy war against Israel and Jews in general.
16. Pants over....
Franklin ,   Paris   (07.04.08)
Laridjani is inaugurated slowly but surely....a turnout attitude over Israel.
17. Islamist-Jihadist Racism CRAP
Brod ,   USA   (07.04.08)
Talk about racism, the Islamist-Jihadists are the most racists. Their Koranic god tells them to be racists. Since they sprouted from the Abyss of the Arabian Desert in the 7th century, the Islamist-Jihadists have been crusading their racist Jihadiism to the whole world with the sword-terrorism. It is their culture that makes them racists. In the 20th century, in the post-WWII era, we saw how the Islamist-Jihadists in the region kicked the Jews out from the Islamist-Jihadist countries where they have lived for more than 2000 years. And more recently, how they ravaged, raped and slaughtered Africans living in their own country in Darfur. The fact is the Islamist-Jihadist world is a racist world crusading their Jihadism/terrorism to the whole world. "Culture Clash-Islam's War On The West" [2007] by Mark A. Gabriel, PhD, is a MUST READ.
18. That's because Israels God is Supreme,&their's is supremely
doomed!!!   (07.04.08)
19. I draw Mr.Miliband's attention
Reza Amouzadeh ,   Toronto-Canada   (07.04.08)
The point and also the problem in here goes back to the Islamic regime and all it's affiliates to define and explain the term of Racism, and their opinion in regard the "Law" and "Right" both internally , and internationality. They(Larijani specifically included, even if he studied the Philosophy)can't understand the legitimacy granted to them (Locally or globally)is based on , and also is assumed their comply with the responsibility of the state to defend "IRANIAN NATIONAL INTEREST" in cooperating with "INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY".Instant of doing the responsibility and tasks, Islamic Regime is Defending Palestinians(not all them or even the majority of them), and fighting with Iranian people, and defying International community. Take a look to what has this guy(Larijani)done since he came on power as head of Islamic parliament. The first step to approve and defend of a bill in parliament, which consider death penalty for bloggers and torturing and lashing at the intellectuals). If a person out of the case, whom doesn't know , who they are , or where they from, observs Islamic Regime thinks Iranian Islamic power is an Arab or Palestinian government.There is no positive defend of the right for Iranian people by this regime at all. Islamic Regime is the worst kind of Racism , and Dictatorship sovereignty on the earth right now. How many of Iranian people are SEYED(A term of verification the regular people from profit Mohammad ancestor, and emphasize their supremacy in order to more enjoy of contributed rights in society), and how many percentage of leadership are SEYED. why? this is only one point, so many others are on scene as well. Why Rafsanjani , and great Ayatollah, Montazeri was been failed to step on the leadership position?because they were not SEYED at the first. Mr.David Miliband the Honorable Foreign Minister from UK, had a very good sense of what is happening in Turkey, and very early showed the reaction , and claimed the legal procedure by justice system in Turkey is against the EU's standards. That's very good this high level of awareness, but please be aware the Iranian people labeling this guy(Larijani)as an English agent.(True or not True?no one can't answer). It means what is happening in Islamic Iran all in the areas of legislation, policy, law, state behavior, dictatorship, sacrificing nationality and the people , and giving their rights to the others, are times important than what is happening in Turkey , and are times against the Human right , which is the base for EU, and it needs , the international community to withdraw it's recognition to the Khomeini, and Islamic Regime, and it is having Mr.Miliband to do more in order to clean up the stain of cooperation with Islamic regime.
20. To #13
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (07.04.08)
Terry, it sounds like you're looking out over the Atlantic or Pacific and whom you see are Americans. It is the one thing about this country, too, that is so wonderfully mind-blowing: We Americans, just like Jews, are from everywhere, of every color; with faiths and beliefs running from none to the downright weird, wearing get-ups of every description and with every accent imaginable. It may not be polite, but when I hear an accent, I just have to ask where someone is from. Nobody has ever been offended by that question and the smiles I get from "imports" for a simple "Welcome to America" are priceless. After all, many moons ago, I too, was one of those "imports," and I'll never forget the kindness of Americans, their smiles, offers of help, and those "glad to have you here's;" all of it barely 14 years after WWll. Today, we celebrate July 4th, and all our warts notwithstanding, to me it's still America the Beautiful. So, when I read of all the bickering among Israelis and Jews, I only smile, because I know that "families" do that sort of thing, but I know, too, that heaven help those "outsiders" who don't understand that and try to butt in. It seems to be something that's lost on the Mahmouds and Larijanis of the world.
21. Jews are a family.
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (07.04.08)
A family that have been kept from our begginings untill now.Our routes can be traced from our first diaspora from this region,after the destruction of the second temple by the romans. This thing of assimilation is a relatively new thing ,I guess starting from French revolution 's new mentality ,because before,we had lived in guettos ,almost always by force,never being able to assimilate,what ,after all , ended up being our luck ,for we kept as a family.I would say also an espiritual entity. There are plainty of researches proving our roots and our ways up to now. We are not a race but a family that have all rights to keep together,despite any new concept about coexistence with others,race etc.We want and will fullfil our destiny,depite anyone and anything.
22. Larjani is right; fighting one group and negotiating
with another is a sure recipe for disaster. Do not negotiate with any group and show who is in charge. As it is at the moment the arabs have the upper hand all the way, exchanging dead soldiers for the most eveil terrorists.
23. unbelievable
Mark ,   St. John's, Canada   (07.04.08)
The problem is that most of you idiots think that he is calling all Jews racist which he's not, he's just calling the ones in power racist, which they are, or at the very least they are oppressors. And the best part of it is that most of the world agrees with him. Most Americans, most Britons, most Canadians, most Muslims, Asians, all world citizens know that there will never be peace in the Middle East because the Israeli government does not want peace despite the fact their citizens do. And don't call me anti-semite because I'm not. Just because I criticize the Israeli government doesn't mean I have any problems with the Jewish people. I love all citizens of this world and that's why it is more important than ever to stop the lies that the citizens of the Western world are constantly being fed by our governments.
DOOMHAM ,   PARASITE-UK   (07.04.08)
25. To all defenders of Human Rights :
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (07.04.08)
You should have the courage to denounce and to fight the real fanatics and the real racists, to defend the real victims of cruelty, perversion and abuse of power as shown at :
26. Iran = Land of Aryan. Look in the mirror
David ,   Boston, USA   (07.04.08)
Iran is one of the most racist religiously intolerant state, almost as bad as Saudi Gammorah. Systematically wiping out the Zoastroans. Iran has no ground to stand on. Even real Persians have told me this. How sad the land has become. Israel is 80% Jewish, thriving with all kinds of ethnicities and races, more so than most other states, and has done a better job integrating them in 60 years than anyone else in history. Jordan Palestine still has the law that bans Jews from citizenship, instituted by the British, the great instigator of limiting rights throughout the world.
27. to 14*
Reza ,   Tehran/Cologne   (07.04.08)
you can build your spy satelittes but even not able to defense against somme selfmade qassam rockets israel is unuseful ,,,Iran is useful for the world iran revelutinary guards fight anti drug fight FOR THE WORLD you israelis dont know how to fight you only can shot missles to civilian homes..
28. Israel based on supremacy of Jewish race
Daniel ,   Israel   (07.04.08)
It is. So is Iran. Don't you think? Do your leader want to destroy Israel? No, he wants to destroy Jews in Israel, and everywhere in the world, if possible for him. Isn't that racism?
29. And..
Hulu Berlu ,   France   (07.04.08)
The islamic republic of Iran is build on backwards fanaticism, and facism and terrorism.
30. To Reza 27 (Cologne)
Kira ,   Japan   (07.04.08)
If you are so fond of your country where women have no rights, where childrens are mudrerd who build nuclear reactors, but hav e a failed economy despite oil, what do you do in Germany... go back to your islamic fanatical wonderland full of bomb makers and don't forgt your plastic key "made in taiwan" to open the gates of paradise.. People believing this sort of BS are loopholes
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