Travel  A Trip to the Past
Feinberg family: Back to first days of Zionism
Nadav Man
Published: 04.07.08, 13:59
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1. Thanks for giving us an opportunity to take a peek inside
GZ ,   NYC, USA   (07.06.08)
these photo albums. Very interesting family stories... Some of the faces are astonishingly beautiful... And to think that these photos were taken a hundred years ago...
2. Since they gave up Judaism why emigrate just convert.
JMK ,   NYC   (07.07.08)
If Jews in Russia were to give up Judaism anyway, why go to all the trouble of emigrating anywhere when they could have just converted and be done with it in Russia, why emigrate to the US, Argentina, Palestine to be goyim when they could have led a life unmolested by remaining in Russia, what they were to be everywhere else, goyim? Why do goyim need another state albeit one that speaks hebrew, but that could have just as well been german or russian or yiddish? They could have desecrated Shabbat in Russia, have eaten treif in Russian, etc, etc.
3. #2 - STFU.....
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (07.17.08)
why make stupid commentary when you can just shut up?
4. To: #2 in NYC
robert goldman ,   Kfar Saba Israel   (07.31.08)
Stay in NYC and continue to live in ignorance, as per your comments I bet you still dress like it's the 15th century? And they say that we speard hate.
5. Great pictures
Dini ,   Lebanon   (05.06.12)
I learned a lot from this pictures about this amazing family.
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