Poll: Majority of Israelis support prisoner release
Published: 06.07.08, 13:20
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1. What would those against tell the parents of these soldiers?
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (07.06.08)
2. I don't believe this poll
Don Saliman ,   Nahal Oz Israel   (07.06.08)
Every poll in the hebrew internet sites,almost 70% didn't agree with the deal and most of the talkbacks in the hebrew sites a clear majority didn't agree. This also goes for the Israels english sites.
3. #2 Dorothy
Don Saliman ,   Nahal Oz, Israel   (07.06.08)
Although I feel for the parents of the kidnapped sons,I am against becasuse this gives the terrorist an incentive to kidnapp other soldiers or civilians, and why keep them alive,when we can get a deal with Israel,for the dead.
4. Rubbish!Even my left-wing hubby doesn't approve
Millie ,   Israel   (07.06.08)
5. Majority is against
Dina Marom   (07.06.08)
The majority of the Israeli Jewish population is against release of murderers!
6. 1 Dorothy Friend,TA: That capture is a death sentence and to
Rivkah   (07.06.08)
accept that since prisoner exchanges for Israelis means for dead bodies of Israelis. In World War II, Russians who were captured and escaped or were released were put on trial for treason and sent to slave labor camps in Siberia. Surrender was a treason offense. Russian could not have defeated the German war machine any other way. The Russians burned crops and did whatever was necessary to hinder the enemy. Surrender was not an option. Death was the only option besides victory. Soldiers who know they will not survive capture except to be tortured to death will fight harder than those who think they can survive a capture. Ron Arad was sold to the Iranians after two years. Iranians hang prisoners from their arms until the arms come out of the sockets. They use electric cattle prods on the genitals until there is massive swelling like the size of catalopes. My sister in Orange County, California, had a neighbor who spent 8 years in an Iranian prison falsely accused of being a CIA agent after his wife visited relatives in America. She was tortured until she miscarried, then released. He was held for eight years until he called on Jesus Christ to save him instead of Allah. Then he was released. Most prisoners die. There is no hope when an Israeli is captured. Goldwasser, Regev, and Shalit and Arad will all come back "tagged and bagged."
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (07.06.08)
is not reporting news but promoting its own agenda. This is a daily parade of media spinmasters a the command of its backers. Its these same people that will do anything to keep this corrupt government in place and prevent elections, to futher sell out then land of Israel. There is no journalistic code or guidelineswhat so ever , but the making of news trough manipulations.
8. Liberating the kidnapped soldiers.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (07.06.08)
While negotiating with terrorists certain principles that need to be applied are almost self-evident: Whatever deal is to be struck, it should be done immediately after the kidnapping. Of course the price to be paid for the return of the living is not to be the same as the price for the dead. Last but not least : We should should be fully aware of the Israelis who are being put at risk in the future as a result of giving in to the demands of the terrorists. More at :
9. wrong question asked in poll...decieving!
JAyjay ,   Israel   (07.06.08)
The War and Peace Index is conducted by the Tami Steinmetz Center for Peace Research. They have their own left wing agenda. The poll intentionally doesnt specifically mention swapping the terrorists for dead Israeli soldiers. If it did not many Israeli would support it! Another left wing bogus poll!
10. Good thing Plessner killed last week's terrorist
Miriam ,   Israel   (07.06.08)
otherwise, he'd also be part of the terrorist prisoner swaps. Instead of put them in prison and released a few weeks later as “goodwill gestures”, this is what should be done to every terrorist.
11. Meanwhile, Tannenbaum is free
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (07.06.08)
I was against the Tannenbaum exchange, because that was exchanging terrorists from someone who was kidnapped because of his illegal activities. When I commented on it then, I was "scolded" by more than one person on talkbacks, and patronizingly told that as Jews, we must do everything to release a Jewish captive, Anyone of those Tannenbaum defenders care to put their 2 cents in here? And what of the unique Israeli problem of Agunot? Yes, a special arrangement was made for the women of the men who died on the Dakar, but there have been other cases where that didn't happen.
12. 100% of the Palestinians
Ali ,   Ramallah-Falsteen   (07.06.08)
Believe that the Israeli occupation for their land will end sooner or later. That's why they prefer to stay here in PALESTINE in spite of all the disastrous circumstances. Regardless of the Israelis opinions, the TRUTH will be shiny on this land.
13. If any murders are committed by these freed
jason white ,   afula,israel   (07.06.08)
terrorists,then the members of the knesset,army and advisers should receive the death penalty. Anyone capturing a terrorist alive should be jailed. Terrorists should be killed on the spot.
14. #12 60 years have gone by.Tell me, how's that belief system
working out for you? ,   Dream on! JP USA   (07.06.08)
15. Of course we are for release of those useless fellows...
Daniel ,   Israel   (07.06.08)
...for exchange with our living soldiers. However, if you see them on the horizon again, don't put them in prison, instead keep a standing order to eliminate them without hesitation.
16. polls
colin   (07.06.08)
This poll must have been ordered by the corrupt Olmertt and the cowardly runner to show that they are doing what the nation of iSRAEL DOES NOT WANT. Anything to please the terrorists as requested by C Rice as a flavour of negotiations.
17. #1-No U tell us what U would tell parents of future kids
killed by released ,   Alan SA   (07.06.08)
18. #17
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (07.06.08)
I would tell them that a civilized country doesn't leave it's soldiers to rot, while going the full nine yards for a stinking drug dealer like Tannenbaum. I'm not saying I like the situation. But do you really think that we should abandon POWs?
19. #1 Mr T should've been left to rot!
Alan ,   SA   (07.06.08)
The Israeli soldiers are not POWs .They are POTs. (Prisoners of Terrorists)They have been kidnapped in Terro Raids for the express purpose of swapping for HUNDREDS of other CONVICTED terros in IL jails. The Terros serving time in Israeli Jails are not POWS either. They are convicted and sentenced CRIMINALS .They wore no uniforms and followed no Geneva or any other universally recognised international Convention Agreement. Period! ANSWER THIS PLEASE MRS FRIEND-If a gang of Israeli Mafia kidnap a Jail Guard one day and hold him to ransom,will you release all the Civilian Convicts in Ramle Jail as well??? There are other ways -and I dont mean send in Sayeret Matkal either... By this type of swap ,you are beating your own back with your own rod!You must be creative .
20. what does this REALLY mean?
tom ,   toronto, canada   (07.07.08)
polls aren't very important, because the average person polled doesn't really get to see all the facts, and isn't give more than a few seconds to think about and answer the questions. the results are rarely useful for formulating a country's policies. but this poll is interesting because it shows the loss of confidence in the government, and the lack of leadership. a government that leads, makes the right decisions, and then persuades the public to follow them. an inept government, on the other hand, conducts polls like this, in order to find out what policies would make it popular, with no regard for morality or future consequences of its actions. this is clearly a government that has sacrificed its moral compass for political expediency.
21. #18, No but not in the sense you mean
Danny   (07.07.08)
We should do our most to get POWs back but not at the price of exchanges. All this does is ensure that in the near future there are more Karnits and Noams. We heard all of the same nonsense when we did the exchange for 3 bodies and drug dealer in 2004. What was the first thing Nasrallah said? "We'll kidnap more soldiers".
22. Nonsense agenda driven poll...
David ,   Houston TX   (07.07.08)
Polling 600 people represents a tiny fraction of the population, as proven by the previous poll with vastly different results. Poll another 600 and you would get another entirely different result. Just meaningless numbers dressed up with erroneous conclusions based upon an insignificantly small sample.
23. Aguna
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel-Aviv   (07.07.08)
Do we need another one?
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