Sadat family enraged over 'traitor' label in Iranian film
Roee Nahmias
Published: 06.07.08, 19:35
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1. Iranian movie maker bends the truth?!
& now for something ,   completely different   (07.06.08)
NO, no, n, nah, ni, ni! You must cut down the biggest tre in the forest wiiiiiiiith, a hering|!
2. What a filthy regime there is in Tehran.....
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (07.06.08)
Its days are numbered - and we'll still be here.
3. He was assasinated thanks to Carter because he was the Only
Asher ,   NY, USA   (07.06.08)
leader in the world that accepted the late Shah of Iran get burried in Eygpt. He was a Hero who was assanitated by a coward in an cowardly act and Iranian people owe him a big appreciation that saved them from a big Shame, for what they did to their King and now are suffering since 1979 for their disasterous mistakes. On the other hand Thanks to Sadat Egyptians are living in Peace and more dignity than the time of Nasser.
4. nothing but
jafar   (07.06.08)
persian contempt for arabs!
5. Mind pollution.
Adam Neira ,   Melb, Australia   (07.07.08)
Cinema can be a vehicle for truth, justice, philosophy or just simple entertainment. Some movies can add value to the human condition. This piece of dross does none of the above and should be quarantined. Avoid mind pollution at all costs.
6. 5000 KM from the ME, I know the region better than Israelis!
Moise   (07.07.08)
Israel will never be accepted by the people of the ME, even if their governements does it. The acceptance is only a political tactic that will be reversed as soon as the geo-political balance shift. Israel is unfortunately a lost cause, its existance is only temporary. its a miracle that it's still standing, but for long? 30 more years if you are lucky!!
7. We Agree
Wise Man ,   USA   (07.07.08)
Arab and Jews always agree on one thing. We all love Sadat. Sadat loved and respect Jews and peace and that is why he was assasinated. My late father always told me that if Sadat lived for 10 more yrears we was going to change the middle east for ever. My God bless his sole. And I hope that may be for all arab and jews will follow Sadat way.
8. Sadat harmed long term peace potentional in the ME.
Persian CAT   (07.07.08)
I understand Sadat's motives to get back Sinai but at the cost of breaking up Arab ranks, who traditionally looked up to Egypt. The wife of King Husein of Jordan has publicly talked about the harm Sadat caused to the cause of "comprehensive" peace in the ME. Egypt's tizzy about a MOVIE is over blown. Sadat's family cannot expect everyone to worship Sadat the way the Western imperialists like . Sadat is important enough to be ignored by historians. The "family" better get used to it because a lot of new information is available thanks to the Internet.
9. He was a wise man...
Daniel ,   Israel   (07.07.08)
He got whole of Sinai, twice the area of present Israel, back for a simple piece of paper, "the peace agreement". Rests of you, including Ahmadinejad, do not know what you may loose!
10. iranian murderers
Pedro for pres   (07.07.08)
These political and murderous views represent the iranian people's mind set. We must reckon things! Even if it means to back the corrupt kings.
11. Regardless of the Film
Abdel Karim Salim ,   Jerusalem - ISRAEL   (07.07.08)
Even if we, Arabs, put the film issue aside, we, or at least me personally, do not miss or regret having gotten rid of Egypt's late Anwar Sadat. Sadat bluffed by making us believe he would be struggling to "liberate" the occupied territories by launching the 1973 Yom Kippur War.I was stunned and shocked when he paid a visit to Israel and later unilaterally made peace with it at the expense of the plight of Palestinians... While Nasser lost all the wars he fought with Israel I still miss him a lot because he simply did not stab Palestinians in the back...
12. A hero.
Egyptian   (07.07.08)
Iran can rot in hell. Sadat was a hero and a leader with a vision who brought peace to Egypt and saved us years of useless wars and hostilities. May God rest his soul.
13. # 6 Thanks Moise
Daniel ,   Israel   (07.07.08)
for giving us 30 more years, Enough for us to prepare for eventualities then. Your name sound like Moshe, who guided us to Israel in Biblical times, now you are driving us out of it! Please show us where to go, or you think we should defend it, whatever situation.
14. To # 6
Abdel Karim Salim ,   Jerusalem - ISRAEL   (07.07.08)
Your comment simply echoes the opinion and assessments of the late British historian "Arnold Toynbee" and the late US President "Richard Nixon". Toynbee said that Israel remains an "outsider" in the Middle East and eventually it would perish,while Nixon wrote in his book"Memoirs of Richard Nixon" that he doubted whether Israel could continue surviving for long while being surrounded by hostile arab countries...
15. To # 11
Egytpian   (07.07.08)
Palestinians were not stabbed in the back. If you can get a copy of Boutrous Botrous Ghali's "Egypt's Road to Jerusalem:: A Diplomat's Story of the Struggle for Peace in the Middle East" you will get an insider account of what took place before Sadat's visit to Israel. He basically offered Arafat the opportunity to go with him in order to include the Palestinians in the peace agreement, but all that crap about never shaking hands with an Israeli was invoked and later Sadat was portrayed as someone who betrayed Arabs when he really was looking out for his people.
16. To Egyptian # 15
Abdel Karim Salim ,   Jerusalem -ISRAEL   (07.07.08)
Sadat's suggestion to the late head of the PLO to accompany him in his visit to Israel in late 1977was the worst idea Sadat could have thought of. Your Anwar Sadat would have been more decent and wise enough to think of paying a visit to the Jewish State sometime in 1974 when Egypt,Syria,and the PLO were still enjoying with relish the victory over Israel and while the PLO was atop the crest of its power especially after it carried out no less than a dozen armed attacks against Israelis within Israel itself.The State of Israel was in 1974 still painfully licking its critical wounds as a result of the October 1973 Yom Kippur War. But after the 1976 successful Entebbe rhostage-rescue mission Israeli morale increased astronomically and restored Israelis' faith in their IDF. Besides, starting from March 1975 a bloody civil war broke out in tiny Lebanon and the PLO found itself involved in internecine fighting against Lebanese Maronites and consequently brazenly in the internal affairs of Lebanon instead of continuing its struggle to regain Palestinian rights. By November 1977 the Syrian army had already intervened in Lebanon's civil war on the side of Phalangists and against the PLO and its allies of the left-wing Lebanese factions.The PLO in November 1977 had already bled itself too much to the point where it no longer was in a strong position to pay a visit to Israel with its head high up... Wisdom would say try to talk to your enemy from a position of strength and not from a position of weakness.The-then Israeli Premier Menachim Begin would have refused outright to meet the PLO. Now you can see how Sadat acted selfishly and in a low-class treacherous way... !!!
17. To #10, #15
Devasahayam ,   Washington DC, USA   (07.07.08)
Pedro, there is evidence that the Shah was no more corrupt than Rafsanjani and Khatami; as in Pakistan and Afghanistan, the regime talking of "corruption" in one it replaced is at least as corrupt as its predecessor. Egyptian, you correctly stated that Sadat "did not stab 'Palestinians' in back"--that was done by their own leaders Haj-amin Husseini (who signed a blood-covenant with Adolf Hitler in 1936, and recruited Kosovar/Bosnian SS during WW2) and Arafat (who was rescued by Reagan--a serious mistake--to Tunisia from Beirut).
18. #6 You forget 1 thing. Hashem has a covenant w/us & NOT with
you.Israel is & will ,   be home to the Jews.   (07.07.08)
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