Ahmadinejad: Iran will not renounce nuclear rights
Published: 07.07.08, 14:38
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1. Iran will not renounce nuclear rights
Yonatan ,   Jerusalem   (07.07.08)
And Israel will defend it's self, Ahmadinejad brings disaster to the Iranian people.
2. "Israel and US will not dare attack"
John ,   Europe   (07.07.08)
Khm... Ahmy? Saddam said before Osirak that about Israel, and he repeated the same sentence before Desert Storm. So...
3. We can’t afford to wait : Time has come for action.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (07.07.08)
Iranian nuclearization remains an existential threat to Israel. Notwithstanding the plainly inaccurate US National Inteligence Estimate (NIE) concerning Iran, this threat also remains authentically genocidal in the legal sense. It follows that Israel’s reliance upon its own nuclear strategy and nuclear deterrent will now necessarily expand. Israel shall soon have to make a long-postponed decision on preemption (anticipatory self-defense) against Iranian hard targets. If this decision should continue to be postponed, Israel will likely lose the chance to defend itself conventionally.
4. Yes,and i believe him
Siad ,   Muslim world   (07.07.08)
Iran is not Irak or Afganistan.Iran has the power and the means to destroy their enemies lives.
5. Don't bet on this Ahmed... !
Claudia ,   Germany   (07.07.08)
Not taking the US and Israel serious is a very dangerous thing to do and no doubt it will lead to the end of his suppressing Mullahs system. Ahmedinejad makes the same failure as many other ex inhumane dictators who had a bad end. His name as well as his terror regime will be a black spot in futures' history books.
6. Monkey boy
Gal ,   Yeruham   (07.07.08)
Wait and see Monkey boy!
7. #4We know our enemies,their weapons,communication centers,
command centers, ,   electric centers,etc   (07.07.08)
8. The day after
Wise Man ,   USA   (07.07.08)
The day after the Israeli attach here is what will happen: 1- Iran will close the Hermos water way and oil will go to $250. 2- The stock market around the world will crash. 3- Iran will hit some targets in Israel and some American targets in Iraq. 4- Sheite Muslims in Iraq (The najority) will rise aginst USA forces. 5- Depends on the scale of Iranian retaliation. The Israeli and American recation could start a global war. Thanks to Israel
9. Ahmadinejad, Kurchner, and the EU
I.Kemp ,   Nahariya Israel   (07.07.08)
All what the U.S said and "did not say" could be a classic case of 'disinformation" for the Iranians but Ahmadinejad is begging to be "hit" so I hope he gets his wish (and I get mine!). In the meantime I get great satisfaction to see Ahmadinejad making fools of Solana and the EU and showing them for the gutless lot they are. As for French For Minister Kouchner anyone could have told him two years back what he seems just perhaps to be realising.
10. iran
fish ,   t-a   (07.07.08)
Did he say "Israel" in Persian? He always calls us "Zionist enemy", is it a tell-tale sign? To number 8 - this is hardly thanks to Israel, mate, Iranian rulers are on a collision course with the rest of the world, and ironically they can do that only because they sit on oil, which the West badly needs( for now). No sane country or democracy wants a war, and democracies in particular, where you have to be accountable to people who elected you . Iranian mullahs seem not to care - they think in case of the nuclear war everybody in Tehran will go to heaven, and no-one in Tel-Aviv will, so it's okay with them. They are mad fanatics, and Ahmi president looks and talks like a runaway psycho. I really symapthize with Iranian people that they have him ( even if I feel sorry for us, Israelis, to have a PM such as Olmert.)
11. 8#, Wise man or fool?
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (07.07.08)
You are only guessing at the outcome. Just as likely a scenario will be a temporary rise in the price of oil and loud cries condemning Israel just like in 1981. Yet the Iranians will be shown to be all bark and little bite. Assad in Syria talks tough yet when Israel destroyed its nuclear facility Syria did nothing. Saddam Hussein used to talk tough until he was found hiding in a hole in the ground and later was introduced to the hangmans noose. Iran needs to be dealt now before it can do real damage.
12. Nothing surprising on this
Brod ,   USA   (07.07.08)
The Ayatollahists are FANATICAL Islamist-Jihadists. Their move is not surprising at all. They are hellbent on producing their nukes and arming their tentacles in the region and the world with nukes. Those who think talking with the fanatics will bear fruit are living in Mars. It is time the Free World deals with this matter away from public debate. It has to be done decisively and with stealth.
13. #4 & Wiseman
Ram ,   London   (07.07.08)
The most likely scenario, logically speaking, is that the strike on Iran will make that in Iraq and Afghanistan look like a picnic, precisesly because Iran is better equipped to retaliate and Israel cannot afford the prospect of retaliation. Under no circumstance can Israel afford to let such a hostile near neighbour acquire the A Bomb. It just will not happen because this will mean an existential threat in the hands of such lunatics, who continuosly threaten its existence. You may both wish otherwise because of your loyalties but this will change nothing. Disaster will hit Iran and most likely a big part of the ME unless those mullahs and their fire stoking puppet stop stoking the fire and give up enrichment. Educated muslims like you should know better than to justify the madness of the mullahs, for peace's sake. If the likes of you, educated muslims, do not preach peace than Lord help us all for what will become an inevitable scenario! Live and let live and peace to all.
14. Iran Programm
Wise Man ,   USA   (07.07.08)
I think Israel could destroy the Iranian project or part of it. If that happen the oil price will be between $200 and $300 and that will give Iran the cash to rebuild again. Do not mention that you could not destroy the "Know how " in the Iranian heads of its technicians. Finally I really do not care if Iran succeed or fail and I really do not care if Israel succeed or fail. It is just matter of time till the Middle East engulf in a horrible end.
15. All the world will pay the consequences
Mateo   (07.07.08)
Any attack to Iran will damage all the world,not only middleast and Israel.Americans will pay the consequences,the safe of americans will be seriously damaged if Israel or americans attack iran.
16. # 8. The day after
Yonatan ,   Jerusalem   (07.07.08)
Wise Man, up to # 4 we see your wisdom, then comes # 5 and we see your antisemitism, it's called the blame game, You see at this moment in time Iran threatens the world, if they obtain nuclear weapons, do you think they will be less threatening? I am sure if you focus on the good Israel contributes to the world you would feel much better.
17. It's simple Monkey boy: no Iranian Nukes = no Israeli attack
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (07.07.08)
18. The day after... the other, unabridged version
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (07.07.08)
- Iran will lose Nuclear capability - Iran will start a terror war worldwide. - World will retaliate and NATO will take over the Iranian oil fields. - Iranian government will lose power as students will begin an "enlightened revolution". - Ahmedinejad will end just like Saddam Husein. - Iran will be pushed back by 50 years and lose all its military capability. - Iraq will be most pleased, just as Saudi Arabia, The Gulf States, Russia and China! All thanks to the megalomaniacal haucinations of a Mad Persian Monkey who was not taken seriously enough by its Arab neighbors and the greedy idiots in the West.
19. so.? Bring on your rubber navy
DK ,   la-usa   (07.07.08)
You should know better than to anger the Great Satan.,What makes you think your new Russian toys will work? Afterall, they're crusaders not fools like you-and you've been "had". Our evil Bush is on his way to pay the Czar and maybe throw-in some oil and a warm-water port for their blessings. . The Liberation of Persia is at hand. Shah Reza is patiently waiting, handsome and tanned in his Armani suit. A wise man once said ;"Do you feel lucky, do you punk?" Then take your best shot , we will not attack you first- there is no honor in decimating such a pathetic and moronic enemy. Sorry Siad, Muslim World will be closed for awhile while it undergoes extensive renovations and much needed facelift.. Shopping, not jihad, will soon become the law of the land.
20. Iranian president threatens to annihilate the Jews
Steve ,   Fla.   (07.07.08)
Jews have heard these kinds of words before. The Iranian president compares the Jews in Israel to a form of bacteria as he dehumanizes the Jews in the eyes of the world and prepares us for slaughter. He threatens to wipe Israel off the map when he gets nukes. Iranian President Mahmoud said that the state of Israel is a "stinking corpse" that is destined to disappear. "Today the reason for the Zionist regime's existence is questioned and this regime is on its way to annihilation." And Mahmoud will annihilate us! He further stated that Israel "has reached the end like a dead rat after being slapped by the Lebanese." These are criminal acts of war and aggression. Israel has every right to defend herself against these violent and threatening words. Now that Israel is acting as though she "may" defend herself, the Iranian president is very afraid. He is crying out to Allah and to the international community for protection.
21. Judah #11: "Wise man" wants the Jews incinerated.
Steve ,   Fla.   (07.07.08)
You are exactly right. "Wise man" is like Mr. Bush and Mr. (Admiral)Mullen. He is very worried and frightened by the mullahs and their genocidal threats. Wise man is afraid he might have to pay more for gasoline at the pump. He would rather see the Jews burned to a crisp by a first strike from Iran. We've heard these sorts of threats many times before as you say from Saddam, Assad, Egyptian President Nasser and others. Where are Nasser and Saddam today? Bush, Mullen, all of America's wise men are not courageous men. Courageous men are not frightened by threats from bullies and criminals. Mr. Bush, as well as America's wise men are afraid of this Iranian bully.
22. Iran's nuclear program is legal and open.
Persian CAT   (07.07.08)
While Israel's nukes are targeting every major city in the ME including those countries which signed peace treaties with Israel. Israel's nukes are the real threat to stability in the region. There is no shred of evidence that Iran is producing nukes. Iran's enemies have only presented "suspicions" and gossips about Iran's nuclear weapon program. The nuclear proliferation will continue until Israel's nukes are brought under international control.
23. Gal, I'm glad you see your family resemblance.
Persian CAT   (07.07.08)
24. #8, semi wise
Blame France and Russia, not Israel. It is Israel who stands to lose the most from Irans nuclear program built by France and Russia. Oh yeah, you can also thank North Korea.
25. Nobody will be holding coats
Zooog ,   US   (07.08.08)
while Israel slugs it out with Iran. We are all in the same boat. What a pity. Israel has nothing against the Iranian people nor do they have anything against Israel. The lunatics that run Iran are the problem and should be overthrown.
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (07.08.08)
Gal must have recognised his likes.
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