Mortar shell lands in western Negev
Shmulik Hadad
Published: 08.07.08, 15:30
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1. The Arabs have the green light to shoot as much as they want
Miriam ,   Israel   (07.08.08)
why shouldn't they? They know that Israel is too weak to stop them as long as Olmert and Barak in power. As Ed from USA, one of the talkbackers, wrote:,11381,L-19436296,00.html “Home demonlitions are not the answer...they only create bad feelings.....killing the terrorists is not the answer that only causes bad world opinion and angers the arabs....attacking Gaza is not the answer since then "innocents" will be hurt....economic sanctions are not the answer because that only cause the U.N. and other leftists to get upset.....turning off water/power to the places terrorists and their supporters live is not the answer because that is collective punishment...NOTHING is the anwer to these folks retreat, be good little boys and short retreat, surrender, give up. The idiocy of the position expressed in such articles is so plain and obvious, so tiresome.....and yet bought into by so many Israelis and Jews.....the real problem is that these folks in Israel suffer from Stokholm Syndrome and are no longer rationally able to appraise their situation.”
2. Moshe Dayan is spinning in his grave
MK ,   Atlanta,USA   (07.08.08)
3. Ceasefire?
Amazed ,   Israel   (07.08.08)
4. Ceasefire?
Amazed ,   Israel   (07.08.08)
Ceasefire? There is a Ceasefire? Come on, you're joking. But then of course Barak opened the crossing. How else are the hams supposed to get ammunition?
5. olmert go home you are impotent
ami ,   israel   (07.08.08)
7. So why is the crossing being re-opened still
J K ,   NYC, USA   (07.08.08)
Close it again. Sure, its boring to keep doing it, but each violation must be addressed. Close it more than a day. This is nonsense and Hamas needs to do a much betetr job.
8. Hold the leadership accountable
Chrisona ,   Chicago.IL   (07.08.08)
Israelis deserve better than this.
9. Hanas knows hot to play this hand
Natan   (07.08.08)
They know that Israel will do NOTHING in response for a mortar here and mortar there. After all, Israel had almost zero response for 30 Qassams in one day!!! Just wait when the, so called, ceasefire is over, just wait...
10. Since our leaders won't respond, I think we should start
giving their qassams ,   back.Full force!!!   (07.08.08)
11. Another mortar hits Israel
Ger ,   Raanana, Israel`   (07.08.08)
Only another hundred or so rockets or mortars, and Israel might file a complaint with the UN. But Olmert and Barak are not sure if they want to anger the Palestinians, so Israel might be more tolerant.
12. The cease-fire is an Islamic Fact
Truth Hertz ,   UK   (07.08.08)
You just do not understand. There IS a cease-fire. This is an Islamic Fact. Just because you happen to be witnessing daily mortar and rocket fire agianst Israeli civilians does not mean that there is no cease-fire. There IS a cease-fire. It is an Islamic Fact. Just accept it, like the BBC does.
13. Why open and close......
Poitcha ,   Israel   (07.08.08)
the crossings....just keep them closed. The Palestinians wanted their Authority, they wanted Gaza, they wanted to separate from us.....just DO IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop wasting the taxpayer's money on debating these decisions in the Knesset. It is an utter waste of time. Just throw throw the key away once and for all. And everytime they commit a violation, just blast them good and proper. They will get the message sooner or later.
15. The truce is not respected : Destroy the terrorists.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (07.08.08)
The West should not be the only one to respect the Geneva convention. As has been proven since 60 years, unfortunately, peace is not an option in this part of the world. The Muslims in general and the Arabs in particular do not make a lasting peace. The maximum that Israel can aim for is a temporary limited ceasefire or an armistice. We should not accept a limited ceasefire or an armistice, but fight the terrorists, defeat them and destroy them. We should stop them with a clear cut victory as explained at :
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