East Jerusalem cell arrested for throwing Molotov cocktails
Efrat Weiss
Published: 10.07.08, 18:59
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1. Why doesn't B'tselem donate cameras to Israeli motorists
Jake   (07.10.08)
in the Jerusalem area to record attacks on them by Arab molotov cocktail throwers? Why do they only give cameras to Palestinians make surveillance on settlers? Isn't that a form of Apartheid?
2. campared to the IDF of course . . . . .
Richard ,   London UK   (07.10.08)
Rank: First Sergeant Place of incident: Rafiach Description: Often we received orders to fire warning shots every quarter of an hour in the direction of the city of Rafiach. Once I fired over 1500 rounds from a machine gun at the houses in the city.
3. nothing compared to what the IDF gets upto
Richard ,   London UK   (07.10.08)
Rank: First Sergeant Unit: Giv’ati Infantry Unit Place of incident: Gaza Description: Middle of 2004 I would go around talking to the guys. I would sit a lot with all of them and talk to them. Surely, we have been to houses we took over for observation missions, we went to all the houses, and in each we talked, sat with the snipers. Sit and talk inside the houses. That’s the way they were. Once we went to *** outpost, on the Philadelphi route. Our aid-company was placed there. I go up – in *** there are cameras on top of the outpost, which record; there is video there. He plays a film for me, and says: “Look. Look what he did today.” There is a film there of… They discovered a tunnel. Ok. They dug the tunnel, bulldozers – they [Palestinians] wanted to dig a tunnel that leads to the outpost. We marked all the ‘extermination-zones’ to which they [Palestinians] are not allowed to come close. We decided that every one who comes close we shoot a warning shot, and if he doesn’t run away, shoot towards the legs. For, after all, this is a residential area. Whoever comes close to the route? To the tunnel. Because the tunnel was closer to their area. If they got close to the route they would have been killed. But the tunnel was close to their houses, so it was decided that no one is to come close to the tunnel. Perhaps there is ammunition there; they didn’t want them to come close to the tunnel. So one man came close to the tunnel. You could see him. An older person – about 30 or 40 years old. Unarmed? No. He wasn’t armed. Just walking about – I don’t want to say he was innocent, I don’t want to make any assumptions. He was walking in the general area of the tunnel. They shot him. He got a bullet here, and fell down. In the chest. Yes. He fell down, then stood up, made a few steps, and then dropped dead. I tell them “Why?!” He goes: “No reason, he just got close, they killed him.” I say, “Why didn’t you shoot his legs? Why the chest? Chest is good, and legs are no good?” – It wasn’t from a great distance, and this was a sniper shooting. – “No reason. You know…” I ask, “No one knows about it, right?” – “Obviously not.” How come no one knows? A sniper is at his post. Also in ‘Rainbow in the Clouds’ operation, when a sniper shoots, they report shooting. Does he report what he sees? He reports shooting. First of all, ‘Rainbow in the Clouds’ operation was a jungle. There were shootings all the time. One does not have to report shooting. In ‘Rainbow in the Clouds’ operation there was shooting all the time. Whose? Both sides? Yes. They would shoot at you and you would return fire? They shot less. We shot more. You know
4. #2-3, Ahem, I think you have some "translator errors"
Jake   (07.10.08)
because as things stand, most of what you have cut and paste makes no sense whatsover. Also, in the civilized world, it is customary to reference one's sources.
5. #4 His MAIN source is the windows of his mind! Flippen ekk,
this bloke is looney ,   AD Lancashire, UK   (07.10.08)
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