Obama says he used ‘poor phrasing’ on Jerusalem
Published: 14.07.08, 00:50
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flip   (07.14.08)
we do not need your presence in Israel stay confused in the US and grow up
3. a politician of worst kind
Yohanan   (07.14.08)
It was only a matter of time before Obama goes back on his pro-Israel slogans. There is more to come.
4. Don't Trust Him
Dan ,   USA   (07.14.08)
Obama does and will say anything to get elected. Next to blacks, liberal jews are his most ardent backers in this election. It is sad.
5. Obama: HORROR for ISRAEL
Stephane ,   jerusalem   (07.14.08)
American Jews DO NOT vote for him!
6. Obama mind your own business.
Great White North ,   Canada   (07.14.08)
Obama mind your own business. Let Israel decide where and if they want barbed wire. It's an internal matter.
7. Again,the democrats have a 'Jimmy Carter"
Arie ,   BaGolan   (07.14.08)
8. Jerusalem is the Holy City of God Given to his Elect Israel.
Roy C. Hudson ,   Pittsburg USA   (07.14.08)
Jacobs Kids forever. case closed on that subject, and all the try to change the plan of God. read Zechariah,12.1-9. God said what he will do with all nations of People including THE USA. (!!!) he said he will seek a way to destroy them all that come down on Zion, the City of God. The Bush Family put the USA on the List. with the Land for peace. Hey, God has said. who is Obama or Mccain to follow the GW & Rice fatal error. We the USA is now on a crash to the bottom for what has been done against Israel to save the PLO. It can't be done according to the word of God.(!!!) Roy c. Hudson USA
9. obama
josef ,   new york   (07.14.08)
what he says, what he means and what he will do are up in the air. he is a great unknown, sold to the american public by the media the same way you sell any commodity. clinton was bonified candidate despite the fact that i disagree with her. obama is dangerous for israel and the united states
10. Typical
Jew   (07.14.08)
this is becoming de rigeur for Obama, backstabbing, backpedaling, restating. He is not to be trusted by anybody.
11. Obama -TheWolf in Lamb Skin
Eric ,   Phhiladelphia   (07.14.08)
12. undivided it will be
bezalel ,   tel aviv   (07.14.08)
obama was serious when he said jerusalem would be the undivided capital of israel. what he left out is his real intention behind why. he will, as president, propose to the un that it votes to reverse 1948 resolution which created a jewish state. he will propose a one state solution in its place. a one state solution including all of gaza and judea and samaria (west bank) and proposing the return of the 4m arab so called refugees. he will propose a new flag-perhaps white with a dove in the middle and a star of david, a cross and a crescent moon on the top left corner. and so that is why jerusalem will be undivided.
13. The issue of Jerusalem
David L.   (07.14.08)
What are the geographical limits of Jerusalem? Does it span all the middle east from the Mediterranean Sea to the Indian Ocean? In reality, any true historical/religious claim that either the Israelis or the Arabs can have on this city is limited to the old city. The most problematic issue is the Temple Mount, on which Muslims had the unfortunate idea of building a Mosque. But for the rest... 95% of East Jerusalem is de facto Arab. Let's suppose that the city of Ramallah would expand untils it touches East Jerusalem. Then would that make Ramallah part of Jerusalem?
14. Obama is anti Israel
Michael ,   St. Louis, Usa   (07.14.08)
Obama is anti Israel. All his advisors are pro palestinian, obama is another jimmy carter. Vote for McCain. Obama will sell out Israel. Olmert needs to be replaced with a Strong Israeli leader who will stand up to obama. But, hopefully the american people are not stupid enough to elect obama. obama is not qualified to be president of the US.
15. Shifting into reverse
Arn ,   Yehud, Israel   (07.14.08)
Obama and his wife are slick lawyers supported by other lawyers - including ambulance chasers like Edwards. Obama uses words not to demonstrate conviction (in the manner of McCain) but to manipulate and impress. He's all ribbon bedecked packaging, but don't go looking for content. And if anyone thought that with Jimmy Carter the US hit rock bottom wait till Obama shows why he is the preferred choice of Muslims everywhere. Muslims aren't dumb.
16. obama
sas ,   israel   (07.14.08)
he and his advisors need to do a lot of homework. surprising as one of his advisors was ambassador to israel for many years..............
17. Two Points
Jerry ,   Eilat   (07.14.08)
1) Obama is totally unable to retain any position that he takes. He is worse than a conventional politician and he has the integrity of a weather vane--he is only true to the direction the wind is blowing at that moment. 2) The risk to us in Israel in incredible. Forget his ambiguous position on Jerusalem. His inexperience, advisers and left wing outlook will put us at even greater risk than we are in now.
18. Obama is terrible for Israel, the US, and the world.
nachum ,   golan   (07.14.08)
He has already "flip-flopped" on the most important issues to Americans and people like me watching the American Elections. John McCain is the only good choice for the stability of the world, the defense of Israel, and victory in Iraq and Iran.
19. And this comes as a surprise?
Leah Ominsky ,   Netanya, Israel   (07.14.08)
I would hope at this point in his campaign that the public knows what to expect from this guy :)
20. Poor phrasing...
John ,   Jerusalem   (07.14.08)
Is that kinda like a "wardrobe malfunction?"
21. Obama says he used ‘poor phrasing’ on Jerusalem
Yonatan ,   Jerusalem   (07.14.08)
Obama will never be the person who holds the office of head of state of the United States government. So it is wrtten so it will be. .
22. Smoke and mirrors Obama show
Psalms 83 ,   Selah   (07.14.08)
Didn't didn't have his slight of politcaly correct ....correct keep an eye on his slieve !
23. and this is only beginnig
alex ,   san francisco   (07.14.08)
24. Obama just lost my vote
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (07.14.08)
What he is now saying is, "I am not against allowing the Arabs to make Jerusalem their capital, too." Not good, Barack, not good at all.
25. The more Obama "clarifies" ....
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (07.14.08)
The less anyone likes him. His whole campaign was designed to obscure who he really is. As he is forced to "clarify" some of his BS rhetoric & empty slogans, he becomes much less attractive. This is starting to show in the polls but with an overly-protective media, I don't know if this will produce enough momentum to defeat him in the upcoming elections.
26. If G-d forbid Obama is elected as president of the US
Miriam ,   Israel   (07.14.08)
it will be the end of American-Israeli alliance.
27. forget spanish, obama needs to master english first
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (07.14.08)
he makes more errors in english than i do in hebrew. and that's a LOT.
28. obama
sami ,   palestine   (07.14.08)
Obama can give a way any america city to jews voters , but jerusalem the arabic city and the palestinian cabital is not for sale at this time .
29. "Poor phrasing"
NYC Girl   (07.14.08)
Apparently, Obama isn't the only one having a problem with the English language. I wonder who the hell the idiot is at Reuters who used the word "recoil" to describe Obama's backtracking. The word recoil is used to denote an extreme reaction to something that causes fear or disgust as, for instance, to recoil in horror at the sight of a large snake. And speaking of snakes...
30. flip floping his way to the same old politics of deception
alan ,   cape clear   (07.14.08)
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