Hamas using Gush Katif synagogues to train gunmen
Ronen Bergman
Published: 15.07.08, 12:16
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DOOMHAM ,   PARASITE-UK   (07.15.08)
Advise the pals that the buildings are to be demolished and just do it. They are no longer houses of worship but rather the latrines of the enemy. I'm so sick of this ridiculous poofy mentality. SHOW A BIT OF BACKBONE AND MAKE IT NOT A PROBLEM ANYMORE.
2. Sad reminder of the brutal expulsion of Jews 3 years ago
Miriam ,   Israel   (07.15.08)
from their homes in their own homeland, by the cruel secular Jewish government of Israel.
3. Great either bulldoze the dome of the rock,
petra ,   usa   (07.15.08)
or use it as an IDF traiing base. Yesterday, already! It doesn't belong in Jerusalem on the site of two Jewish temples. It is as Daniel described it, " An abonimation of desolations standing where it should not stand." Get rid of it!!!!!!!
4. #2 "Brutal expulsion"?!? really?!?!
Gaza never was part of Biblical Eretz Israel...have a look to the Mosaic texts if you don't believe me. Secondly if you want a really good example of what a brutal expulsion is have a look at the expulsion of the Jews from Spain and Portugal in the 15th and 16th centuries. Thirdly, how dare you define the duly elected government as the State of Israel as cruel and secular! There are definitely religious elements in the government and if you go back and check the records you will see that they voted in favor of the repatriation of Jews from Gaza back into Israel!
5. “Poor inhabitant of Gaza”.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (07.15.08)
When Israel pulled out of Gaza, the world waited to see what the Palestinians would make of it, as a prelude to their having a full state including the West Bank. The first thing the Palestinians did was smash all the greenhouses the settlers had built, instead of using them to aid their economy. Then they turned Gaza into a mini-terror state, launching a war against Israel that continues to this day. And now they wonder why life in Gaza is so wretched, when it could have flourished. To those who say we should not isolate Hamas: Hamas isolated itself, with its aggression not only against Israel but also against other Palestinians. When the aggression will stop, the isolation will stop. But the aggression will never stop as long as Palestinian extremists continue to enjoy support from their self-righteous cheering section, which has chapters all over the world and in many universities and trade unions as explained at :
6. To #4 interesting that there are still people who are...
Harry   (07.15.08)
interesting that there are still people who are favorable to the expulsion idea. Seems that you forgot about the war in Lebanan with thousands of missiles that hit civilian populations and most likely it will happen again. Seems you are forgetting the Kassams vollying on sderot and ashkelon. Seems you are forgetting the pain 10,000 Jews have gone thru and are still going thru as a result of expulsion. Ah the wonderfull democratic Gov't They are abunch of corrupt or spineless rubbish. Look at Olmertand the rest of the gang
7. What Was Gained By Israel?
emanon ,   USA   (07.15.08)
Many said at the time the turn over of Gush Katif to the terrorstinians it was a bad idea. Time and time again, it has been shown nothing was gained by Israel in caving in to the terrorists demands. Absolutely no good has come of the turn over of the land. To bad we can't go back in time and reverse the decision.
8. How Disgusting!!
Avi   (07.15.08)
This is a reminder of what Israel is faced with. These people have no regards for life or for property-not even for former houses of worship. The exit from Gaza didn't make any good. For one, there's an article here that mentions the sloppy storage of Judaica taken out of Gaza. And now the use of former synagogues by terrorists against the Jewish people who built them. Allowing this does no justice to Israel.
9. Stupid is as stupid does
m   (07.15.08)
... and there are still people like no. 4 who still thinks it was a very good idea to throw the Jews out of the Gush, because "it doesn't belong to us". Now you must be happy with the results (if you live in Ramat Aviv).
10. Nothing much changed then
Chanalau, Tova ,   London, UK   (07.15.08)
Good old testament solutions to old testament problems.
11. Remeber that building was part of a SETTLEMENT! DAH!!
Leftist Jerusalemite   (07.15.08)
It's there land and they can use it the way they like. We didn't get out of there because it was ours we right from the begining!!! Stop these unworthy news!
12. #4 I don't know what Bible you're referring to.
Miriam ,   Israel   (07.15.08)
According to the Torah, not only is Gaza part of Eretz Yisrael as it was allocated to Shevet Yehuda (see Yehoshua 15:47 & Judges 1:18) but parts of Lebanon and Jordan were too and were allocated to the tribes of Asher, Reuven and Gad. Read the Tanach. Secondly, you know quite well that the Gaza expulsion on Tisha b'Av 2005 and the Amona explusion were as brutal as the expulsions from Spain on Tisha b'Av 1492. The only difference was that baruch Hashem the secular Israel government didn't give them the choice of conversion or expulsion. Thirdly, yes this secular government is "cruel" to religious Jews, especially to chareidim. And you know that quite well. You’re wrong! The majority did not vote in favor of the expulsion. Sharon ousted all ministers who were against it and did not allow a referendum because he knew that over 80% of Israel was against it. You must have a very small memory if you don’t remember the brutality that occurred 3 years ago. And you know what? The nations in the world lost a lot of respect to Israel because of that and now they feel they can do with Israel whatever they want, even to give all of Israel away to the Arabs. And that’s all thanks to Sharon who’s suffering all these years because of his stupidity and selfishness.
Andrew ,   Miami,FL   (07.15.08)
14. #12 according to Bible Iran belongs 2 greater Israel...
give us all a break and stop with the fruitless useless right wing propaganda. You lost your moral authority the minute you compared Gaza to Spain and the minute the rest of your cronies compared Gaza to the Holocaust. give it a rest already!!! better yet get a life!
15. #13 don't b stupid everyone knows leftists don't pray!
We all live in the flesh pots of the greater Tel Aviv area where we spend our time driving our Volvos and Hummers and enjoying our seafront homes. We are all rich, have never served in the Army, our children are the very expression of perfection and we have never known any sorrow. Basically you are all just very jealous because you don't have what we do!
16. Hakol kol Yaakov, vehayadayim yedei eisav
Miriam ,   Israel   (07.15.08)
This that the terrorists are nesting in our shuls, indicates the pasuk in the Torah (Genesis 27:22): "Hakol kol Yaakov, vehayadayim yedei Eisav" - The voice is the voice of Jacob and the hands are the hands of Eisav. The voice of Jacob refers to tfilah (prayers) and Torah and the hands of Eisav refer to Eisav's murderous hands. When the first part of the pasuk ceased because of the expulsion, unfortunately, the later part of the pasuk, exists.
17. #11. "That building" was a synagogue
Jake   (07.15.08)
You are really more lost than I thought. Your poor unfortunate Hamasniks were quick to plunder and destroy the acres of greenhouses that were handed over by Israel to international humanitarian bodies for the purpose of feeding the poor unfortunate Gaza Palestinians. But they use an empty synagogue as a terrorist training base to attack WITHIN Israel, attacks which occur unabated. And you are not a little disturbed? Can't you see your attitude has become a laughing stock in Israel?
18. #10 is the final proof that 'Chanalau' is an impostor
Jake   (07.15.08)
She is about as Jewish as pork scratching in a Bar Mitzvah.
19. #11: "kidnapping, invasion, purification of buildings"
Jake   (07.15.08)
DAH! This is what "their land" is being used for: attacks and invasions of Israeli territory and murder of Israelis. Wake up from your delirium tremens.
20. The Orange Protestors were right.
Joe K ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.15.08)
How can I make amends to my brothers and sisters of Gush Katif who warned of the outcome and with whom I did not march vigilantly enough to stop the madness. At the time, I was trapped in wishful thinking, as Israeli's are now about their insane government, that someone knew better than I and that wisdom drove the decision making. Now I know that it was venality, stupidity, and perfidy that drove these insane decisions, as is the case now. It looks as if we have been conquered by the same mental madness, emanating from the Mullahs and Imams, that they use to convince people to become suicide bombers. Someone on our side must learn to master this mind control technology and help us turn the tide against the evil and paralysis that grips us, or we, as Jews, are done for. Vomit out the Ehudim from power. Tie their hands so they do no more damage. I weep.
21. For #3--alternatives
Devasahayam ,   Washington DC, USA   (07.15.08)
Muslims have already shown how little they value Dome of Rock and al-Aqsa by the fact that they do so much digging--undermining the basal structures of these. Of course, demolition could be preponed by granting 1 lakh visas specifically to ruffians belonging to VHP, RSS and Bajrang Dal--as these organisations have "specific experience necessary" (Ayodhya, 1992) to accomplish such a task (plus it would be poetic justice to see these abominations pulled down by worshippers of other abominations, eh?).
22. Response to #4 - Gaza *is* part of biblical Eretz Yisrael
Moshe Z. Matitya ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.15.08)
Gaza is explicitly listed as part of the territory of the tribe of Judah in Joshua 15:47, as well as Judges 1:18. If you want to go on spouting tired, failed leftist propaganda justifying the Expulsion of 2005, that is certainly your right. But please don't pontificate to us using outright lies and fabrications like "Gaza never was part of Biblical Eretz Israel". You really should educate yourself a little before you start lecturing others on something you clearly know nothing about.
23. Response to #14 - More ignorance
Moshe Z. Matitya ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.15.08)
"according to Bible Iran belongs 2 greater Israel". In Genesis 15:18, as well as Joshua 1:4, the eastern border of greater Eretz Yisrael is given as the Euphrates River. This is far to the west of Iran -- thus Iran lies outside of greater Eretz Yisrael. Again, you really should educate yourself a little before you start lecturing others on something you clearly know nothing about.
24. Take the bldgs out, 2 minutes notice
SN ,   PHL, Pennsylvania   (07.15.08)
Give 2 minutes warning to inhabitants & take out via Apaches & Hellfire missles. To let them use them as terror training facility is beyond crazy.
25. Response to SN (#24)
Moshe Z. Matitya ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.16.08)
Why 2 minutes notice??
26. If only they had listened to the Rebbe and the S/Aruch...
Yaron ,   Kfar chabad   (05.18.09)
What do you think the Lubavitcher Rebbe has been shraying since 1967? Look at what it says in shulchan aruch! you cant give land to goyim because it is too dangerous. you can even break shabbos to stop jewish land from going to goyim because it is pekuach nefesh!
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