Abbas congratulates Kuntar's family; Haniyeh: Israel will pay more
Ali Waked
Published: 16.07.08, 13:57
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1. No reason for a Palestinian state
JPS ,   Efrat   (07.16.08)
The world does not need a Palestinian state, whose "heroes" are convicted child killers. Today is a sad day for Islam and the Arab world, as it shows everybody what they truly value. We only wait for the official name change when Lebanon becomes an official province of Iran.
2. Disgusting
Stefan ,   Tel Aviv   (07.16.08)
There was a time that I supported the peace process with the palestinians. Now I understand that there will never be a peace with the palestinians. The UN resolution 1701 demanded the release of the soldiers UNCONDITIONALLY. However, they got their child murderer hero in exchange and the palestinians congratulate that. I really don't want peace with this kind of people.
3. How much $$$ will the PA get from the US for this?
Millie ,   Israel   (07.16.08)
Oh, I'd say it's worth about another $7.4 billion. PA, Hamas, they're all the same bunch of genocidal, Jew-hating freaks.
4. peace partners?
Dr. (not so)Feelgood   (07.16.08)
(enough said)
5. The difference between civilized and barbaric
robert renders ,   belgium   (07.16.08)
Israel works for the return of fallen soldiers, and barbaric Islamists from Hezbollah and Palestine call the return of a murderer of 2-year old girl a hero's return.
6. No Moral High Ground Any Longer
Dan ,   Titusville, FL USA   (07.16.08)
No longer has Israel any moral authority. After releasing a child murderer to return to the Arabs as a hero with parades and congratulation messages from every Arab capitol, Israel has told the world that we are morally bankrupt with a leader that wants to commit national suicide to achieve peace. When the next child dies in a horrific act of brutality at the hands of the Palestinian terrorists who will Olmert release to next coddle favor with people that want us dead?
7. and the price for their release: >1000s dead and wounded
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (07.16.08)
which goes to show that terrorists will spare no human expense to get what they want, no matter how small. anyone comprende?
8. Heroes?
R.Alkalai ,   USA   (07.16.08)
A man take his rifle butt and brutally smashes a little girl's head in, on a rock, after forcing her to watch him shoot her father, and they regard this as man as a hero? I agree with #1. There is no reason for a Palestinian state. Nor is there any reason to furnish them with any "humanitarian" needs. They are not human.
9. Rripples of the Olmert/Livni Lebanon Surrender Endless
Dr. Dave ,   NYC   (07.16.08)
The entire cabinet of traitors need to be ,,,,(fill in the blank as you see fit).
10. With Olmert maybe but not with NEXT leadership
MN ,   Europe   (07.16.08)
"Abu Mujahed, a spokesman for the Popular Resistance Committees, told Ynet that the completion of the deal "even after the images of the Israeli soldiers' coffins, proves that kidnapping soldiers will continue to be the most efficient, favored and ideal way to release Palestinian prisoners, particularly those defined by the enemy as having blood on their hands." Until next leadership........
11. Palestinians congratulate Nasrallah
Talula ,   Israel   (07.16.08)
Really? OK, keeping in line with our bizarre behaviour of late, let's not forget to open all crossings into Gaza now - let's send them in cakes and bourekas and chilled drinks, bunting with pictures of Kuntar on them and of course flags and plastic plates and cups - let's up the power to them - increase the water supply and take in every injured Palestinian into our hospital that is hurt from ricocheting bullets fired into the air during the celebrations. The Israel of old would have made them sorry they ever heard of Kuntar. How the great have fallen.
12. The PA is a terror organization.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (07.16.08)
No different than Hamas or Hezbollah. Anyone who can't figure that out is just living in denial, lying to themselves, indulging in wishful thinking. We should officially classify them as a terror organization & take the appropriate measures.
13. new law
eli ,   israel   (07.16.08)
Israel has to change the law. Killers like Kuntar has to get death penalty. Who will free them afterwards.
14. Shame
Daniel Ben-Hillel ,   KarneiShomron Israel   (07.16.08)
Shame on this animals that make heroes of killers! But also shame on the Israeli government for dealing with the, for being afraid of calling them by their real name and shame for not caring about us the people of Israel, just to look nice to the Sarkoskys, Condis and other not lovers of Israel that walk around.
15. To # 11 Talula in Israel
Jeffrey ,   Boston, USA   (07.16.08)
You got that right. Well said. And when upping the power and increasing the water lets also send in cement to build bunkers and pipes to build you know what.
16. Such sensitivity from our "bis bartners"
Pete ,   Bat Yam   (07.16.08)
play with snakes and you will always get bitten!
17. Peace with who???????
Zev Taff ,   Israel   (07.16.08)
And this is the guy that we are supposed to make peace with??????????????????
18. Abbas Congratulates Kuntar
NYC Girl   (07.16.08)
There have you have it. Nothing more clearly shows the true colors of Mahmoud Abbas than this stomach-turning display. Now, the most Israel can do is to make sure the world knows in gruesome detail exactly what Samir Kuntar's heinous crimes involved and the fact that Israel's supposed peace partner is celebrating the release of this savage murderer.
19. proof
Lior   (07.16.08)
Abbas is a terrorist. Hope the west and President Bush who glorified Abbas is happy now.
20. Abbas and the Child Murderer
Carsten ,   Germany   (07.16.08)
The reaction should be quite clear: Shunt Abbas, the child murderer sympathizer. He was and will ever be a terrorist, not a politician. And by the way, even if Israel goes ahead with this failed deal and kicks the lebanese scum back to their so-called 'state', you know where they are and where to get them: the welcome parties have already been prepared, and even the IAF will not be able to miss such large targets. You have my unconditional approval for "Fire at will"! BO
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (07.16.08)
With this anti emunah government supported by an anti emunah Herzelist sytem, all we are left with is weakness and humiliation,while the dogs of war that surround us smell more blood. Only through Tsuvah will we see victory, if we do not get that soon we will all witness far more sad days and losses far greater then today. As a people we do get the leaders we deserve, by devine decree. Looking at what we are dealing with now,we are in very big trouble indeed. As a people we have to recognize that we are in partnership with Hashem in order to remain here in our land that is our promised inheritance.
22. Prisinor exchange
Maurice C ,   Ireland   (07.16.08)
All I can say is body for body and living person for a for another living person. This has to be made clear to the barbarions
23. You want dialogue with the Arabs? Then read my lips:
Enzo ,   London, UK   (07.16.08)
YOU'RE A CRETIN!!! Whoever you are...!!! YO'RE A CRETIN!!!
24. Olmert's peace partner
stephanie ,   Israel   (07.16.08)
25. Execute ALL Palestinian prisoners - and do it TODAY!
Talula ,   Israel   (07.16.08)
Then save the last few bullets for Abbas and the assholes in Lebanon and Iran.
26. The Israeli public needs a bone
Kim ,   Tel Aviv   (07.16.08)
and that bone should be by way of the targeted killing of Abbas followed closely by Haniyeh - after that, we can move on to the rest. But for the immediate future and some much needed release for us Israelis - let's wipe out those that are an easy target. Israelis have grieved enough today we need something to make us feel better.
27. The hypocrisy of Mahmoud Abbas.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (07.16.08)
Even putting aside Hamas organs and looking only at the media, mosques and schools under Mahmoud Abbas's control, their message is consistently one of demonization of Jews and delegitimization of Israel along with calls for its destruction. In the weeks leading up to last fall's Annapolis conference, Fatah-TV, the television outlet of Abbas's party, broadcast many times daily a song whose lyrics claimed that all of Palestine belongs to the Arabs by "history and identity" and explicitly named cities and regions of pre-1967 Israel as part of the territorial patrimony of the Arabs, again "by history and identity." While Abbas was talking compromise and peace, the song was clearly intended to convey the illegitimacy of the Jewish presence and of Israel. It was one more strand in the incessant indoctrination of Palestinians to regard Israel's Jews as alien usurpers whose state must be destroyed. Palestinian society imagery and texts sanctified violent struggle as the miracle cure for Palestinian problems
28. Take the breaks off settlement building
Sam ,   Canada   (07.16.08)
Abbas and Palestinians celebrate terrrorist murderers and cry about Jewish houses. Accelereate settlement building and let the terrorist idolizers beat their chests in frustration.
29. Today should make us ALL mad enough to do whatever it takes
to topple Olmert & ,   all Kadima.Rueben   (07.16.08)
30. Abbas shows his true colors
Millicent ,   Israel   (07.16.08)
israel has no partner in peace with Abbas or anyother palestinian leader as evident by Abbas's congratulations to the terrorist's family,and the handing out of candies by the Palestinian people in celebration. Israel needs to stop deluding itself, and come to the realization that noone wants peace with Israel... they all want Israel gone!
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