Abbas congratulates Kuntar's family; Haniyeh: Israel will pay more
Ali Waked
Published: 16.07.08, 13:57
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31. Abbas congratulates Kuntar
I.Kemp ,   Nahariya Israel   (07.16.08)
For any Israeli ,and I don't care who, to talk to Abbas should be classed as treason for which the maximim punishment applicable in Israel should apply. For this Govt, EU, U.S.A to pander to such an evil man is unforgiveable and Israel should view it in that light and should from it's so called friends. ...and we are supposed to call him a "peace partner". It makes him the same as Kuntar. Have we learned nothing Europe "negotiating" with Hitler ?
32. Kuntar
Leon ,   Grand Rapids USA   (07.16.08)
This whole situation is Israel's fault. If there were a death penalty, Kuntar would be returning in a box, like Eldad and Goldwasser.
33. Some one please
Jonathan ,   NY NY   (07.16.08)
put a price on Kuntars head! If justice could not be handed out in Israel, let it be done on their side of the border!
34. Abbas congratulates Kuntar
I.Kemp ,   Nahariya Israel   (07.16.08)
For any Israeli ,and I don't care who, to talk to Abbas should be classed as treason for which the maximim punishment applicable in Israel should apply. For this Govt, EU, U.S.A to pander to such an evil man is unforgiveable and Israel should view it in that light and should from it's so called friends. ...and we are supposed to call him a "peace partner". It makes him the same as Kuntar. Have we learned nothing Europe "negotiating" with Hitler ?
DOOMHAM ,   PARASITE-UK   (07.16.08)
KUNTAR: what a low-life piece of excrement masquerading in human form. All who have had a hand in this absolutely disgusting episode should HANG THEIR HEADS IN SHAME. Olmert has rubbed faeces in the face of everything decent about Israel. This stupid man will go down in history as Israel's Chamberlain - but worse.
36. Talkbacks wrong about Abbas. Abbas is a man of peace.
Steve ,   Fla.   (07.16.08)
President George W. Bush is Israel's best friend ever! Does anyone question this? Mr. Bush says President Mahmoud Abbas "is a man of peace. He’s a man of vision. He rejects the idea of using violence to achieve objectives, which distinguishes him from other people in the region." Mr. Bush has assured President Abbas that "a Palestinian (jihadist) state is a high priority" for Bush and his administration — "a viable state, a state that doesn’t look like Swiss cheese, a state that provides hope." Now we know this is true because George W. Bush is Israel's best friend ever. Some of the most staunch right-leaning Zionists -- both in Israel and America -- say (nay they insist) George W. Bush is Israel's greatest friend yet. Thus every one of these Talkbacks saying Israel has no partner in peace, calling for the targeted killing of Abbas, etc., are wrong. Abbas is a man of peace. He is a man of vision. Israel's best friend says so and that is that!
37. hypocrites and murderer
gerhard ,   Munich, Germany   (07.16.08)
hopefully, the people of Israel and also IDF now definitely know what to do next and being prepared. the pardon for this multi-murderer was the wrong way, and also negotiations with crocks like Abbas are more or less useless. he isn't an honest man, even if he pretends to be. this deal is a language which isn't understand at the other side of the wall. there are no responsible people on this side, but maniacs. why do get gaza still oil and other energy supply from Israel, when hamastan still held captive Israeli pow's? and nobody really knows what they do to them. that's another flaw. a clear-cut and unmistakable language is needed that may reach without any possible false interpretation, not wishi-washi.
38. Will We Now All Wake Up?
Dave Levy ,   Burbank. CAUSA   (07.16.08)
I hope that this teaches all of Israel, world Jewry and the West (USA) a lesson about dealing with the Muslim world. They don't want US, Israel or anyone who is not like them. From one end of the planet to another, Islamic-fascists are all the same. Israel should have hung Kuntar years ago..and should be hanging Barghouti who will certainly be part of any future kidnappings. They, the Arabs say it, as does Abbas. I have advocated a 12.00 noose as punishment for terrorism for years..but who am I? Did anyone expect these two to be alive..I didn't, No shock there. The shock is in Israel's deliverance of live terrorists for 2 dead Jews. But who knows, maybe lives are in fact cheap in Israel? Today is a good and bad day for we Jews worldwide. We must wake up.
39. Telling
J K ,   NYC, USA   (07.16.08)
While I understand Lebanon views Kuntar as a prisoner who is now being released, the fact remains that he is a baby killer. THIS is who the Lebanese choose to honor. This tells you something about that messed up society, where a child murderer is elevated to iconic status. Pathetic.
40. Abbas and Kuntar are in the same boat
Brod ,   USA   (07.16.08)
Hence, Israel should stop meeting with the unrepentant terrorists. Israel's liberated GOD-given biblical and historic homeland belongs to the Jews since ancient time. Israel should stop the crusading of Jihadism on Israel's liberated biblical and historic homeland by the Islamist-Jihadists.
41. Shame on you, Mahmoud Abbas. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME ON YOU!
Guido ,   Milano Italy   (07.16.08)
42. GOD knows what He is doing....
JohnB ,   Alabama,USA   (07.16.08)
.....He knows the hearts of the palestenian people. they are an evil people, totally a puppet of satan.If they got on their knees and asked the God of Abraham,Isaac and Jacob for forgiveness then I would welcome them and forgive them myself. Anything short of that.... ,,Israel needs to swap only dead for dead and alive for alive,,,"COMPRENDE"
43. God knows what He is doing...
JohnB ,   Alabama,USA   (07.16.08)
As a follow up to my previous post. I was watching the movie "Ben Hur" the other night and an arab said to Charlton Heston(Ben Hur) that ,Quote:"Until all men are honest, we must keep our swords sharp and our intentions true" Israel must Never let Her guard down,She must keep Her sword sharp. She must also pray to the God of Abraham every day, that He keep Her intentions true, Amen.
44. the alpha cretino has a name: abbas
gerhard ,   Munich, Germany   (07.16.08)
these are not sensible, responsible people, but stupid maniacs.
45.  Haniyeh and Abbas, just you wait!
Don't be so proud, don't be so quick to celebrate... you have NO IDEA who you are dealing with...He's big, He's angry, and He's the judge of the whole earth.
46. You are all arrogant!
Ehmud Olmert ,   Israel   (07.16.08)
Now i am closer to my Nobel Peace prize! Mwaaaauuughhhhhh! If Peres can do it, why cant i?
47. Amazing how Israelis keep quiet
Isac ,   Florida   (07.16.08)
upon such an outrageous deal. On other occassions they can't keep their mouth shut. Here they are accepting from the "Olmerde" government to completely surrender to Muslim terrorists. Shame on ALL of Israel today! You should be protesting in the millions and taking it to the streets. Enough is enough!!!! Where is your backbone?!@# Remember the glorious times of Entebbe? On the other side, that Abbas and his Palestinian/Lebanse comrades are behaving in such a disgraceful und discusting way does not surprise me in any way. This is just Islamic way to show admiration and respect to a baby killer!
48. Olmert must quit
TC ,   Haifa   (07.16.08)
If he still respects the State of Israel
49. Direct results of failed policies!
IRAN#1   (07.16.08)
Israel has tried to use force to get what it wants in the region. This is the ultimate result of this failed policy. If Israelies care about their children they should force their governemnt to seek a just peace instead of war and violence. Learn a good lesson from this sad episode.
ilan ,   TA   (07.16.08)
there will never be a palestinian country. they act like murderers, congratulating each other on smashing children heads in, and no one will respect a country like that. and the palestinnan president calls to congratulate? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? nooooooooo one will accept a country like that in the land of israel.
51. The Infamous Day that EVIL, Terrorism and MURDER Triumphed
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (07.16.08)
Kidnapping and savage murders are massively rewarded. I wept bitter tears. Israel's despicable government has made a wicked agreement with murderers. Every one of their victims, every victim of the violent worldwide jihad against innocents - every murder victim slain since the creation of man has been betrayed. The blood and suffering of the future victims of the freed terrorists is on the heads of Israel's government. G-D will hold them accountable.
52. Linda #51 EXCELLENT Point
Brod ,   USA   (07.16.08)
Excellent. You have expressed it so eloquently. It is time the leaders wake up from their stupor.
53. To JohnB #42. A DIFFERENT Mindset.
Maansingh ,   The Netherlands   (07.16.08)
You say :”God knows what He is doing “. John, please, don’t ascribe the wrongdoings of the politicians, the wrong decisions of the politicians to God. That is NOT fair towards God. Politicians are ruling the country. Countries are NOT ruled by God, the Supreme Lord. John if you want God, the Supreme Lord, to rule the country -- then a DIFFERENT mindset of the citizens of that country is needed. Without this SPECIFIC mindset -- God, the Supreme Lord, will NEVER rule that country. WHY NOT ? Because God, the Supreme Lord, is NOT CHEAP !!! ON A DIFFERENT NOTE : ONLY the citizens of a country ruled by God, the Supreme Lord, are HAPPY. Only they are happy -- and others are NOT !!!
54. Vengance belongs to the Lord
Psalms 83 ,   Selah   (07.16.08)
unjust lopsided exchanges will not go unnoticed by Hashem... and the exchange of the dead sons of Israel for a live child killer is lopsided
55. It's times like this when
Avi   (07.16.08)
that we need to be reminded what Abbas truly stands for. Although he goes about it another way, he really doesn't want Israel any more than the more extreme groups. Israel needs to continue to deal with him in that light. This action he did only makes it painfully clear.
56. Swap
Lena ,   Israel   (07.16.08)
Why not swap Gilad Shalit for Hanie? One for one
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