Israel mourns fallen soldiers
Ynet reporters
Published: 17.07.08, 02:02
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1. The speech of Ismail Hniya. You must read it
The greetings of Ismail Hniya, the president of Gaza strip, to the mother of Samir Quntar, the killer of a three years old child: “You are blessed by seeing your hero son. God will bless him for being released from the Jews, sons of monkeys and pigs, after he smashed the head of a Jewish baby, a daughter of unbelievers and monkeys. You have blessed for raising a good son to the Islam, a killer that his hands are full of the blood of the unbeliever Jews. I bless you and the mothers of more martyrs, which have blessed to see thir son become a killer of Jews, which is our highest virtue, and our object on earth – killing Jews whenever they are. Every where. Bismillah"
Jorge ,   Tegucigalpa   (07.17.08)
This is the head of the partner for peace that Israel has decided to negotiate. The PM shoud indefinitely suspend contact with this person and FATAH, and send a heavy bill for his JOY on the release of Kuntar. Palestinians and Lebanese, and as a matter of fact all Arabs and muslims have no values in regard to human life in general, and their only hope is to see all Israelis and Jews dead, if this is not the case, just read Hanniyes speech in Gaza, absolutely revolting. Israel and Jews have to always keep its moral values, but never forget the kind of enemy it is facing and act accordingly in its defense and quest for survival.
3. mourns
colin   (07.17.08)
The nation mourns the loss of two soldiers.!! A press headline and catastrophy..THE NATION HAS LOST ALL ITS PRIDE AND GLORY. The cowardly leadership capitulates.!! What will the familiy,s explain to future hostage sufferers?? Where are the days of entebbe.?6day war?Iraq nuclearbombings? Only tales of past.
4. A Perverted & Twisted Decision.Hizbullah Learns Quickly
Adina Kutnicki ,   Israel   (07.17.08)
A leadership which lets loose avowed Jew killers for ANY reason is a sick and twisted leadership. How does letting loose these killers, plus showing that kidnapping and terror surely pays, make Israel a MORE civilized society than its enemies?? Who gives a damn that Israel 'took the high road' when all they get in return are boxes of bones?? Are they NOT certifiable to have agreed to this? In fact, this depraved exchange proves EXACTLY the opposite than what they believe they are displaying. While retrieving the bodies was a worthy goal, it is a MORE worthy goal to have returned ALL the Lebanese killers in coffins! Letting Kuntar go free only PROVES that Jewish life means shit to its leaders, and that the enemy deserves to live. After all, NOT killing Kuntar shows Israelis, and the rest of the world that Jew killing is the way to go.
5. When Insanity Breeds Contempt
Adina Kutnicki ,   Israel   (07.17.08)
The truth is that Ashkenazi's reason for supporting this deal (to prove to the soldiers that Israel will go to every length to retrieve them) falls flat on its illogical face & is bound to backfire. Those who are clear thinkers will realize that their chances of being kidnapped AND murdered in captivity have grown exponentially. For IF Israel's leaders are willing !! to let loose all the killers that their fellow soldiers risked ! their lives capturing, then why the hell should they join the army in the first place, when their terror chasing sacrifices are for naught? Do Ashkenazi, Olmert, Livni, Peres et al believe that the soldiers care more about their bones, or that their parents do, than the nation's deterrant power? The Zionists want to know that the enemy is afraid of them, NOT laughing at their insane leadership!
6. ransom demands
alexi   (07.17.08)
Sharon did something similar to this trade for hostages.Hezbollah has not been sitting idle. It of course has to land missiles in cilivian areas, now it has SAMS and it has silworm missiles. Hezbollah are dug in bumnkers, in civilian areas, and have the vicious russian anti-tank missiles to knock down buildings. So as Olmert said, we are finished is true unless 2 things happen-Eitam and Yaalon take over defense and olmert removed as PM. A massive effort has to made to retool israeli to get it ready. Shtienitz and eldad and orlev are up to the task. Barak is spent and must not be in apolitical position, Livni is idealistic, Olmert is what-tired, corrupt, a liar, a chiseler. Over 2000 israelis have died directly because of him while mayor and now as PM. Zeev Shiff said olmert cannot do it, no he cannot. Israelis in the next election will never ever vote barak or olmert into office again. They are finished.
7. May God avenge their blood
Hashem Yikom Damam
8. Rest in Peace Ehud and Eldad
Lyn ,   Florida   (07.17.08)
Rest in Peace Ehud and Eldad. I have been praying for them and Gilad Shilat every night and it is so sad to see them come home this way. Still, I am glad they will rest in Israel. My prayers and love are with the families and one day they will be with their loved ones again and for eternity. May G-d bless and comfort you all. Lyn
9. #1 The speech of Samir Kuntar
Larry ,   israel   (07.17.08)
' My name is Smir Kuntar my Life is anything but dull ,I took a 4-year old jewish kid and bashed in her Skull ,The Families Goldwasser and Regev are sitting there in tears ,I couldnt give a damn cos Ive been in Prison all these years ,Your President ' Uncle Shimon just gave me a Pardon , and when He shook my Hand I could see he had a raging Hard-on , Old Uncle Shimon really thinks he is 'It' ,but when he stood before me I could only see an Old Twit , you can sit there in Israel wallowing in Pain ,I could care Im free im gonna kill again .
10. shocked
mordechai ,   sydney, Australia   (07.17.08)
I sit here in tears, crying for the Goldwasser and Regev families. It should be known that your sons did not die for nothing, but indeed the most honorable thing, protecting the precious lives of the Jews living in Israel. As to the current Israeli Government, when you show weakness, our enemies become stronger. When we show strength, our enemies become weaker.
11. While we mourn the 2 fallen soldiers
Miriam ,   Israel   (07.17.08)
- we should mourn this incompetent government for causing these soldiers to be abducted in the first place. Thank you Barak for running from Lebanon leaving these soldiers exposed to the danger. - we should mourn this incompetent government for causing an additional almost 150 soldiers to get killed fighting “with silk gloves” to retrieve these 2 soldiers and losing the war against this tiny group of terrorists. Thank you Olmert for running the war by your “wise words”: “We are tired of fighting, we are tired of being courageous, we are tired of winning, we are tired of defeating our enemies.” - we should mourn this incompetent government for neglecting the security of the state - both in the north and south.
12. Samir Kuntar's speech that will NOT be delivered
MK ,   USA   (07.17.08)
It is such a great feeling to be back to my home country Lebanon after being in Israeli prison for more than 30 years. I thank all of those who helped to release me, but my thanks are first and foremost to the Israelis who kept me alive, treated me as a human being, even though I cowardly killed 3 of their innocent civilians, including a 4 year-old girl. I am deeply sorry for the death of the 2 soldiers who were kidnapped by Hezbollah. I wish the Arab world knew how to treat prisoners like the Israelis do. Just as I thank Nasrallah for my release, I also thank the Israeli government, who agreed to release me, along with 4 other murderers, for the corpses of 2 Israeli soldiers. I am grateful to Israel. I am happy to be free again, but please let us not consider it a victory, because it was only up to the Israelis to set me free. I was so lucky to have been imprisoned in a country that values human life, and did not execute me, even when I so deserved it. The Arabs need to look at Israel, and learn a lot from it.
13. Sanioura sobbed 2 years back, All Israel is sobbing now
observer   (07.17.08)
14. # 11 Miriam show some respect
Simon ,   TA Israel   (07.17.08)
How about showing some respect to the soldiers families today. Today is not a time for your so called wise words and advise to the government. Is this the way of the Torah? You should be ashamed of yourself.
15. Moarning
Ana ,   Spain   (07.17.08)
I am moarning with the Israeli people. My heart goes out to them and mainly the families of the fallen soldiers.
16. Hizbulah feels it gained more than it lost may be so RIGHT
M.S. ,   mpls america   (07.18.08)
I was born in June 1944 when thousands of J*wish people died every day more less thus this loss means less to me than the devastation of W W II but it may unite Israel a little thus they did not die in Vain but alas I wonder there fore if the IDF soldier held supposedly by Hamas is probably dead too a gruesome thing to hand over dead bodys in exchange for live ones but typicial Arab thus I realize Israel out numbered surrounded by 100 1000 to one 1 odds fights a gruesome war wirth the terrorists as America is learning in Iraq and so Afghanistan what doles Hamas want I doubt Israel could would could meet the Hamas demands RIGHT ??? Thank you... M. S.
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