Thousands accompany Udi Goldwasser on final journey
Hagai Einav
Published: 17.07.08, 12:25
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1. Kidnap?
Invicta ,   Europa   (07.17.08)
How can you kidnap a soldier? A soldier's risk assessment is possible death or capture or injury. You can't 'kidnap' an 'enemy combatant' as Bush keeps telling the world. It's all part of the two standards linguistics used by isreal.
2. fool olmert wouldn't choose to win in Lebanon.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (07.17.08)
3. No words can describe
Carrie ,   Los Angeles, Ca   (07.17.08)
All Jews today lost a brother and I wish to send my condolences to the wife and family.
4. #1
eli ,   ranaana   (07.17.08)
Your comment regarding the "two standards" implies that Israel's response to this kidnapping -- as an act of war -- and its decision to pulverize its enemy who had been allowed to take refuge in Lebanon was totally appropriate. Is that what you meant? I happen to think they should have turned Southern Lebanon into scorched earth.
5. #1 Invicta
Alex ,   Finland   (07.17.08)
How can you kidnap a soldier? You are right they were soldiers who by law would have been defined as POWs (prisoner of war) You can read more about Geneva Conventions that these terrorist organizations dont respect but whine about it when they get captured.
6. What Don't You Understand
Bill ,   US   (07.17.08)
They weren't taken prisoner by the Lebanese army during a war. They were kidnapped by criminals. If Bush uses the term enemy combatant for terrorists then he's correct. They aren't soldiers.
7. Shame, shame on us
Moshe ,   Yerushalayim   (07.17.08)
Shame, shame on us. Each murderer should die. Shame, shame on us. Asking for bodies in exchange for alive killers??? Shame, shame on us. Families who lost their sons should demand killers to return home dead!!! Shame, shame on us.
8. Look it up, don't just believe it
International Law   (07.17.08)
9. Kidnap
Alan ,   Ashkelon, Israel   (07.17.08)
I see your point, Invicta, but please try to understand that Israelis see these boys as having gone from "captured soldiers" to "kidnapped sons". I believe that we see each and every soldier like a child, and after two years, the devastation has left many feeling like this has been more of a kidnap than anything strictly related to war. I think the media does portray this in very much of a non-military light, but I can only say that I feel a deep pain for these boys and their struggling families.
10. They were in UNIFORM, ARMED inside LEBANON
Lebanese ppl should have invited them to TABBOLEH instead
11. #1 you certainly need a brainwsh
World Prisoner ,   Guess   (07.17.08)
notice how rabied zionists jumped on your neck, this means you have a normal brain... they feed on it
12. captured on Lebanese land, in uniform, on a mission
kidnaped my a$$   (07.17.08)
13. #1 try to understand
Aver ageis Raeli   (07.17.08)
our kids were on patrol on Lebanese soil, trying to protect us from the enemy whose children we killed and whose men we took prisoners... what's wrong with that
14. invicta is an harsh anti Israeli
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (07.17.08)
So don't need to take this bipede seriously
15. Kidnapped is the word Evicta
Ben ,   London, UK   (07.17.08)
They were not captured while in combat, they were purposely kidnapped. Hizb planned a cross border operation into a sovereign state, killed eight soldiers and kidnapped two. In any case the words don't make much of a difference. The reality is that 10 people were killed because of Hizb's politic of aggression and destruction which I am sure you enjoyed every moment of it. If Israel had done the same you would be screaming against Israel for not respecting international law but when it is Hizballah it's ok for you. You have two standards in violence!!!
16. Selfish people
Jayjay33 ,   Israel   (07.17.08)
Too many selfish people in Israel that only care about their own needs and not about Israels security. How many more Israeli citizens will die because pf Kuntars release, just because a few members of the kidnapped soldiers families wanted the bodies back. Although i understand their positions, i would always put the state before my own personal needs. How will these families feel when more people are killed because of their actions? And it definitely will happen! You can call me heartless, but you are wrong..... im just being realistic!
17. The Talmud says about Kedoshim (Martyrs):
Miriam ,   Israel   (07.17.08)
When a person is killed as martyr, even if he does not have a chance to repent for his sins, he has a portion in Olam Haba (World to Come). G-d has a scarlet garment, dyed with the blood of these martyrs. A picture of each martyr is drawn on this garment along with his name, so that G-d will avenge their death on the Yom Hadin (Day of Judgment). The Talmud says that the place of the Kedoshim (the Martyrs) in Gan Eden (Paradise) is so high that even the greatest tzaddikim are not allowed to enter there. May Hashem comfort the families with the mourners of Tzion and Jerusalem.
18. #1
You don't see us "kidnapping" hizbulla gunmen from the other side of the border.
19. #9 Kidnap
Invicta ,   Europa   (07.17.08)
I do understand your message and I feel sympathy for it. My point is simple though. Language as used by the Isreali media and politicians is deliberately condemnatory. Palestinians are always 'terrorists' as are Muslims. Iran is always 'a terrorist state' and Hamas always a 'terrorist entity'. But it's not that simple. For a start palestinians also feel pain and anguish when 'their boys' are blown apart by isreali missiles or slapped and beaten by the IDF. Hamas are elected and Hizbollah is a resistance group. The former is a political party and not a jihadi party. Though the Isreali media always lumps Palestinian resistance with the Jihadis. They are different things. The Palestinian resistance has been around for a while longer that Jihadism as we currently recognise it. By persistenly parroting the claim that all muslims and Palestinians are 'fanatical' and 'terrorist' what happens is that they are homegenised and dehumanised. This policy then better enables their eradication and mistreatment. They are 'untermensch' so what does it matter if we arbitrarily kill, beat and demolish their homes? Which is what many people on these TBs would wish. Despite slandering me for being a 'hater' etc. If the people in isreal and the people in Gaza, WB etc were able to empathise with eachothers 'deep pain' as you put it, then perhaps the cycle of mindless violence would end. Instead your co-nationals (and others) on this site call for revenge and more death and destruction. What has that acheived?
20. Dear Miriam: our beliefs are so similar
Noor ,   Jordan   (07.17.08)
wonder why fight
21. Stupidity and selfishness
hymie zoltsveis ,   NYC, NY   (07.17.08)
Once Israel realized that the two soldiers were dead, ALL deals should have been cut off. The families that lost biys are to be mourned, BUT they weakened Israel---along with the imbecile Olmert---by wanting corpses more than they wanted Israel to be strong. Israel should have properly handled the 2006 war, and left the enemy areas in ASHES---NOTHING LEFT BEHIND. The terrorist should have been killed. This is a HORRIBLE DAY in Israel's history. Another Tisha b'Av
22. To #12 and #13. NOT Trustworthy !!!
Maansingh ,   The Netherlands   (07.17.08)
You got the history WRONG. And it just happened ONLY 2 years ago. IF you guy can screw up history of ONLY 2 years old -- imagine what will happen with a 3,000 year history. MEANING : you guys are NOT trustworthy !!! Quote :”captured on Lebanese land, ..”. Hezbollah crossed the border INTO Israel on 12th of July 2006, killing 8, wounding 2, and abducting 2 Israeli Soldiers. THIS was an ACT of war by Hezbollah against Israel.
23. Whom does this remind you of; re Yom Kippur 73:
er der   (07.17.08)
"we can see this war as victory"
24. #16 Not a day for that comment
Ilan ,   Ariel   (07.17.08)
Let them sit shiva and mourn their son and husband. There is plenty of time to reflect and criticize later. Don't expect them to come out with the most rational of comments in these times of stress.
25. #22
Invicta ,   Europa   (07.17.08)
Hezbollah crossed the border INTO Israel on 12th of July 2006, killing 8, wounding 2, and abducting 2 Israeli Soldiers. THIS was an ACT of war by Hezbollah against Israel. Then by this reckoning evrytime an Isreali crosses into Gaza or the WB then they are declaring an 'act of war' against the Palestinians and therefore the Palestinians are entitled to resist. And fight. You can't be indignant of the behaviour of Hizbollah yet watch passively as the IDF launches countless attacks against civilians from land, sea and air.
26. #15 Pardon!
Invicta ,   Europa   (07.17.08)
Hizb planned a cross border operation into a sovereign state, . . . . What! But it's ok for Israel to possibly launch a pre-emptive cross border strike against Iran. As it did against Syria and Iraq and Lebanon (all sovereign countries) and god knows how many times against the poor Palestinians. Come on. Get with it.
27. Prisioner Exchange
Scottish Lady ,   Scotland, UK   (07.17.08)
My thoughts are with the Israeli nation especially the Regev & Goldwasser families as they bury their beloved sons today. I am so sorry how things turned out.
28. not in lebanon
Doron   (07.17.08)
they were in israel, on border patrol. to those who keep on lying about this (they were in lebanon), this is just like every single other lie which is like some pathological problem with the arab world. its like you inherited this trait from goebbels. the lying and self deception is unbelievable. what is your problem?
29. israel's strength
alexi   (07.17.08)
Yes, israel has a wonderful quality that is going to the ends of the earth for its soldiers. However, in future, if israeli soldiers are captured, grab high level enemy military or religious figures for a trade and do it right away. The hell with the supreme court. Now as far as hezbollah, sit down with top experts and figure out an asymetric strategy to an asymmetric threat(dug- in booby trapped missile/laden/russian antitanksystem). Check with the russians whether they have antimissile system and if so get it. Aerial bombing of bunkers is insufficent. They have to be immobilized with gas bombs. Develop them. Also the hell with the court. Use arab human shields. Force them by gunpoint to enter the bunkers. If they don't go in., Shoot them. Civiliarnbs support hezbollah so you have legal cover. You cannot defeat hezbollah if you don't use these strategies.Forget about heroes.You have to use an asymmetric strategy so get off your asses and develop them. Hezbollah sits back and presses buttons that fire giant missiles into civilian areas. You are dealing with a murgerous religious cult. You have to kill it. And kill it. This is not mazzuz or beilin or olmert with their tear-filled pacificism. Harden shelters all over israel for the missile barrage that will come. Navy, use measures to counter silkwork missiles along the coast. Airforce, watch out for sams along the mountain peaks. Take iranian staff in beirut embassy hostage along with their plans. If war breaks out, foment a christian insurrection against the shia. get the druse in on it. I've done my part, now start planning. Don't repeat the 2006 plan which will not turn out different. Do not send soldiers directly into bunkers or fortified housesd.Soften the towns up with immobilizng bombs that puts the town to sleep. Do it! Finally, get olmert and ramon out of there and if necessary escort him out. Get new blood in there.
30. Prayer for the Fallen
Avrum ,   Jerusalem   (07.17.08) A Prayer in both Hebrew and in Englsih
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