You won’t see me crying
Einat Fishbein
Published: 18.07.08, 12:01
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1. Cold, pure rage can be silent and emotionless.
Rivkah   (07.18.08)
Crying is cathartic and Miki Goldwasser is denying herself that release. She could turn her suppressed rage to prayer, asking the Lord each day to avenge the death of her son and others by those who do not honor Geneva Convention rules of warfare. There are many things in my life that have enraged me because of the injustices. I turn the rage into prayer for God to avenge me and he does. One attacked from the 1960's lost four people in his family forty years later after my prayers for many years for God to avenge me when the government did not. Sometimes God avenges within a year and other times it is later, being a multi-generational curse on the offender and his family. Forgiveness is not letting people kick you and your family and saying, "Oh, thank you. Come kick me and my family anytime you need to. We just love being kicked." REAL FORGIVENESS IS TELLING GOD ABOUT IT. THAT IS BLESSING THE OTHER PERSON since not avenging yourself and letting God avenge you instead is forgiving. Job in the Bible prayed for his friends after they offended him and the Lord instead of punching them out. Job turned the matter over to the Lord and let God avenge him. People who attack me often die within a year if they have tried to kill me. Other offenses have lesser judgment from the Lord.
2. P;roud
Israeli mother   (07.18.08)
I am proud of my people and proud of the Regev and Goldwasser families. But we still have several missing soldiers, whom we must continue to search for and bring back home.
3. proud and sad
M. ,   Israel   (07.18.08)
I applaud Miki and Karnit's words and behaviour. They represent us, Israeli mothers and wives, the way I want to be represented to the world! Rivkah - learn from them instead of judging them as you judge so easily people you do not know. We do not know the hearts of these 2 women, we do not know their prayers - but we do see their dignified behaviour - I applaud you 2 ladies and I share in your personal grief and pain. May God have Mercy on Ehud and Eldad's souls. And May HE bring Gilad home!
4. Has someone put Miki's part on the internet?
Suncountry ,   U.S.   (07.18.08)
I'd like to see it. This is the first I've heard of it.
5. I speak from personnel experience
Avrom Eliyahu   (07.18.08)
I too buried a sibling murdered by arab low lifes. I am angry I look at Israelis as snivelling apologetic fools I am angry and I want Israel to kick ass. Its the only way you will survive. Take no prisoners.. Its war and they can go to hell.
6. To Avrom Eliyahu
Home of Jews ,   Israel   (07.18.08)
Come to Israel. Maybe that way we could kick ass more easily... Shabat Shalom.
7. to Rivka # 1
My G-d what have you been smoking?
8. The Jewish people love the families and the State of Israel.
AJ ,   Washington, DC   (07.18.08)
Make no mistake about it. The lying, murdering, child-killing glorifying, death worshiping arab world will never defeat us. Ready for peace or war, and good at waging both, is who we are. May our enemies one day choose peace. And may the Goldassers, the Regevs, the Shalits and all of Israel (the State, the land and the people) know that they are good, strong, rightious and loved. Amen.
9. #7 Ditto - Rivka's an absolute, dyed-in-the-wool WHACK JOB.
AJ ,   Washington, DC   (07.18.08)
10. 7: HOLY smoke. That is what all people who love the Lord
Rivkah   (07.18.08)
should be smoking instead of polluting their body with carcinogens in tobacco. The HOLY SMOKE is the word of God in the Bible. I smoke HOLY SMOKE every day.
11. Only a wife and a mother can express feelings such as this.
Vicky ,   Ashkelon Israel   (07.18.08)
My heart goes out to them. The majority of us mothers suffer with them. Our sons survive. Rivkah if you were a mother with sons in the IDF you would have feelings so different to what you say. G-d is not fooled by your words of wisdom, he knows what your smoking and it is not what his feelings are. He weeps for his children and comforts us that remain in this land that he gave us to protect. We are protecting it, and because we do not spout your garble it does not mean that we are not at one with Hashem. Let those brave women morn in their own way. Hold your head up high like them and say aloud. WE ARE ONE with them.
12. And by the way Rivkah
Vicky ,   Ashkelon Israel   (07.18.08)
Vengeance is G-d's and the curses YOU make will surely be returned in his vengeful way.
13. thank you
alan ,   alaska   (07.18.08)
Thank you for this illuminating and fearless piece into our brave who have the hearts of lions and the voices of doves. You are an inspiration.
14. Shame on the Goldwasser family for letting this happen
Moshe   (07.18.08)
I am crying for our future deads. In our religion, you don't trade life for death, the livings for the deads. How may soldiers are we going to lose for this?
15. Israel is the looser
sbihat   (07.18.08)
Israel goverment take all responsibility about the killing of those people, and i belive that hassan nassrallah is the choosenone for negotiation with israel neither arabs country.
16. There are mouning families after Jerusalem terror attack
AK   (07.18.08)
Why no articles about how them, their wisdom and heroism? You are again using those two bereaved women to justify the weak and spineless government who knows only how to surrender. That is a new low. The horror of Lebanon cannot be cleared by Karnit and Miki Goldwasser, not for mothers, wives and children of those who had died in the last Lebanon war to save Regev and Goldwasser, and now see that their losses were made meaningless. Those two soldiers were kidnapped from Israel as a result of some other mothers who a few years back fought for and had achieved the withdrawal from Lebanon, which in turn made this kidnapping possible. We know now that in the future some other Israeli mothers and wives will get their sons and husbands in the black boxes, mutilated, because of this lousy deal. I don't blame the families for hoping and pressing the government to compromise for the sake of those they love but I blame you for cheering them on, and pressing this spineless, corrupt government to do something, anything, everything to get the bodies of those two soldiers back. This 'deal' was a disaster and no spin can change that but lets hope that Israelis wake up from their slumber before it is too late.
17. 12 Vicky: Vengeance belongs to God,SO I ASK GOD TO AVENGE ME
Rivkah   (07.18.08)
THAT is the HOLY way you fail to understand. The curse is caused by the person who sins and is judged by God. I am the victim. The curse comes from attacking me or someone God loves, not from the person who is attacked. I put the matter before the Lord and HE avenges me. That is how I know the Lord loves me: my enemies do not triumph over me. However long it takes for the victory to be mine, it is still a victory. You need to study the Bible since you do not seem to know the Lord. Knowing about the Lord is not the same as knowing the Lord. Job in the Bible knew all about God, but he did not know God until God opened that door of understanding to Job.
18. for what
carol ,   eilat   (07.18.08)
19. crying
hymie   (07.18.08)
New rules for POWs. Immediately take whoever is available, i.e mullahs or sheiks in mosques -take them hostage for trade. Parents of POWs have cried enough. Its time for the guilty party to start crying-Ehud Olmert. He has taken loans which have not been repaid since 1-15 years, double billed charities, lost wars, offered harmful concessions. He needs to cry. On top of it, his own 2 sons are out of the country to evade IDF duties. Israel, Its time olmert cried for what he has done to israel. His wife shares in his guilt in foisting her views on the israeli public which is not interested in them.We know who wears the pants in his household.One thing, when medical problems arise, sometimes the suffering is incredible.
20. #15, you just don't make any sense, barbarian.
Jake   (07.19.08)
21. Amayzing 19, why isn't YNet and other media making a major..
Stewart ,   USA   (07.19.08)
story of the fact that Olmerts kids are skipping out on their military service. I can't think of a better way to put the squeeze on Olmert. He should be publically chastising them.
22. let us remember
M. ,   Israel   (07.19.08)
With all due respect, this article is not about anyone of the talkbackers -especially not about you Rivkah, who seems to always manage to get the atention at one point or another. THIS is NOT about you or your faith, or how you interpret God's Word, ok? THIS is about 2 women mourning their son and husband and how they conduct themselves towards the public. And these 2 women deserve our respect and love! Our government does not even deserve a mention anymore, I am so disgusted with them.
23. 1 Rivkah, do people try to kill you often??
24. Will they cry when Kuntar kills more?
JAyjay3 ,   Israel   (07.19.08)
The families of the prisoners are selfish in not thinking about the outcome of their actions from pushing Olmert into this release. Kuntar will kill more Israeli.............is that worth the 2 dead soldiers back? How will this play on their minds? Israel needs to seriously start thinking about its future, because actions like this will only bring its demise!
25. American Soldier to Israelies
American Soldier ,   OCONUS MTF   (07.19.08)
I feel for ya all for the loss of your fallen soldiers. Taken captive by the enemy and not able to escape and get murdered, that is something that should not happen to any member of any countries armed forces. Even though it shows good for the rest of your armed forces that you would be willing to back them up and do whats in your powers to get your soldiers back, for the rest of the world with forces engaging these hostile terrorists throughout the world on the GWOT, please do not negotiate like this.... As a result of this now Hizbollah, Hamas, Al Quada, Taliban, and any other muslim extremists out there will see that they no longer have to keep hostages alive in order to use them as a bargaining chip. Never mind treat them the least bit humanely while in custody and alive. Learn from this mistake...Dont negotiate with terrorists...they get more powerful cause then they won and expect to win the next time. Rescue your captives, dont beg and negotiate for the release of those that not even sure are alive and then when find out they are dead....especially when that negotiation involves releasing a monster and a murderer. I hope to god that I never am traded this way, dead or alive, if I some reason should be taken captive. I have been to Israel on many occassions, you are a fine bunch of people...good food...lots and lots of history...good beaches...but for the sake of the rest of the world, please think before making deals like this one.....
26. Karnit and Miki Goldwasser
Yitshak Kugler ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.19.08)
This article makes me proud of these two ladies who in their different ways were bold and gave our country something to be proud of.
27. the wisdom
maria ,   jerusalem   (07.20.08)
when we returned froma sad ocasions i started toanalyse the family emotions ,mymother toldme stop it god help them no one know what to do in suchsad feelings . but sure time cure the psychological wounds . my mother thinked that crying is not shame but in silentvoice .god bless her soule she was a wise woman
28. 23: It would astonish you how often. Avoiding restaurants
Rivkah   (07.20.08)
as much as possible and not accepting dinner invitations and driving seldom and avoiding physicians and dentists giving me injections or procedures as much as possible and avoiding church groups are lessons I have learned from attempts on my life. Many times I have been poisoned in restaurants and I believe it is deliberate. The elderly are often targeted by angry people in restaurants, as are police. Many times, trucks have rammed my car or my husband's vehicle deliberately and the the attacker drives away most of the time, leaving my husband or me to survive supernaturally by God's protection. Insurance adjusters cannot believe anyone could have survived the attacks on us, as yet we walk away. A dentist I went to for a bridge replacement insisted I had cavities when I had no pain. He drilled and packed and drilled and packed the holes with radioactive thorium, a dental glue, trying to kill me. The hair analysis was off the charts toxic. At a church I was poisoned twice when I continued to wear a Star of David six point pendant necklace. That poisoning gave me birth flu since none of the usual immune boosters were effective against it. Elderberry and bismuth saved my life. If I had gone to a hospital, they would have let me die in their ignorance of how to treat a virus of that magnitude. Antibiotics do not work on viruses. Many times physicians and nurse practitioners and physicians' assistants and even a pharmacist tried to kill me. Symptoms of a tumor were ignored for seven years when the healthcare practitioners had to know a tumor was causing the symptoms. Testing was delayed until the tumor was a single layer of cells from metastacizing. Surgery was butchery. There were so many adhesions, the only thing I can figure is that suture glue was poured into my abdomen and vagina in an attempt to kill me. Ten years of pain later I learned low current eletricity can slowly dissolve adhesions with a thousand dollar devise from Utah Medical on prescription. Slowly the vagina reopened and the pain in my abdomen that felt like knives cutting me went away. A yearly analysis of hair shows I have been poisoned with uranium, platinum, arsenic, radioactive thorium, mercury, lead, cadmium when I do not smoke, titanium and many other toxic substances. The array changes from year to year. Having hair analysis tests and fecal tests for heavy metals and radioactive toxicity is helpful. The last PAP test I had, the physician said there was a white mucous in my vagina, but he put it there to cause a whole body inflammation that took many months to clear up. I have sex with no one and I did not have an infection and there was no white mucous in my vagina except what he put there. He also put the diseased substance into my rectum, as well as the vagina during the examination. Twelve hours later, I had intense itching in the vagina and rectum I had never had before. Then the inflammation became full body and tiny creatures even came out my tear ducts. I knew if I called that physician or went to a hospital they would find a way to kill me. Many people are triaged for death in hospitals. So I elevated tissue oxygen levels for seven months and did many other things until there were no symptoms except for a tumor that had formed on my foot I am clearing up with over-the-counter herbal and anti-parasite remedies that are proven by studies to help in getting viral and other parasitic inflammations into remission. The tumor on my foot is a fourth the size it was months ago. The healthcare practitioners (three) I went to would do nothing. One told me it was a nerve bundle. The two others said it was a tumor but that was a "hot potato" to them and they would do nothing. So that was a Nurse Practitioner, a Podiatrist, and an M.D. Dermatologist. Two years ago, my face and arms were numb from mercury poisoning at a restaurant and a pharmacist refused to fill a lawful prescription. I had to get DMSA on the Internet.
29. i'm usually "sencored" by YNET-dont ask why
feeling sorry 4 ,   wasting time talkbkn   (07.23.08)
cause i have no idea-but they almost never publish my tlkbks-i have stopped reading YNET almost completly- but after seeing tlkbk #28 i m trully discusted- while i m sencored this obsenity is obviously read by them and is found to be appropriate for publication. go figure...
30. Yes 29. 28 is a pity. Publishing it only fules the....
Stewart ,   USA   (07.23.08)
person's problems. I wrote and essentially ask the same thing. Maybe it somehow slipped by them on a busy day. Easy to hit a key, you know. The whole talkback is in a realm outside of what is normally encountered. How do you handle it. What really should or can be done. Is it real or is someone pretending to be this way. What is an editor's responsibility. We mainly get this privilage for our fun and insight while YNet gets the clicks for advertising revenue ratings. Good deal. I hope they handle their end responsibly in an unusual case. It's not like the person just lives somewhere around town where one can get on a phone, call them, see what is going on, and make a suggestion or referal or something.
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