Iranian VP: We are friends of the nation in Israel
Dudi Cohen
Published: 19.07.08, 23:40
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1. Well, one of the two is a LIAR!!!
Enzo ,   London, UK   (07.20.08)
2. We are friends of the nation in Israel
We are friends of the nation in Israel Key Word ( IN ) Thus avoiding including the current israeli government it could mean a future Palistinian Government the statement is designed to pacify criticisims of Irans hardline against Israel
3. Islam, justice, and logic....
Fradi ,   NY, US and A   (07.20.08)
Isn't that what they say? So, how about also thanking Israel for taking out the Osirak reactor and saving Iran from getting wiped off the map. Not to mention when it comes to usurper and aggressor, why are there 57 Muslim nations, 22 of which are Arab, and Jews have only one tiny country that everyone is trying to take away from them? By your own Islam, justice, and logic ... Even made Nasrallah look like a complete moron. Guess he's going to have to convert and put on a new costume. Maybe the one from the hitler wax figure will fit him?
4. Excellent change in rhetoric.
James Hovland ,   USA   (07.20.08)
Show your support for a better relations. People, please understand how your reactions will either help this attitude grow in Iran or help crush it. You give recognition to the leaders you want to be followed, not the ones you fear. Just be smart, consider your goals, and learn to lead by first learning to follow. Esfandiar Rahim-Mashaei should be applauded, not attacked.
5. They allowed to lie
Alex ,   LA, USA   (07.20.08)
Iran's VP, Obama, Abbas, Arafat, etc, allowed to lie, and they lie. They are different from us, remember.
6. The Art of Deception
Brod ,   USA   (07.20.08)
is at work. This guy may well end up in the torture chamber and gallows of the fanatical Ayatollahs. Or, it is all planned to deceive Israel and America into neutralizing them so that the Ayatollahs will get plenty of unterrupted time to finish their nukes. When all is done, the world may well see the Ayatollahs' nukes in the hands of their tentacles in the region conflagrating the world.
7. Re Friend of Israel
Marty ,   Toronto, Canada   (07.20.08)
Hitler was Russia's "friend" before Operation Barbarosa.
8. Sure!
s ,   Tel Aviv   (07.20.08)
More manipulations or the same tactic as Lebanon. The "nice" people have no control over the "extremists" that rule the country. So, they wlll not be help accountable.
9. So what did they promise you to pronounce this line?
s ,   Tel Aviv   (07.20.08)
Obviously this is all but true!
10. our new best friend
zionist forever   (07.20.08)
The president is planning to wipe Israel off the map and Americas the great saten. Now the vice president comes along and says that Israel & America are friends of Israel.
11. Choke, gasp, cough! Man I gotta stop
Joe ,   Ohio, USA   (07.20.08)
eating while I read the news!
12. AAAwwwww
royzer ,   ca   (07.20.08)
Don't you just wanna poke out his beady narrow little eyes.
13. another iranian liar heard from. trying to mess with
debra ,   usa   (07.20.08)
everyone's mind, and BUYING TIME until their nuke is ready to bring destruction to their enemies. these stooges leading iran have no friends.
14. poor idiot
bored ,   USA   (07.20.08)
Now he's going to get himself hanged. Should have thought before he opened his mouth!
15. with friends like these..
Danny   (07.20.08)
16. Iranian VP - I have a bridge to sell you
Hinda ,   SF Bay Area - USA   (07.20.08)
I wonder if they are interested in buying a bridge from Phoenix, AZ to Hawaii? It is in the planning stages but for a good sum -- I'm sure we can sell stock very soon.
17. he's reaching out, we should accept
Moshe   (07.20.08)
A change in rhetoric normally precedes a change in actions and attitudes. I wouldn't exclude the possibility that teh Iranians are trying to gauge the israeli attitudes toward a 'thaw'. However, by reacting so negatively and sarcastically, you guys are destroying the chance of step 2. I think some people here should get a reality check, namely that a total war with Iran wouldn't be as glamorous and clean as some like to believe. Even 3000 poorly armed Lebanese proved to be a major challenge. Guys, we are not living in an iron dome. As much as I distrust Iran's leaders, every single outreach from their side should be met with positivity from our side.
Waste of typing   (07.20.08)
Was it worth typing this? I dont think so
19. Iranian delay and subterfuge
Franklin Whidden ,   Boston, Mass, US   (07.20.08)
You have to give the Devil his due. The Iranians are masters at dissembling,delay and strategy. For five years they have been stalling and stopping international inspection while they work their nuclear weapons agenda. The sad part is that the world will stand by and watch it happen. History is doomed to repeat itself and the Jews of Israel will once again be in peril of holocaust.
20. they are all schziophrenics there
iran doesnt have any friends they dont know how to be friends or make friends
21. Israel and Iran: Friendship between equals
Steven ,   San Francisco   (07.20.08)
Both with long and distinguished histories, both peoples of great potential and creativity, both the cradle of the world's great religions.
22. If Iran has no enemies, then tell Israel about Ron Arad.
Rivkah   (07.20.08)
Tell Israel and his wife and family if he is alive or dead and then release him or give back his body.
23. Talk of conviniance!
Daniel ,   Israel   (07.20.08)
How much can you trust these Muslim layers? You have just tested very near and dear ally of Iran. If Israelis make mistake this time, we had it.
24.  BILHAM?
Cyrus ,   IRAN   (07.20.08)
26. Just get Achmed to say the same thing...use "of" instead of
Lemmings Hotline ,   SD USA   (07.20.08)
"in", so we wont think that you're referring to the Pals "in" Israel. And another thing... say you apologize for wanting to "wipe us off the map" and other such nasty euphemisms for genocide....Would that really be enough?
27. Schizophrenia
Eliyahu ,   United States   (07.20.08)
The government of iran needs to go through serious psychiatric evaluation. This doesn't seem like deception, because that would take intelligence. This is just plain retarded. I once saw a homeless crack addict display the same kind of rhetoric while pan-handling for change. Maybe iran has a crack problem.
28. Waiting until Obama wins
Mike   (07.20.08)
The danger period for the attack on the nuclear bomb project is october to january. They will do what is needed to avoid Bush, who is not afraid of confrontation. Obama is safer for Iran
29. Is Ahmadinejad afraid ?
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (07.20.08)
The economic situation of the Iranian population is dreadful. Ahmadinejad cannot afford the risk of an Israeli attack on the Iranian nuclear installations and/or other vital targets – he might face a popular revolution supported by a part of the Iranian army. That could be the beginning of the end of the fanatical Islamic regime. Would Ahmadinejad take such a risk ? More about Iran today at :
30. "We Always Threaten to Annihilate Our Friends"
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