Olmert: We will not rest until Shalit is home
Roni Sofer
Published: 20.07.08, 11:17
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1. Olmert the great gives us a lesson on morality?
Yonatan ,   Nahariya   (07.20.08)
We will not rest until Gilad is back home? Our PM has gone on vacation every summer since Gilad was captured, that’s not resting is it? He must think we are idiots because we know he has never lived up to any promise he has ever made. From a morale aspect, is it fair to the living Israeli soldiers now to be given a death sentence because the terrorists know we will pay as much for them dead as alive? This myopic so called leader of Israel will only do what benefits his causes at the time. The long term good of Israel is secondary to Olmert’s well being, namely keeping his sorry self out of prison. I forgot to mention keeping his coffers full of cash also.
2. vain political posturing
tom ,   toronto, canada   (07.20.08)
mr olmert doesn't seem to understand the difference between "we must bring shalit home" and "shalit must be returned". essentially, that is the difference between demanding what is owed to you, and grovelling for the cameras. leaders shouldn't grovel. the fact is, that it is hamas who "must" return gilad shalit - the onus must be on them, and the means of applying pressure, diplomatically, economically, *and militarily*, do not need to be announced in daily press releases. he will be released when it is more advantageous to return him than to keep holding him. and it is hard to apply the right sorts of pressure while you are meticulously observing your one-sided ceasefire with hamas.
3. Olmert really does serve enemy interests
Malia ,   Israel   (07.20.08)
He released five live terrorists, including one of the most bestial murderers ever, for two horribly mutilated dead soldiers, thereby increasing the likelihood of the further kidnapping and murder of soldiers and civilians. Now he wants to sell out Israeli citizenry to wanton terror yet further by trading off thousands of terrorists with blood on their hands (he can't backtrack now that he released that monster child-killer) for one dead soldier, which the hapless Shalit will certainly be, Olmert, specifically, and his cabinet should be put trial for treason before he can make another murderous deal.
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (07.20.08)
It is very strange but of lately our leaders and their media spin masters are all of a sudden the moral beacons in a dark world. Their repeated chest pounding of moral superiority over others is just idiotic and untrue. If it comes to deceit, dishonesty and immorality, they are on equal footing with Hizbullah and hamas. To put a picture of Olmert with a note of moral strength just shows how the media and government are screwing us in every way possible. There is no limit to the Gutzpah of these jerks.
5. Olmert is talking about morality?
Enemy of State ,   Judea   (07.20.08)
6. Look who`s talking about morals
Nora ,   Tel Aviv   (07.20.08)
7. with olmert no israeli is safe dead or alive
8. Israel will B busy full time with kidnappings soon
Alan ,   SA   (07.20.08)
The Arabs have invented a great business . They kidnap and Israel spends the next few years trying to undo the kidnap . The president of France gets involved. the German Secret Service , the British... you name it . The Israel Media .. Everyone . For the Arabs this is the greatest invention since they invented the camel market a million years ago. Please tell me -is there no other way to stop this business. Are we doomed to suffer like this for ever ? I am NOT .repeat NOT, proposing that Commandos rush in and another 5 Soldiers are killed in the attempted rescue .
9. Olmert knows nothing about 'moral duty'
redmike ,   Tel Aviv   (07.20.08)
If he did he would have resigned long ago. After the very foolish exchange last week the demands for Shalit's release will be so high that Israel will be unable to meet them. Shalit was effectively sentenced to a much longer period of incarceration than was necessary. How much longer must the country be hampered by a PM that is incapable of governing? I am hoping to see street protests soon and will happily join them! Mike
10. revolting and obnoxious PM
Jon Cohen ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (07.20.08)
I will be very happy when he is sitting in his jail cell. He sent our best soldiers out to die in a war which need never had happened while his sons languish abroad and he lives off the "perks" of his job. If he had done what Hizbuallah asked for in the first place (in the end we gave more AND destroyed our deterent capabilities) none of this need have happened.
11. Olmert trying to prove he's sensitive and concerned
Miriam ,   Israel   (07.20.08)
Sorry Olmert, we look at you as a loser and a cruel person and there isn’t anyone who has a doubt about the fraud and bribe you received. If you'd have a heart you'd send Talansky back home. But instead, you’re out to crush him and kill him. And now, how many more terrorists with blood on their hand will you release? How many more weapons and armored trucks and ammunition will you supply them with? Olmert, you don’t have the qualifications of leadership. You’re a pathetic weakling who stole money from the government and other organizations. You should be replaced immediately before you do more harm to this country and to yourself.
12. A maskil of David, when he was in the cave, a prayer.
Norway   (07.20.08)
With my voice, I cry out to the Lord, with my voice, I supplicate the Lord. I pour out before Him my speech, my distress I recite before Him. Looking to the right, I see that no one recognizes me, ESCAPE IS LOST FROM ME, NO ONE SEEKS MY SOUL.. Hearken to my cry for I have become very low, save me - - from my pursuers for they have overpowered me. Psalm 142:1-3,5,7 Please continue to pray and say Psalms 20, 83, 121, 130, 142, and recite the prayer Acheinu (Our Fellow Jews) kol beis Yisroel for the immediate release of all those held in captivity unjustly. nd among them: Kidnapped and Held by Terrorists: Dana bas Vicki Menachem Yehudah ben Leah Miriam (held on false charges in a foreign country) Jonathon Pollard: Yehonason ben Malka ISRAELI MIA'S: Gilad ben Aviva Guy ben Rena Ron ben Batya Tzvi ben Penina Yekutiel Yehuda Nachman ben Sara Zecharya Shlomo ben Miriam ACHEINU: If any of our fellow Jews are in jeopardy or are entrapped, whether overseas or at home, may the Almighty take pity on them and deliver them from trouble to relief, from gloom to bright light, and from tyranny to freedom - urgently, swiftly and very soon - and let us say, Amein. The Acheinu prayer is a cry from the heart to God to watch over the Jewish people in time of peril. (Rabbi Moshe D. Krupka, OU)
13. Olmerts lies and spin
JAyjay3 ,   Israel   (07.20.08)
Sounds like this traitor is trying to get the public ready to accept the release of the animal Baghoutti! The release of this man will bolster Hamass even more, but Olmert the liar will get the media to tell you it will bolster Fatah and help the bogus peace initiative. We need GENERAL ELECTIONS NOW!
14. "We must bring Shalit home..."
I.Kemp ,   Nahariya Isr   (07.20.08)
in exchange for Olmert
15. Just Words, Too Little Too Late
emanon ,   USA   (07.20.08)
The time for those words would have been when the kidnappings occured. The time for action would have been when the kidnappings occured. Now it is too late. Two coffins have been bought by Israel and now Olmert implies Israel is ready to buy a third. Too late. As another poster pointed out, the business model has already been set up: the terrorstinians kidnap Jews, the Jews set massive amounts of live terrorstinians free and the terrorstinians return dead Israeli bodies, one or two at at time. While it is so sad that Shalit is dead, let's face a simple fact: HE CAN'T GET ANY DEADER. It would hurt the terrorstinians more by NOT exchanging live terrorstinians for a dead Israeli than it will hurt Israel to leave Shalit behind.
16. Shalit
zznhl   (07.20.08)
The Hamas will try to what the Iranians did to Carter. They will hold up any negotiations while Olmert is in power. Olmert will commit himself " ....The last thing I wil do in office" etc. He will fail and Hamas will give Shalit as a gift to the next government (It will obviously be a VERY expensive gift!). They have no mercy and daily desecrate the Holy Koran by terrorising their own people, mistreating POW's , trading in body parts, and trading in live people like they are cattle. The Mosaic Bible, The New Testament and The Holy Koran value human life above all.
17. Different values
Sidney ,   USA   (07.20.08)
Jewish values: choose life. Olmert's values: stay in office at any price. Israelis will die because Olmert has rewarded kidnapping and murder.
18. gaza withdrawal will be wonderful
alexi   (07.20.08)
This same Olmert told Israel that things would be wonderful following the gaza withdrawal which he forced on sharon. Then he messed up the north, then the south, and established a horrible precedent. Soldiers want to be saved while they are alive, not dead.The master of I don't know, I can't recall, you tell me is a low life and israelis are plain stupid. Thats what it boils down to. Mazzuz says it not up to him to suspend Olmert, its up to the Israeli public.Okay, israeli public, draw your own conclusions and do something about it. Don't worry, Olmert will run like hell if you start chasing him.
19. terrorists still laughing over Kuntar & Olmerts at it again
zionist forever   (07.20.08)
Its been just 1 week since we traded child killers for corpses and the arab world watched in amazement that we actually agreed to those terms. Hamas after the deal with Hizbullah said they were putting up their price for Shalit and both of Hamas & Hizbullah have said they intend to increase kidnapings because they have seen how weak we are. Olmert has no interest at all in Shalit or the others he is looking to boost his support and with all the public emotions carry on making bad deals for the sake of his political ego and desire for the promised nobel prize. If Olmert had been truly interested in getting Gilad back he would have been cutting the electricity & cutting all fuel shipments to Gaza. Instead in an attempt to mislead the public that his peace negotiations were working he agreed to a deal with Hamas even though they said in advance they were not going to stop weapons smuggling. Five days after the so called truce began the rockets starrted falling but Olmert was not willing to say deal is over. All the damage that has been done to them over the past year through the seige of Gaza has been undone and when this so called truce ends in 6 months at best a new we will be fighting a new and stronger Hamas. Olmert is the greatest risk to Israels national security. We need elections now and to get rid of this whole Kadima regime which have been nothing but trouble. After that we need to introduce new laws formerly saying that we will not do any deals with terrorists ever. Thats the only way to make kidnapings not a worthwhile tactic because of the risk involved to the terrorists themselves because there will be no rewards. Soilder wishing to serve in combat units must in advance sign a waiver that they accept that we wont be involving killers. We must also have a law saying that any prisoners charged by the civlian courts cannot be released for politcs It keeps the wished of the executive seperate from the judgements of the judiciary. Only prisoners charged under a millitary tribunal can be released by politicans. The current system breeds coruption and alot our laws are so stupid that they look like they were drafted by children.
20. No shame with Olmert more of the same
AlbertoGa ,   St george UT, USA   (07.20.08)
The only think this man should do is to resign. All the Bla, Blahs are just that, Super Hot Air.
21. We will not rest till olmert is imprisoned!
jason white ,   afula,israel   (07.20.08)
Along with the rest of his gang.
22. ohlmert
sas ,   israel   (07.21.08)
23. ohlmert
fad ,   israel   (07.21.08)
i will NOTY rest until u and your charming wife move out of the PM residence.
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