Diskin says Hamas using truce to plant mines in Gaza
Amnon Meranda
Published: 22.07.08, 12:34
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1. Advantage to planted mines in aza !
trumpeldor ,   eurabia   (07.22.08)
massive artillery and air bombardments ---> destroyed terrorist infrastructures + NIL soldier loss ! Afterwards, they may go to mop up the remainder!! Only need 1 pm with cojones (that excludes livni...)
2. I wonder now??
MaMa ,   Israel   (07.22.08)
Who's fault is that??Why are we in shock? Isn't our own fault?Our wonderful govt's who give them the capabilities.
3. is this the secret mission?
israeli ,   israel   (07.22.08)
We hear that a Gazan has been killed in an explosion and two others injured while on a secret mission. Is this the mission? Planting bombs?,7340,L-3571503,00.html
4. What Me Worry
Alfred E. Newman ,   Boston   (07.22.08)
Must be a fly buzzing around the house. Go back to your TVs, the soccer tournament is not over yet.
5. Students are planning nuclear attack
Ivan ,   Haifa   (07.22.08)
That's why Diskin sends his people to take pictures of students involved in politics and then they take them (even by force) to the "new police station" of Haifa for interrogatories?
6. Soo what ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,let them stand on them
Eric.... ,   Israel......   (07.22.08)
All we have to do is use planes and helicopters.
7. Israel should uproot Hamas once and for all.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (07.22.08)
Under the circumstances, what is needed is not negotiations with Hamas, but strong military action against it. Israel should not undertake a brief incursion, but a major invasion of Gaza to uproot Hamas once and for all. If the Israeli leadership doesn’t take such action, it risks Hamas growing into an even greater menace to the State of Israel than it is today as described at :
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