18 injured in Jerusalem bulldozer attack
Efrat Weiss
Published: 22.07.08, 17:35
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1. Get the Arabs out of Israel NOW!
Miriam ,   Israel   (07.22.08)
2. Rabbi Meir Kahana zt"l was right!
Miriam ,   Israel   (07.22.08)
4. We all are humans
Until when we keep on killing each other ... violence only breeds violence ... We need to learn how to live with each other ... make earth a place worth living in ... for us and our children ...
5. See what Gordon Brown has to say!
Ram ,   London   (07.22.08)
6. Stop hiring Arabs. Don't we ever learn?
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (07.22.08)
Wait - the police & other authorities will come up with more lame BS like last time. "It's an isolated incident" - "It's not part of a pattern" - "he doesn't belong to any organization" - blah, blah, blah. Thank G-d we have civilians to protect us.
7. The UK has safe workers? Oh yeah, like the ones who blew up
your buses & subways ,   Maurie, Israel   (07.22.08)
8. What are these terrorists trying to achieve?
S   (07.22.08)
That no Jew will ever hire an Arab? In other words, do they really want to make lives extremely miserable for their fellow Arab brethern? So much for Arab dignity!
9. Why Foreign workers?
Yitzchak ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.22.08)
Why foreign workers? Why can't Jews work in construction? It is about time we were willing to pay more for construction and employ Jews, and stop financing terrorism via arab workers.
10. #3
Yehudit ,   Israel   (07.22.08)
Got a crazier idea. Let's start hiring Jews at decent wages. I've talked to some of the beggars around or even unemployed people who haven't quite yet hit that point. Some of them would happily work if people didn't prefer to hire Arabs or foreign workers.
11. At least this dead terrorist will not be swapped for
Miriam ,   Israel   (07.22.08)
Olmert's "goodwill gestures". Shooting terrorists instead of imprisoning them will be a deterrent.
12. What a stupid headline
Dan ,   USA   (07.22.08)
Why is ynet following the lead of the biased worldwide media. A "bulldozer" did not run wild. Some driving it did. And just who was driving it? Even halfway through the article it refers to the bulldozer "kept driving". Let's blame the people, not the lifeless machine. And nowhere is any mention of just who was driving. But we all know the answer already: another Arab terrorist.
13. fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me
Manu ,   Russia   (07.22.08)
Israel is deliberately acting like a weakling and rapidly losing all respect around the world
14. The more you suppress them the more bulldozers on ur streets
Leftist Jerusalemite   (07.22.08)
15. This terrorist was an Israeli and lived in Eastern Jerusalem
Miriam ,   Israel   (07.22.08)
He's a relative of the orange-bearded Hamas member who is currently in jail. These are the kind of guys Olmert keeps releasing from jail.
16. nothing learned
Charles   (07.22.08)
Olmerts use your brains
17. Where is observer
Ze'ev ,   Haifa   (07.22.08)
To tell us that it was an innocent coincidence last time.
18. We will never change
YOEL ,   Raanana   (07.22.08)
עולה לנו בזול, אבל משלמים אותו ביוקר We are really stupid, ready to pay a cheaper salaries by hiring arabs. At the end, we pay it in high prices: unemployment in OUR population, people that we must help. Then, our victims have to be treated in hospitals, and need psycholigical help and support for them and families. It's time to change our minds, and become ready to pay THE RIGHT price. Employ jewish people, and this is the best way to make Tsedaka. This is called Parnassa with dignity. Why should we sacrify for people who hate us, just because we breathe and exist on Earth... I've been a "moderate" for a long time, but it's time facing to reality: as israeli, I am a "legitimate target". I will never accept it, because I deserve a normal life, as any human beeing.
19. Number 14
Seth ,   Israel   (07.22.08)
"The more you suppress them the more bulldozers on ur streets" This person was a full citizen with full rights. And how are we suppressing anyone? They have the right to speak, worship, and apparently terrorize us without fear of consequence.
20. another reason for firearm training
ami ,   jerusalem   (07.22.08)
i encourage all jewish citizens and israelis to purchase firearms and take appropriate training courses.
21. Perfect timing
Mike ,   Jerusalem   (07.22.08)
Right when Uncle Shimmy id flying the pali rag over the Presidents residence in honor of the shameless Abu Momzer who congratulated the Child murderer Kuntar on his release!. Most probably Uncle Shimmy is practicing signing his name on the pardon of Marwan Balagan Barghouti Yimach Shmo The Shabak caught the Hebrew U Students who wanted to assinate Bush, lets see if they succeed in catching any terrorist during Hussein Obama's visit
22. Tony Blair must fund a Bulldozer driving school with UK Tax
Alan ,   SA   (07.22.08)
23. #13 manu russia
linda   (07.22.08)
We are losing respect? You in russia don't have any left, killing muslims in Chechnya and still pointing the finger at us? Take a mirror my friend
24. Make the Haradim do construction
Nick Sporek ,   Jerusalem Israel   (07.22.08)
We should build our own country. Shame on us for be too good to do labour work.
25. The World Is Laughin on Israel
Matias ,   Santa Fe, Argentina   (07.22.08)
The World is Laughin at Israel's Goverment because the terror is in Their Capital City and they do nothing. I think It's time for te jews in Israel to act not hiring Arabs, and start hiring jews. Why Israel keep hiring the enemy????.
26. #10
Carrie ,   jerusalem   (07.22.08)
there are thousands of olim who can't find jobs, and would be happy to work on anything. Being myself an ola, because of my lack of hebrew at first, many times I was turned down in favor of arabs who did happen to speak some hebrew and/or knew someone on the place-arab, of course- who could put a good word for them to get the job. Basically businesses must take notice of those jews in need of work and stop hiring arabs who are a constant threat to everyone's safety
27. Arabs should not be allowed to use heavy machinery
Not racist, not profiling - its statistically accurate and a security must.
28. Time to add a few bulldozer checkpoints in Jerusalem
Then the rest of the world can complain about Israel's "oppressive" policies, which they'll whine about no matter what Israel does. But at least you'll be safe from mentally deranged Arab terrorists.
29. Separation
Mohammad ,   Belfast, UK   (07.22.08)
Give East Jerulasem to the Palestinians and move the settlers out to make every body happy. This is just a reaction to the occupation and lack of justice. Withdraw to 1967 borders, separate and sleep peacefully.
30. The peace of Islam
Marcel ,   Florida   (07.22.08)
Are you enjoying the peace that Olmert promises will become more painful for Jews only ? How foolsih you have been Israel in ignoring the commandments of Hashem to make no peace agreements with His enemies.
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