Settler grandpa saves the day
Published: 22.07.08, 16:43
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SERGIO ,   ISRAEL   (07.22.08)
2. Medal Of Honour
ambrosine shitrit ,   israel ra ananna   (07.22.08)
I was due to go to Jerusalem this afternoon, all i can say is b*H Yaakov. He should recieve a Medal of Honour!
3. Again the religious settlers to the rescue - KOL HAKAVOD
Russel ,   Tlv   (07.22.08)
4. 3 cheers for Grandpa Yaacov
Millie ,   Israel   (07.22.08)
Thank you for reacting so quickly to save lives! Wish we had more with your courage and strength!
5. appropriate response
Matt P ,   coming to jerusalem   (07.22.08)
Despite the slightly condescending title, this story is inspiring. Jews defending Jews, even if they aren't active duty officers.
6. Painful Concessions
Marcel ,   Florida   (07.22.08)
This is just more of the pain Jews alone are supposed to endure for the false peace of Olmert/Bush. If the Bulldozer were near Olmerts' residence ,only then would the border police shoot first instead of being agents of appeasment and surrender for Olmert's phony peace.
7. Once more
Ricardo Macher ,   KarneiShomron Israel   (07.22.08)
We are forgetting something really important! Once again, police is ineffective, shouldn't the government reconsider the capacity of people in charge? Must it always be civilians who take care? Why do we pay Mr. Franco and friends then? To write traffic reports?
8. RELIGIOUS "SETTLERS" are the ONLY ones with guts!
Miriam ,   Israel   (07.22.08)
Leftists police have to think ten times or more whether they should kill the terrorist or they might be prosecuted for it. That's until religious Jews like Moshe Plessner several weeks ago and now Yaacov Asael took the initiative, that the police will mimic them. After all this, the chief police still has the chutzpah to praise the "border police" who just finish them off completely. Israel needs a Prime Minister from among those "settlers".
9.  Islam.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (07.22.08)
Islam was conceived in the Arabian Peninsula a place where existence was hard and violence a daily fact. Islam would not have been accepted if it was a religion/ideology of love and kindness.Till today, violence and extremism animates Islam. What ever reason to express hate and violence, it will always be welcome : caricatures, difference in opinions, freedom of expression etc. Whoever does not agree with Islam is a target for hate and violence as explained at :
10. truth is
ecr   (07.22.08)
The Jews know the truth. It's just a bit hard to live with "all the rules" we accepted at Sinai.
11. Olmert listen up---We're mad as hell & we're not gonna take
it any more! We will ,   act if you won't.   (07.22.08)
12. Three cheers to Channel One
Tal ,   Israel   (07.22.08)
and Yinon Magal, the ONLY one to call brave GEVER. Mr. Asael, a CITIZEN. Shame on leftieYnet and the other two leftie tv channels for their despicable 'settler' rubbish as usual. Citizens like Mr Asael are our only real MEN. The left, and their newscasters are wimps.
13. Thank You Mister Yaacov Asael.
Maansingh ,   The Netherlands   (07.23.08)
Thank you Mister Yaacov Asael for your braveness, for stopping the bulldozer terrorist -- after the terrorist assaulted and injured 18 Israelis in Jerusalem. Thank you for your courage.
14. above
moishe   (07.23.08)
mazel tov!
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