2 Arabs narrowly escape lynching in Jerusalem
Roi Mandel
Published: 22.07.08, 23:08
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1. When?
Moriah ,   Sacramento USA   (07.22.08)
When will Arabs start protecting Jews from their murdering Arab brethren? When?
2. Ahh, life in Jerusalem!
Bill Bailey ,   Jerusalem   (07.22.08)
3. I don't think this were mainstream hareidim
Avraham ,   NYC   (07.22.08)
Derachecha darchei noam v'chol nesivosecha shalom. Perhaps the Arabs provoked the Jews, that's another story.
4. Arab gang almost killed the store manager
Gerry ,   Boston   (07.22.08)
Then they begin attaking old Jews in the Yeshiva.
5. May God bless you.
cfs ,   Tlse, France   (07.22.08)
You put your life in danger to save Arabs, may God bless you and your family, long life to you.
6. Two Arabs caught robbing a store
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (07.22.08)
Why didn't this guy call police?
7. Jerusalem Jews are fed up with the police and its policies
Miriam ,   Israel   (07.22.08)
of DOING NOTHING besides arresting Jews at demonstrations!!! About time the right thing is done. This is the only language Arabs understand - a language without accents. If this is done more often to Arabs, they'll learn to behave and will respect us. Leftists might not like it, but that’s the “right” approach.
8. Disgraceful actions of the orthodox jews!
DR ,   Florida, USA   (07.23.08)
These people are no better than the Palestinians who preach hatred and violence towards the jews!!! Simple as that!
9. they did already many times
mohammed ,   jerusalem   (07.23.08)
do u know how many times jewish people has entered a palestinian areas and people there helped them to escape !! many!
10. disgusted by the doseem
george ,   toronto , canada   (07.23.08)
The doseem are one of the greatest threats facing the State of Israel. I am hoping that there will be justice and those fundamentalists will be prosecuted. They are the essentially "Jewish Taliban". They pollute society with their twisted thinking. Make them go to the Army and work instead of draining the resources of the State.
11. Miriam
Daniel ,   NYC   (07.23.08)
Miriam, you clearly have no soul. If your outright bigotry is what it means to be "right," let the rest of us Jews be wrong, and in so doing remain Jews. Ya'asher koach to this man!
12. Disgusted?
david ,   NY, USA   (07.23.08)
Im disgusted by how some of you are reacting to this. A terrorist attack happened only hours ago and and you want to protect palestinians??? when will you people(mostlly self hating leftists) finally understand that they are sworn to kill all israelies. when?
13. This is against Jewish law
Galut ,   Selah   (07.23.08)
wether it is arab or jewish violence ...they both should be subject the same judgement and punishment ....period
14. only way to solve this problem
david ,   nyc   (07.23.08)
do not let Palestinians work in jerusalem period. Let them speak up against terror for once! it cannot be denied that terrorism is coming from strictly from islam. If govt policy does not change, expect to see a lot more violence on the street.
15. Re: 7 - Lynch mob is not the answer
Galut ,   Selah   (07.23.08)
Lynch mob is not the answer - get active and change the leadership that is being soft on crime ...but let the laws of the lan deal with the lawbreaker wether jewish or arab
16. #12 - disguted by you
ilan ,   ta   (07.23.08)
one has nothing to do with the other. this type of violence is disgusting and those who support is are disgusting. then again, you protect yourself from these events by not even living her i nisrael.
17. Little hope for the decent jewish people in Israel.
lydia ,   Brisbane, Australia   (07.23.08)
They too will be killed or maimed, should they try to do honorably thing and make a stand for what is right.. They can expect to be murdered or maimed by their own countryman as Israel implodes and cannibalizes itself.
18. Did you all notice something?...
James K. ,   Leesville, LA, USA   (07.23.08)
Hmm? Interesting! They won't go into the military, yet they'll beat a man of Arab descent, and when stopped, will pull out a knife. Anyone notice a contradiction here?
19. Miriam #7 - you don't sound Jewish to me
JPS ,   Efrat   (07.23.08)
Gollee, Miriam, your solution sounds great - simply string up any offending Arab from an electric pole and kill any Jews who get in your way. It might be the "right" approach in your eyes, but it's definitely not the Jewish approach. Nor is it legal, so it's not the Israeli approach either. Or maybe your full name is Miriam Stalin?
20. The Orthodox Terrorists Must Be Hunted Down and Punished
Johan Odin ,   Oslo, Norway   (07.23.08)
All terrorists, regardless of race, religion or ethnicity must be treated equally, and the despicable orthodox terrorists who did this are no exception. Israel better reign in these Orthodox terrorists before their violent behavior spreads to other segments of Israeli society.
21. Chillul HaShem
Truth Hertz ,   UK   (07.23.08)
If our Yeshiva students act just like arab street mobs, what hope is there for us. Even attacking people sitting Shiva! Perhaps this is in an example of what we read in Pirkei Avot: "...... all study of the Torah, without work, must in the end be futile and become the cause of sin."
22. Demolish the attackers Homes !
Khaled ,   East Jerusalem   (07.23.08)
I'd like to thank the man who has protected the innocent men from the angry "religious" jewish mob. I don't understand why would they attack the arabs while being in the western side of the city while jews are moving freely and are even normally warm welcomed at its eastern part. The terrorists should be punished with a harsh punishment. Probably demolishing the homes of those who intended to kill would give a future lesson for everyone. This is a pure lynch attempt, very similar to the attack which took place in Ramallah two years ago at which two IDF soldiers were killed. This could have ended as a brutal murder. The attackers should spend the rest of their lifetimes in prison.
23. Attack or defense?
Betzalel ,   Jerusalem   (07.23.08)
Why is it glamorously reported as a lynch and an assault when this Arabs were attacking the Jewish store owner? What exactly happened?what are the real facts before we come with headlines like this? The religious Jews are not know to do such kind of acts in response to terrorist attacks. However its know that if any Jew is under attack at a religious area quickly many will arrive to protect them. This is most likely what happened. The ones that stabbed the Jew are for sure not from the Yeshiva and as long as their identity is not revealed it is absurd to report it as if it was one of the students or Haredim...
24. Slowly but surely Israel is getting to there
Moshe   (07.23.08)
25. if it had been palestinians chasing jews.......
Liz ,   Israel   (07.23.08)
Hmmm if it had been 2 Jewish men and they were being chased by a Palestinian mob in an Arab neighborhood there would be 2 more families sitting shiva. I think what this man did was right and I hate incidents like this. But facts remain you will not hear of a Palestinian protecting a Jewish life in Ramallah or anywhere else. We don't need reminding what happens to Israeli's who wonder into Ramallah.
26. As a proud Jew, I condemn the Jewish terrorists 100%
Noam ,   Boca Raton, FL   (07.23.08)
These yeshiva students have done an immoral, traitorous act by randomly attacking two human beings simply because they were Arab. They have violated sacred Jewish teachings and embraced murder. I hope the authorities and witnesses can identify and apprehend them, and convict them all of attempted murder with very long imprisonment sentences. And the Jewish man who saved the two Palestinian Arab's life should receive an award and be honored for his courage. You never know, these two Palestinians may be instrumental in fostering peace between the peoples one day. As the Talmud states, and an Islamic hadith as well (cite andcorrect me on both accounts if I am wrong) "He who saves one life saved the entire world"
27. Re:10. disgusted by the doseem
Galut ,   Selah   (07.23.08)
not the greatess threat....However I think Israel as a whole might be benifited by thier presence in the military...and they might be benifited by exposure to reality....
28. # 7 Miriam - Us ?
Simon ,   TA the free city   (07.23.08)
You say: 'they'll learn to behave and will respect us" Please do me a favor, never include me in "Us" If you are an example of a righteous jew, then we are all in trouble! Its about time your orthodox pals learn to behave like human beings.
29. The achievement of the PLO and terrorism.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (07.23.08)
A survey carried out the Panels Research Institute finds that more than 75% of Israelis see partial or total transfer of Israeli-Arabs out of Israel in any final-status agreement that includes a Palestinian state.The poll asked whether it would be justified, in the framework of an agreement for the establishment of a Palestinian state, to demand the transfer out of Israel of all Arabs. Nearly 30% said yes with no reservations, while 28% said only Arabs who did not express loyalty to Israel should be expelled. In addition, another 19% said that Arabs who lived in areas bordering the PA-controlled areas, such as Wadi Area and the southern Galilee, should be transferred out.The remainder, just under 25%, said no Arabs should be transferred out.The survey encompassed 668 respondents, taking part in a series of Panel4All internet surveys. The Panels Institute says the respondents are a representative sampling of the adult population in Israel, and that the margin of error is 3.7%. The solution ? Details at :
30. its time to fight back
duvi ,   cliton nj usa   (07.23.08)
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