Collaborating with the enemy
Uri Orbach
Published: 25.07.08, 13:31
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31. shame.
fish   (07.25.08)
War ( and this is war) is never a pretty sight, but Israel in comparison with other nations has a much better record and standard than the majority of the countries. If Israel were indeed ruthless and inhumane, it would live safer. But at a cost of her own citizens' lives Israel is doing her utmost to behave according to human norms. All those on this forum who accuse Israel - look at the history of your own countries, past and present, and especially your beloved Pals - what they are doing to each other let alone to Jews. I'm sick of hearing how bad Israel is, maybe it's time for Israel to become real bad and kick asses? We are tired of sacrificing our lives in order to look good on TV news. We live surrounded by middle ages barbarians and we are demanded to act like Mother Theresa towards them, why is that?
32. the extreme left is aiding and abetting the enemy
avrom ,   bet shemesh   (07.25.08)
and are therefore guilty of treason they should be arrested and chargedwith treason They are not interested in the human rights of Israeli soldiers and civilians only the rights of the terrorists and their supporters i believe in human rights ,i believe in animal rights but i do not believe in rights for terrorists and their supporters .WE DO THOUGH HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY NOT TO INFLICT GRATUITOUS VIOLENCE ON THEM OR ABUSE THEM.
33. 13# The answer to your question is no
avrom ,   bet shemesh   (07.25.08)
because that is aiding and abetting the enemy. Do the so called "Israeli peacenik" you mention publicise the War crimes committed by the Palestinians on israeli soldiers and civilians until you do ,do not have the Chutzpah to call yourself a peacenik you are supporting the war on Israel and are therefore a warmonger NOT a peacnik
34. To #6
Uri ,   Israel   (07.25.08)
If Judea and Samaria belongs to the Jews, why not have Israel annex it? Or, that's right, because you would then have to grant Israeli citizenship to 2.6 million Palestinians. Much better this way.
35. Let's just say it...
David   (07.25.08)
None of your human rights logic applies. This is Israel. We are above logic, above human rights, and above the law. The sooner you accept that, the sooner we can all move on.
36. B'Tselem trains video photographers
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (07.25.08)
If they are good enough, they can get jobs at France 2.
37. Shanda
Tevye ,   Colorado Springs, US   (07.25.08)
It is Israel that has become a disgrace to the Jews worldwide.
38. things that would never happen? No it happened!
observer   (07.25.08)
a 14 years old Palestinian girl could find the correct angle of shooting the photos, and no-one, up till now, has disputed the correctness.
39. Don't Worry
Daniel   (07.25.08)
Don't worry. There is only one place in the world where these images matter- in the US. And here they are not shown, they do not exist. The only images fed to the American public are of Palestinian violence and brave Israeli defense. So, don't worry. Americans are so stupid.
40. Left-wing fools
Ignatious Mucklefutz ,   USA   (07.25.08)
Several years ago, in the middle of the Arafat launched suicide bombing war against Israel, I was able to make contact with a Jewish college student who had written a highly accusatory column against Israel in one of our local papers. This person proudly informed me that he had spent a month in the Palestinian areas helping the locals overcome Israeli oppression. When I asked him if he had spent some time helping Israeli women and children who were grievously injured and maimed by Palestinian suicide bombers, this blathering idiot was stunned and speechless. I asked him if he believed that a Israeli toddler was deserving of being bombed, he launched a tirade of words that had no meaning except to show how hollow his soul was. B'tselem and the other leftist groups that claim to be humanitarian while causing untold misery for their own countrymen are also organizations without a soul and without a brain. They have no loyalty to anyone and care only about abstract concepts despite the harm that they are doing. These nitwits protest the security fence because of inconveniences to Arabs (that are routinely considered in Israeli courts) but do not understand the immorality of opposing defensive measures that would save Israeli lives.
41. Let the cameras roll....Orbach is as wrong as he can be....
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (07.25.08)
Film soldiers beating unnarmed detainees. Film leftists and arabs provoking and throwing stones. Nobody should be afraid of cameras unless they are acting unlawfully. Democracy 101.
42. #37 - Tevye...you idiot from the shtettle - Israel...
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (07.25.08)
is a source of pride to most Jews.
43. No occupation, no need for photos
Truthseeker ,   USA   (07.25.08)
If the IDF were not in the illegally Occupied Territories protecting the illegal settlements there would be no need for the brutal acts of the IDF or settlers to be photographed. Seems to me that some people are afraid of having the true face of what they are doing shown to the world.
44. Filming 'incidents'
A Jerusalamite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.25.08)
No, you are wrong Mr. Orbach. If it weren't filmed we would never have the proof. If such incidents had been filmed in Germany in the 1930's perhaps history would have been different. We cannot ignore that we are doing wrong! I am not a leftist, but neither am I a rightist - I want an honest reporting of what is happening and better control of those of us that think they can do anything they like.
45. #39 how do you know them?, are you American?
46. # 39 Just the Americans?
Bill ,   US   (07.25.08)
They recently published a poll spanning the globe about people's attitudes towards the Israelis and Palestinians and the results were that the majority of people in the world were indifferent. It's not just America. I would guess it could have something to do with the dozens of conflicts in the world involving Islam. The enormous amounts of terrorism that occurs around the world that is usually funded by Arabs. The rapid increase in crime rates across Europe brought about by immigration by guess who, Muslims. It's not that Americans are more sympathetic to Israel or even ignorant but that selling Arabs as innocent victims is just impossible to anyone who follows the news.
47. # 37 Speak for Yourself
Thomas   (07.25.08)
Are you ashamed of being an American because of the Iraqi "butt pyramid' photos?
48. Call to act
Yuri ,   US   (07.25.08)
Numerous surveys conducted in Israel have shown that the Israeli public is indifferent to what happens in the disputed territories. Distributing cameras to people that live there, allows the Israeli public to see the result of a policy of settlement expansion. If this policy of expansion continues, Israel will be faced with a difficult decision of expelling some of it's inhabitants, giving them rights like other citizens (in which case demographically it will no longer be a Jewish state), or becoming a state where one ethnic group has rights over the other. There is nothing wrong with jogging the conscience of the citizens of Israel.
49. Excellent article - the left ruin israels image more than
Adam ,   London   (07.25.08)
50. What's the problem?
paul ,   hod hasharon   (07.25.08)
Blaming B’Tselem for not performing (their) journalistic duties is as ridiculous as saying that the media should physically take part in the war they're reporting!
51. Funding B'tselem
Truthseeker ,   USA   (07.25.08)
As an American Jew with relatives in Israel (but not in the Occupied Territories) I am happy to send money to B'tselem. I hope that they use the money to buy many more cameras. Maybe then the settlers and the IDF will stop their abuse if they know that they are being filmed.
52. After serial IDF denials and IDF self-investigations
Yariv   (07.25.08)
the Palestinians have a right to expose the occupation truce. If the IDF is indeed the most moral army is has nothing to fear :-)
53. Who blinfolded Orbach?
Handcuffed   (07.25.08)
Orbach wants to close the eyes to an inconinient truth. Don't blame the witnesses. Don't blame the messengers. Don't blame youtube. Blame those that commit the crimes!
54. Wrong! Exposing crimes is not 'Collaborating with the enemy'
DenHaag   (07.25.08)
This is a stupid article from someone who blames others for IDF mis-conduct. Occupation corrupts!
55. #43 - Truthseeker, Keep seeking...
Joe ,   Ramat Gan   (07.25.08)
Keep seeking for the truth, because you obviously haven't found it yet. 1) The West Bank is under no stretch of the imagination "illegally occupied". From the perspective of international law, a territory is only considered occupied if Country A holds de jure jurisdiction over a territory Country B holds de facto jurisdiction over. Seeing as the West Bank is now considered Terra Nullus, unclaimed de jure by any sovereign nation, how exactly is Israel "occupying" it by exerting it's de facto jurisdiction? 2) What law are you referring to when you say that settlements in the West Bank are "illegal"? UN Resolution 242? This is not international law per se. If you are willing to say that UN Resolutions are legally binding, the only "settlements" that can be considered illegal are Arab municipalities, because, under the League of Nations Partition Plan for the British Mandate put into place in the 1920's (which the LoN's successor, the UN, was legally bound to uphold, but instead violated) all the land from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean was given to us Jews for reconstituting our country. The Kingdom of Jordan (which constituted 80% of the entire British Mandate!) was created for the express purpose of creating a political state for the Arabs living in the British Mandate of Palestine. The truth, therefore, is exactly the opposite of what you posit as fact. It is the Arabs in the West Bank who are occupying Jewish soil and who are the "illegal settlers". Now that you more completely understand the legal situation regarding who exactly is occupying what and who is greedy enough to continue demanding more that what they have been provided for under law, you have arrived at a level of knowledge that more closely resembles "the truth". Keep seeking, my friend...
56. #55 Joe
Truthseeker ,   USA   (07.26.08)
My friend, I sought the truth long ago and found it. Maybe you have not. While it is true that the League of Nations granted a mandate to Britain and said that Palestine should be a home for the Jews, that action came about only by heavy lobbying by Weizmann and other leading Zionists. Why don't you read some of the history of how the Balfour Declaration and the partition plan came about. There is more than meets the eye. Meanwhile, the Arabs who had long lived on the land were never consulted even though the duplicitous British had earlier been promised them independence. Is it any wonder that the Arabs who had long lived on the land resented the fact that their homeland had been given away by one group of people to another group of people. I know that if the UN or any other such group were to tell Israel that it must return to the UN partition plan (UN Res. 181) and divide up the land there would be hell to pay. The Jews would not leave nor should they. But, the Occupied Territories are another matter. According to UN Res. 242 the acquisition of territory by war is inadmissible. As such, the occupation is not only illegal but inadmissible. The Fourth Geneva Convention states that moving the citizens of the occupying country into the occupied lands is against international law and, I suppose, so is stealing the water resources of the occupied. I wish that you could go and live as a Palestinian for a year or so and see how it is to live under occupation. I wish that under those conditions, you would find out that when you turn on the tap there is no water because the Israeli authorities designate the lion's share to the settlements while only a trickle goes to the real owners of the water, the Palestinians. As a Jew I would love to be proud of Israel but until the occupation ends I will feel the same about Israel as I once did about South Africa.
57. What rubbish!
David ,   Los Angeles   (07.26.08)
"The fact that Jews are trying to catch the soldiers of their own country doing bad things by handing out cameras to our enemies is intolerable." Perhaps they are hoping that by increasing the risk they will get caught on camera, soldiers will be discouraged from committing such acts...
YOAV ,   Tel-Aviv   (07.26.08)
59. What's better?
Horrified ,   USA   (07.26.08)
Having the kids busy taking pictures? Or throwing rocks? If IDF guys know the world is watching, maybe theyll clean up their act and start giving Israel a good name for a change.
60. collaborating with the enemy
mike ,   hartford ct usa   (07.26.08)
Truth is the ultimate enemy of every totalitarian state. That's why those in charge work so hard to stifle legitimate criticism. When violent repression is impossible (for now), the perpetrators of evil deeds resort to slander and character assassination. That's the purpose of this article. If you can't disprove allegations of cruelty and injustice, malign the accuser instead. This happens all the time in America. Kudos to those Israelis who dare to demand that their State live up to the highest ideals of civilized behavior. I am proud to support them. I only wish more Americans had their courage.
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