Diskin: Hamas successfully rearming
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 27.07.08, 17:10
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1. Olmert Livni & Barak Knew This Would Happen
Jerry ,   NYC, USA   (07.27.08)
and they decided to let it happen. What does that tell you about them?
2. Diskin - We will sit on our hands
Marcel ,   Florida   (07.27.08)
We are limited and restrained in our response to Hamas and are told by our masters on the Potmac that and large and serious operation migh endanger the fake peace scheme which has successfully weakened Israel. It is part of the painful concessions only Jews are required to pay for America's conuterfeit peace Road Map. We are too stupid to jump off this cattle car before it reaches the death camp said Diskin.
3. Do we need a "Shin Bet Head" to reveal this?
Miriam ,   Israel   (07.27.08)
It's common sense. Everybody knows this. However, since Olmert is the one to allow them to rearm, he should IMMEDIATELY be removed from office and his government overthrown.
4. Come on, really, and this surprises who? Everybody except
our leaders said ,   this would happen.   (07.27.08)
5. DUH!!
eddie ,   london   (07.27.08)
Oh, it takes the head of Shabak to figure this out? Many people could have predicted this would happen before the ceasefire. But then again, many people predicted that Oslo would only increase terror, and it did. And that land for peace was a hallucination, and it was. And that trading hostages for dead bodies will encourage further kidnappings. Here is another prediction: If Iran gets nukes, they will use them against Israel. I hope i am wrong on this one!
6. What a stupid report
David ,   USA / ISRAEL   (07.27.08)
I spent 5 years total in the IDF and I know I could do better. How stupid to think that Hamas was going to start growing flowers and not rearming. Every day in every article you read, Israel is afraid of this , and afraid of that . in my time Israel was never afraid of anything because we had unafraid leaders. Those times will never be back The Kenneset today is filled with garbage selfish oblivious seat warmers criminals. What a disaster
7. Diskin talking to deaf ears
Nora ,   Tel Aviv   (07.27.08)
. What Diskin does not say is all that Hamas armement is in preparation for a "Coup" in the West Bank. Then the quarter million Palestinians of Jerusalem will become pro-Hamas. It is high time for the Government to think about an alternative to BG International airport.
8. Well, well, isn't that amazing!
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (07.27.08)
Only the blind, deaf, dumb, & mentally retarded could have missed this one. Oy vay, are we in trouble ......
9. what a joke
eric ,   usa nyc   (07.27.08)
israel admits this is happening and yet does nothing lmao.with in 3 yrs israel will recognize hamas.this is how sad this country has become
10. Israel might as well dismantle intelligence services
Phil ,   US   (07.27.08)
because the government refuses to act on the information. Here is a situation where everybody knows that the truce was agreed to by Hamas in order to arm to the teeth. Yet, Kadima and its reprehensible and selfish coalition partners agreed to the truce. Now, Israeli intelligence is telling them that Hamas is using the truce to bring in more and deadlier arms and Israel's government refuses to do anything about it. In addition, Israel even refuses to do anything about the constant violations of the truce by terrorists. In the meantime, the Israeli people sit home and do nothing while Israeli leftist organizations do everything in their power to make Israel hated by the world.
11. Just a thought...
Don ,   Rock Branch, USA   (07.28.08)
Why doesn't Israel dig their own tunnels to interdict the Palestinian smuggling tunnels? That may prove to be interesting, and will no doubt be more effecticve than counting on Egypt to stop the smuggling.
12. cease fire
Leonard ,   LA-USA   (07.28.08)
Every common man knows a cease fire is time to lick your wounds and rebuild and supply. Make a better plan and get stronger. It's a no brainer. As for Gilad Shalit you people killed him. When you traded for two dead men you killed Gilad
13. Hamas in Gaza is building up tremendously its firepower.
Robert Bernier   (07.28.08)
Israel does, have the capacity to stop the Gaza build-up by sealing off the Gaza-Sinai border and cleaning up Gaza itself. But its government proclaimed a "ceasefire" last November whose sole consequences have been (1) to allow Israeli citizens to be shelled at no cost to the aggressors and (2) to allow this build-up to proceed. We should stop them now as explained at :
14. diskin
sas ,   israel   (07.28.08)
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