Gaza summer camps teach kids to fire rockets
Ali Waked
Published: 31.07.08, 01:45
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1. But I thought they were learning math and biology. Silly me.
Jake   (07.31.08)
2. Gaza Summer Camps
faiga ,   Rio de janeiro brasi   (07.31.08)
Please Sir: Could you explain me what kind of advertisement is that showing teens bodies? It some kind of pedofilia advertisement?
3. This is also true : -)
YITZAK BEN SHLOMO   (07.31.08)
4. Child abus ein Palestine
YITZAK BEN SHLOMO   (07.31.08)
5.  :- (
YITZAK BEN SHLOMO   (07.31.08)
6. Amalek
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (07.31.08)
The underlying motivation of Amalek was to hate and destroy the Jew. These Arabs have the same desire. By the way, why are we so soft on Egypt who have tacitly enabled the Gazans to arm?
7. This should be known abroad
Keren ,   Haifa, Israel   (07.31.08)
THIS is the kind of information that should be published abroad in Europe and the United States - but won't be. Readers should inundate their local papers with this and similar articles.
8. This is the beginning of the end of Palestine
David ,   Boston   (07.31.08)
These Arabs are dooming themselves. They dont want a future. They live in a made up past. Why dont the parents do something about this? Shame on them for allowing these monsters to teach their children. Doomed people
9. Hatred and brain washing camps
Rami ,   Nazareth, Israel   (07.31.08)
This is no way to build a civil society. Hamas is producing an evil generation of hate and war
10. Does Tonyblair & Condofreeza know this story
Alan ,   SA   (07.31.08)
11. I hear there are about 35000 references in Koran&Hadith to
Alan ,   SA   (07.31.08)
killing Kuffir (Christians Jews the kiddies should have lots to study between Rocketry and Murder Classes
12. Education of PA Children…
Robert Bernier   (07.31.08)
Promoting violence and terror among children through video clips and other children’s programming has long been a prominent component of Palestinian Authority Television. A young girl was asked to recite a poem on PA TV. The poem is the recounting of a present received from daddy; “a machine gun and rifle” . What are the chances of peace even for the future? Promotion of violence is not only against Israel as can be read at :
13. Flowers and greedings
Léonard ,   Canada Toronto   (07.31.08)
Really what are you expecting from a palestinian people? To love you, to throw you flowers??? Everyday for more than 60 years you are stealing their land their water killing their kids their familiy de,olishing their houses and so on. Teaching their kids the hate of zionists theu do not need to do it because their kids opened their yes on all atrocities of occupation from humiliation of their parents and brothers to the killing. Their only need is how to struggle against their enemies. They do not even to go to university because their first goal is to recover their freedom and their land.
14. Using religion as a tool to justify terrorisim
Simon ,   TA the free city   (07.31.08)
While this article is indeed shocking , we should not forget the lunatic rabbis here in Israel who also encourage violence and hatred in the minds of young people and use religion as a tool for gaining political power and money. Anyone can grow a beard , don a black Kippah and start preaching "i am hollier than thou" while committing crimes at the same time , for example MR Benizri from Shas.
15. And what will happen when a kid gets shot
stephanie ,   Israel   (07.31.08)
while firing rockets at Israel, or by throwing rocks that can kill? Silly me the IDF will get the blame
16. from the religion of peace
Charles   (07.31.08)
17. It is the Palestinian who are stealing land
Leah ,   Israel   (07.31.08)
The partition plan called for A Jewish State on the west side of the Jordan river and an Arab State on the East side of the Jordan River. This is almost what we have now, except the Arabs are kept in camps by their leaders together with the UN instead of resettling them to The Palestinian State of Jordan which Occupies 78% of the Mandate and has a Palestinian population of 75% of the people. Israel including Judea and Samaria and Gaza is ONLY on 22%of the Mandate. So who are the thieves? The Palestinians of course.
18. #14 you cant compair the two
David ,   israel   (07.31.08)
one set is children teached to hate israel - the second one is grown peeples who can make there own minds. you are always moan about israel - shut up kvar.
19. So, nothing new at summer camps over in Gaza then...
Talula ,   Israel   (07.31.08)
No-one should be surprised by this. They have an abnormal summer camp variation every year. I believe last year it was how to strap 4 kilos of explosives to their bodies. Summer camp in Gaza can indeed be a blast. They primp and prime their children into becoming shaheeds at a very early age. But when an 11 year old is shot dead for trying to remove barbed wire - they start screaming. So, what's it to be?
20. And then they moan about kids being killed!
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (07.31.08)
Where is Amnesty International, UNESCO and other rabidly anti-Israeli racist, but pathetically impotent "bodies"? Why don't they fight for the real rights of the Palestinian children? Why do the shut up while the crazy terrorists send them to be killed? Kids being used as soldiers is a long-time practice in failed dictatorships and terrorist groups but nobody does a thing to stop it. Next time Palestinian "kids" get hurt or killed "in action", let nobody cry or complain about IDF "cruelty". If somebody shoots at you - regardless whether it is with a rock, incendiary bottle or gun, you have the right and duty to defend yourself. I for one I would defend myself and my family without remorse or limits against anyone daring to put our life in danger - regardless of sex, age, religion or nationality. The cruelty and barbarism has started in these Summer Muslim Terror Indoctrination Camps which brainwash the innocent Palestinian kids into reckelss mini-terrorists - nothing more than cannon fodder for the barbaric Muslim Terror Lords.
21. gaza summer camp
leib ,   madison wisconsin us   (07.31.08)
keep in mind that summer camps run by Fatah back in 2000 were also about military training and hate education; important to remind leaders that bad as Hamas and Islamic Jihad are, Fatah is not a good alternative. The fruits of Oslo; bringing terrorist groups which controlled and incited the Palestinian population.
22. 20 The Doc
ann maria ,   texas   (07.31.08)
Problem is your argument goes both ways. What about Jewish settler children that throw rocks at soldiers and Palestinians. should the soldiers and Palestinians be allowed to shoot them dead as well?
23. Palestinian summer camps
Jess ,   New York USA   (07.31.08)
Another likely reason why Fatah is not involved in hosting summer camps this year is because of all the pressure they have faced from their US benefactors and others after hosting radicalized camps in previous years. By not hosting the camps, they let Hamas and Islamic JIhad do the dirty work while Fatah appears clean, though they support the camps general mission
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